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  1. I think I am missing something very important here!

    To run Xoreo's tools do I require an additional software to run it or was there additional steps I did not follow? All of the tools with .exe extensions have no icons and clicking any of them it launches a command prompt for a brief second before terminating.

    Am I missing something here?? 🤔

    1. DarthParametric


      Am I missing something here??

      Yes. They are commandline tools. You need to run them from a command prompt or use batch files. If you run the program with no arguments it will show the help output which will tell you what arguments are available.

    2. Effix


      Probably a bit challenging if you're not from the DOS era.

      With Windows key+R you get "Run", here you type "cmd" to launch the command prompt.
      Now you need to navigate to where the programs are located.
      To change drives, for example D:, you type d:
      To change directory you type "cd nameoffolder".
      Once you're there you can type the filename to run it, it should then give more instructions about how to use those arguments/parameters. Random example: filename.exe -argument1 argument2