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  1. I can't swear he's 'infinite', since obviously I never played that many, nor have I poked around to check how he's set up in the files. I don't ever remember finding a limit with him though, so my best guess would be that he's probably set up as infinitely playable. IIRC, you can also play infinite games against Kudos on Tatooine who will bet 75 for so many games, then 200, and finally 50 for any games after that point, as well as Toll Apkar on Korriban for 100 per game. Anyone else either won't play for money (like say Mission) or will eventually stop playing.
  2. I get pretty good results with FW and K1 (steam), however, it DOES take some tinkering. Lots of times, starting the game I notice FW for whatever reason fails to "hook" the game process before it's actually running, which means it reverts to 800 x 600, and I have to quit and restart a few times to make it behave. There's even been cases where I had to specifically "reset" the resolution settings by manually re-setting it to 800 x 600, launching until I see the game process actually 'hooks' before it switches to full screen, THEN again manually selecting one of the new FW resolutions. So yeah.. it can definitely be twitchy at times, but it'll work if you argue with it enough.
  3. No, this isn't hentai. Released today: Day of the Tentacle (Remastered) Steam/GoG Figured I'd toss a heads' up for any old fans of this little gem (like me), or for any of the 'new kids' who may not have played it back in the day. If you can stand side-scroll, scene-based 2D point-and-click adventure/puzzle games at all, you should really check this out. Just don't cheat yourself of the fun and discovery by using a guide except/unless you *really* get stuck somewhere. Way more fun trying to figure out what the hell you're supposed to be doing, and lots of little random bits of humor you'd miss if you just take the 'shortest path' to the finish line.
  4. Strictly speaking, any time you replace a body, you're going to get a new head as defined by the default head column of appearance.2da There's ways to work around it though. Not to toot my own horn too loudly or anything, but that's basically how my armband works. I too ran into a situation where I got tired of needing new lines in all the 2da files and specific items for specific characters etc, so in my case, one item covers pretty much any possible default disguise and head combo the game will support. If all you want is to do one for Bandon's armor, you'd need to make a script that applies his appearance as a disguise effect, but then uses the DuplicateHeadAppearance function to put back the head you wanted to keep. Since you need someone to duplicate, what I do to solve this problem with the armband is first create a dummy character at the module's starting location, then duplicate the (N)PC''s head to that dummy, apply the disguise effect, then duplicate the dummy's head back to the (N)PC before deleting the dummy. Also note that this function does sometimes do some slightly twitchy things. For example, I'm pretty sure once you change a head with the duplicate function, applying a disguise won't alter that head again (unless the disguise has a built-in head), and the effects get a weird sort of pseudo-permanence which will sometimes get canceled after some cut scenes, but often not.. Anyways... if you want any more technical info, let me know. The armband will work fine to run around in Bandon armor as a disguise effect) if you wanna just go that route, or of course you could make an item based on the same idea for just that specifically. -Kitt
  5. Pazaak is pretty easy. There's a random element that can make it sorta tricky at times, but once you get the hang of how things tend to work and pick up a half-decent side-deck it gets pretty easy to win consistently. At first, just be sure to do a quick-save before you play a game if you don't wanna lose a lot trying to get the hang of things. -Kitt
  6. Inconsistent in what way? I basically copied the 'style' from the default K1 portraits and worked screen shots into them of my head in-game, but portraits are a bloody pain, so any suggestions are always appreciated. ^-^
  7. Actually, I suspect HK would be pleased with himself beyond measure, were the rest of the galaxy to fully adapt and incorporate 'meatbags' into their common vernacular. xD -Kitt
  8. Replacing the appearance of your enemies is fairly simple really. Figure out which lines (rows) in appearance.2da you really don't like, and map them to use something else instead. For example, if you hate the sith soldiers, you can replace the data in their row (28) so that where it calls for the N_SithSoldier model (and skins) you point it to something else. Say N_SithComM, which is your run of the mill male Sith. You'd have to play around with which value(s) you're not liking, and which replacement(s) you wanted, but this will have the same effect of extracting/renaming a bunch of character models except you can keep all the changes in this one, central file and not need to actually chase down and extract all those models. As for weapons.. you could probably do the same thing here by altering the baseitems.2da file, but I'd be rather careful to make sure any time you go in and change something, it stays the same basic "style" of weapon. For example, you could probably safely change the entry for quarter_staff to point to double_bladed_lightsaber, and instances of these weapons would *likely* still work as intended. Changing something like a blaster to a lightsaber this way however would almost certainly have some odd results, I would think, but honestly I've never tried to make such a universal change before, so I'm not entirely sure what the effect might be. You *could* of course do this by finding and extracting and renaming models of one kind to that of another, but I expect again you'd probably want to stay within comparable weapon classes, since the game data is still expecting a weapon that's defined outside its actual model data. Basically what I'm saying is, if the game encounters a uti file that tells it there should be a heavy blaster here, I'm not really sure what all the effects might be when it loads up the model for a lightsaber. Might work fine, but I suspect at the very least, it'd be a blaster that just looks like a lightsaber and probably has some very strange animations going on when someone tries to "shoot" it. To *Properly* replace weapons you dislike, you'd actually want to edit each .utc file for every character/enemy that's using something you don't like, and point it to use a weapon you prefer. There will probably be a few instances where the game creates someone's items "on the fly" with scripting, and they'd still be wrong, but this should catch the majority, and you could then look to trying to fix any individual oddities that may remain. Sorry if this all sounds a bit disjointed. I know what I'm trying to explain, but I've never been that good at laying this sort of thing out in a nice tutorial fashion, which is why I don't make tutorials. xD Anyways... see if that info helps at all, or if someone else may wander in and give some more helpful information and we'll see where things go from there. -Kitt
  9. Not sure about going from PC <--> Mac issues... but First, editing a container directly (say, footlockerxx.utp) is usually a bad plan. It usually means that LOTS of footlockers all over the game will have whatever you just put in there, as the template itself gets re-used a lot. Secondly, the icon is determined by the base_item type (which gets looked up in baseitems.2da) and then the "model variation" setting to determine if it wants say this_image_01 02 03, etc. Should be some tutorials around covering some of this stuff, which would help explain a lot of these basics better than I could do here in a simple post really. -Kitt
  10. It's not *hard* really.. You can usually make any number of appearance-based mods compatible with some fairly simple 2da edits. Knowing exactly what you'd need to do though depends a lot on exactly what your'e trying to merge, and which one(s) aren't doing what they're supposed to already. -Kitt
  11. In all fairness, there probably *is* an upper limit on just how much data/how many entries can be read in from a given 2da file, but to figure out exactly what that limit is, we'd need to decompile the exe and see what it's doing. That said, there is *no* way you've found that limit. My own appearance.2da file for example is currently only up to 514 rows, but I've used one before with over 1200 rows and it caused no issues whatsoever. As I said, I'm not exactly certain exactly how they've set up the data where the engine reads these things, but they definitely gave it more than enough room, so that's not your issue. -Kitt
  12. I recall using a 6800 ages ago with no issues. Current game rig has a GTX 780 and lappy has a GTX 770M. Probably used another half dozen somewhere between/before the 6800 and now. No issues. -Kitt
  13. Antonia


    I kinda figured all of the above would be concerns, thus I was asking for someone who could model. Figured maybe we could do something custom. -Kitt
  14. Antonia


    Ok, who'd like to help me here? Like Lucy, I feel the K1 robes are.. sad. Someone with some modeling experience.. please. Lend me a hand. You provide the models, I'll do everything else. Otherwise, I'd have to do something very ugly, which is un-good. I DO intend to learn 3ds/MDLOps one day, but.. probably not today. -Kitt
  15. I'd have to look at the file in question to be sure, but yeah. *usually* you can just re-order things a bit. Sometimes though, depending how it was tree'd in the first place, you have to make some additions/copies to get everything happy. But yeah. I have no issues. You can take it if you wish, though I'd be more than happy to do this sort of leg-work and just forward stuff up to you for inclusion in K1R 1.2+ too. Happy to lend a hand. -Kitt
  16. Which file is it? I could whip up a fix in no time so the line triggers no matter who's with you. Might even be able to fairly easily do it with TSL patch, so it'd work for versions already modifying the dlg too. Would have to look first to be sure though. -Kitt
  17. Not sure if it's exactly what you're after, but you may wanna have a look at these: KotOR 1: KOTOR Mod: Stormtrooper (Imperial Trooper items for PC and/or replace Sith Troopers) KOTOR Mod: Clone Troopers (Clone Trooper items for PC and/or Republic Trooper Replacement) KotOR 2 - TSL: TSL Mod: Republic Clone Trooper (Clone Trooper armor/blaster items for Party) -- This could probably be easily adapted to also do some sort of enemy replacement. TSL Mod: Imperial Stormtrooper (Imperial Stormtrooper Armor/Items for Party and/or Sith Trooper Replacement) I *think* these were all made by Prime, way back in the day, though I'm not 100% certain of that. Also, we have a requests thread Here for exactly this purpose. -Kitt
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    --Edit by Antonia -- Ok, I solved this. The appearance.2da that's packed with the mod is indeed wrong. It's got all his custom content in it (a lot of it), but.. that's actually not the problem, and it will probably work as-is if you do NOT have a modified appearance.2da already. It DOES modify an existing one properly, adding just one row at the bottom. What it does NOT do is use the memory token to dynamically install the uti file for the robe. (jedirevan_robes.uti) Nemesis said once we fixed that, everything else seemed ok, but I didn't look at all the other items and whatnot, so I can't vouch personally. But to fix the problem, pull up Kotor Tool, load GFF files, load jedirevan_robes.uti, then look at the properties tab. Highlight the row that says "disguise" in it and hit the DEL (delete) key. Now double click at the bottom row where the * is to add a NEW property. Oh, Kotor Tool needs (in settings) to be told to look for 2da files in the override folder. Derp. If that's not set on already, turn it on, quit Kotor Tool and start it again. NOW add the new property, pick type Disguise (should be the bottom entry, or close to it) and then pick what SHOULD be the bottom entry in the sub-type list. Will be something about Revan_Armor (forget exactly right this minute). Any other issues, PM me. I'll see what I can do. /Edit I think what happened is your appearance.2da didn't get properly updated. If the item is applying a disguise, it then looks for a "subtype" Usually, that "Error" result is when it's out of range (too high a number) for the table. Lemme take a look at the mod and see what's going on, but do you have a plain GFF editor? (KGFF or something similar) If so, load up the item template file (jedirevan_robes.uti) and see what number it wants for the disguise sub-type. If that number is higher than your last row in appearance.2da, then that's the problem. PM me if you like.. I'm sure we can sort this out. -Kitt
  19. I'll have to wait till I get K2 going to really get a look at her, but snagged and bagged, and I'll be taking a good look once I get to that point. Too busy with K1 for the moment though. I do love Bloodrayne though, the first better than the second, even if the second is much prettier, I really liked the gameplay better in 1. 2 was way too console-fighting-game, and I'm not good at memorizing 200 button combos. lol Oh thank god. I found how to show plain code instead of all the fancy edit boxes and tools. Couldn't figure out how to edit quote/link/etc tags for the life of me for a moment there. This is much better. lol Heh. Irony. My custom head was my first mod too. Back in the days when we were lucky if Kotor Tool could extract the files we needed, and anything past that was like.. wait.. a what editor? HahahaHAHAha. So yeah.. hex editors, notepad, some duct tape... you know the drill. xD Looks good from here, but again.. have to wait for K2 to really get in there and check it out. But that, like all things worth waiting for, shall come.. It's so bad nowdays, I can barely play a game anymore. I start, then it's like.. *sigh* I need a mod for this... and off I go searching for tools, whipping out Notepad++ and a compiler... lol it's horrible. I even go and hunt down games I already owned for X360/PS3 *just* so I can try to mod the damn things. I tell ya, I think I have a condition. Thanks a bunch for the links. As I said.. they've been snagged, and sorted into the mods I'll be dumping in K2 once I get around to firing it up. ^-^ -Kitt
  20. Your saddle or mine?, maybe that'd qualify as one of those areas where I should know more about you before I start tossing out the jokes and the flirting? Anyways, I think I caught wind of your self-taught nature while browsing other threads to kinda catch up a bit. I don't often jump in and reply in such cases, as it's kinda like butting into a conversation at a party, though it depends on the topic and whatnot to a point, but I'm kinda an expert lurker. I pick up all sorts of stuff while I'm over here in my little corner. I don't really do any of the various chat software... mostly because either I bug people to death (I'm kinda verbose if you hadn't noticed already), or I'm knee deep in ten things already, and the constant "you have another damn message" alerts drive me up a wall.. though I've been known to make exceptions from time to time. But at a minimum, I can definitely at least find one of your PM boxes, so yeah.. I'm sure something will come up before long I wanna know and can't find, and now I know who to bug about it. (See what you've done?...) hehe -Kitt
  21. We used to call that 'shutterbug', though I'm not sure the exact usage applies here. And hell.. these days, we don't even really HAVE shutters anymore practically. I still got my old Canon FTB and all the trimmings (still camera), but I don't use it much. Hard to find decent film, and I pretty much have to develop it myself if I bother, which is a lot of work for someone who's already as busy as me. -Kitt
  22. Yeah, I love my redheads. ^-^ You happen to have handy linkage for yours and the Mara one? Would like to have a look. See if I like 'em.. check compatibility, blah blah. lol God.. I'm such a junkie. I start playing with code and game files and I just can't stop myself. -Kitt
  23. LOL Something like that. I swear.. half the time I catch myself saying something like "...5 years ago" I'm actually talking about like 1990 or some crap. xD And yeah.. I did manage to pop back in for a short time back a ways.. coulda very well been 08-09-ish. Sadly, things were still more of a mess than I really knew at the time, so.. it didn't stick. Hopefully, things will work out a bit better this time around. In any case, it's always good to know at least a few people remember you. ^-^ -Kitt
  24. Hey there! ^-^ So... yeah. I've been around since like.. I dunno. '03 or '04 or something, speaking in terms of KotOR and whatnot anyways. Been coding, modding, on the net, and obviously 'around' a whole lot longer than that, but that's another story. Anyways.. had one of those long periods of 'life gets in the way', but I'm back in the saddle again, and trying to catch up on 'where all the cool kids hang out' nowdays. Most of these sites didn't even exist back in the day, so it's a learning curve. Um.. let's see. I enjoy gaming (duh), old TV shows most people think are ancient, cheesy, crappy, or some combination of those like Buffy, and all the Trek stuff, and other old crap that doesn't immediately spring to mind. Some semi newer stuff like say Firefly, but honestly I am pretty picky about which shows I watch, and almost never watch 'current' stuff, because I have no patience and hate waiting for new episodes. ^-^ I also get into a lot of anime over a fairly wide variety of genres, though there's obviously still a whole lot of it I've never seen. I dig programming, though like Fair Strides, I'm more the self-taught sort. Mostly experience in C, but I can usually pull apart just about anything if I can lay hands on a decent compiler, a few help files and maybe some source, so I've dabbled with all sorts of crap.. some HTML/CSS/Javascript when I need to deal with the web, though I don't really like web development, but it's a handy place to archive my other crap at least.. Um.. dabbled some with Ruby, Python, Perl, Java... probably some stuff I completely forgot these days.. Used to incorporate a LOT of inline assembly in my old C/C++ projects, but not so much use for it really these days... I'm a huge music fan, and again, across more genres than most people are probably aware of. My least favorites are probably country and rap, though even both of those have examples that I do enjoy, so I can't say I hate anything. Among the more favorite types would be classic rock, older metal, symphonic stuff, the near-dead true bards (singer-songwriters with just their voice and maybe a piano or guitar) and *good* blues. I also do a lot of reading.. mostly fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novels, but I'm no stranger to classic literature, historical accords, or cultural works either, and again, I try to keep an open mind and not reject almost anything out of hand. I own an '09 Dodge Challenger, manual 6-speed, 6.1 Hemi, and I love to drive, especially on the rare occasions I can really let that car do what it was built for, though sadly, most of the time that'd just get me lots of very expensive tickets, so I have to keep it reigned in. The car I drive and its rear wheel drive train, plus the fact that I live up in Wisconsin and the usual condition of our lovely roads from about November to March should give you some idea that I'm a hell of a good driver, I love and respect classic American muscle cars, and I'm a sucker for speed. Bleh. I bloody hate 'about me' boxes and intros, since I always waffle back and forth between babbling way too much, and not really knowing what the heck to say. I guess I'll tack on the fact that I'm old and crabby, though still love to laugh and try to have a good time no matter what's going on, I'm of open mind but strong opinions, so expect a fair debate from me, but a debate nonetheless until given good reasons to change my mind. So yeah. Before this just rambles off into incoherent insanity, I'll just say if there's something you wanna know, ask me. If it's all just too shocking to post up here, you know where my PM box is. ;p Glad to be here. ^-^ -Kitt