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  1. Yeah i was wrong about animated texture on ebon hawk they were not suppose to animate "facepalm". And yes, why they never released the mod from this picture, these would have been nice in my ebon hawk!!! It would be awesome to have tons animated textures like the ones jorak uln is doing but for the whole game!!!
  2. Yes i downloaded and installed all jorak uln textures they are awesome, sadly just 3 pack of them(for TSL). As for my animated textures it is common for me they don't work for majority and only in kotor 2 i remember trying some animated sabers( , as well as shem prequel sabers) and they were doing some black rectangle around my sabers, but in kotor 1 it was working...and i doubt shem would release a bad working mod, but well i wanted to know if someone else had this problem, and a possible fix anyway its not like it "ruins my game". thank you for the answers.
  3. Hi, from what I understand txi files can be used for animated tga, but many of my said "animated" files do not seem to work. For example. I have that Ebon Hawk 2013 mod from MODDB and even the big planetary holocron in middle of the Ebon Hawk is working fine, but on the other hand i have those 2 leh_screen.tga file which use a .txi , and there is no animation on these 2, it's static. Is there something special to do about these? i even tried to insert the said tga's with xnview but it changed nothing.Any clue? By the way, I play on a ****** 5 years old laptop, would it have something to do with my bad graphic card?
  4. OK, thank you. I will try it and make those boring characters (yes after the tons of times I have played TSL, they now are boring!!!) more "colorful" and I should be able to change their robes now if I edit the appearances.2da. I was mainly afraid that these particular files were used in TSLRCM and there is a script tab in these files, and I didn't want a TSLRCM script not firing because I extracted the original files. (Scripts are frightening for me as some bad scripts by other modders have bugged my games often in the past.) So I'll give it a try - tyvm for the fast answers!!! BTW, both of you are awesome modders, ty for your hard work!!! Please keep the awesome mods coming!!!
  5. Hi, I'm willing to change some party .utc fille to change their appearance and maybe a couple feats and such, I was wondering if I could edit those .utc files without breaking what is new in TSLRCM and M4-78 EP. My override is empty of these .utc files (for my party) so I'm guessing these 2 mods didn't touch it but I also know that they have lots of files modified in the .mod so I don't know if it would replace anything from there. If there is some of these .utc files modified, could I get a tip to where I could extract them from the .mod files so I can modify the already modified .utc, thus making it compatible. (It would work like that, correct?). I want to use p_goto.utc, p_visas.utc, p_atton.utc and p_mand.utc. Mainly I want to change their appearance with these files and modify G0-T0's class as well as Mandalore's class. I want to use this method over KSE editing so I have their modified appearance even before they even join my party. (For example, is it gonna work for Visas' cutscene with Nihilus before she finds me?) Oh and 1 more question i have: Do I have to modify their 001, 002 variants (ex _atton001.utc) for this to work.
  6. Ok, good to know theres no limit, i was sure i double checked those appearance to fit their heads but i guess with too many entries i got lost somewhere.....TY for answering now i'll just make the same with tsl, but ill try to be more cautious, i guess i made a dumb mistake on kotor appearance 2da, i had over 700 entries so easy to have a mistake somewhere. Once again ty all modders for ur mods.
  7. Well you could use exarkun i always play it with yavin iv they both use a different panel to teleport u to there respective well together with i think some editing in 2das!!And i was using a similar build on my last kotor run and i got into problems with wath i think is a limit in 2da files maximum lines(not sure that was the cause but all my appearances.2da info was accurate, and i had some guys not looking what they were supposed to ex: xwing pilot was mathilda from BOSSR) and it happened that those mixed appearances were the few last entries in my appearances.2da. But im a noob i could be totally wrong!!!!;p Also the jassat kel tomb (or something like that) is a fun mod but always bugging with lashowe being unkillable, not gamebreaking but i guess a good modder woulld know how to fix this, seems a problem with the .dlg file or a script firing wrong. Good Luck with ypur project and thank you all modders on DS for all youre awesome mods.
  8. Hi, i tried to search for an answer to this next question on forums but couldn't find any clue(maybe i search real bad too). I just replayed kotor1 and i added tons of mods (60+) most of it was running well with some exceptions wich is normal because so many mods. Anyway 1 thing that annoyed me greatly is my appearance.2da was somehow mixing those appearance from the last entries in my 2da file(suppose to have xwingpilot but i get a BOSSR appearance) while the heads and all info were supposed to work the info was well entered thus shud have given me the right models. So my conclusion was that there is a limit to the number of entries in 2da files. Then i ask u all proffessional modders: Whats the limits entries per 2da files if u know it. appearance=? heads=? portraits=? baseitems=? itemcreate,itemcreatemira=? spells=? upcrystals=? upgrade=? . I hope someone have a clue about this and Ty very much for all the great mods u guys put in here...probly tried em all. yall awesome..