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  1. Revan, without hesitation. Malak is a tad too cliché for me (though he is great, don't get me wrong), Sion inspires me more pity than admiration, Bandon is just some guy my char killed without breaking a sweat, Nihilus ... I don't understand why people like him - I just find him empty (his character is intended so, that's logical but ... well, it's just a hungering bottomless pit hidden behind a mask ...), Treya is truer a sith lord than all of the others listed imo but ... I still go for Revan as my fav.
  2. Didn't actually see it that way for my part but now that you say so, yup, she totally overpowers Rey is every single way.
  3. Well, ... what is there to say ... HK-47 naturally (and by extent T3-M4 because together you get more funny lines/situations than with C3PO and R2D2 in the trilogies) Canderous/Mandalore. And you could say Bastila ... because, man do I love driving her crazy by mocking her all the time ! After that, I like all of the chars save for Kreia - I can't stand that old witch. Though like someone stated above, I like her too, because of her story.
  4. Actually, from what I remember when I found MrWonko archive page - he said he wasn't able to fully backup the site, but had started doing so two weeks before closure because he felt that could happen soon. Though he didn't expect it to happen THAT soon. Point is, he didn't manage to save the whole thing, but he did get most of the mods I remembered.
  5. Alright. I've missed my chance at saving JKA JKO mods when Filefront went down. I wont miss it this time for those, and for kotors. I just hope 3 TB of space is enough ...
  6. I have a similar issue - I only have two mods (TSLRCM + M4-78 - both downloaded using the steam workshop so both are using the latest version of these mods - which I downloaded about three weeks ago) and I accessed M4-78 with no problems at all on my first playthrough using both mods. But on my current playthrough (I haven't changed anything, I just started another game) I seem to have conflicting information: I found Vash's cage empty in the Sith Academy, found her data pad as well as her padawan's - but I couldn't get T3 to talk to me about it and no new planet shows on the galaxy map. The quest log is confusing, one quests says I found her remains, the other one mentions T3. When I ask T3 about the Jedi Masters, Vash is shown injured and declared deceased on Korriban. I previously cleared Telos, Nar Shadaa and Dantooine - I haven't started Onderon yet.
  7. Thanks for all the replies I will just go for the desert wraid skull farming to make those creds.
  8. Well, I know they chose to dump the original EU stories behind this ... But ... I we could get a bit of Kyle Katarn, that'd be damn sweet. I'll aways remember that first level, storming an imperial secret base to get those plans ... Ok, enough with the nostalgia. Looks average to me. I am okay with average. Which is why I think TFA on its own, is a fine movie. Now, if you say this is Star Wars, my expectations peak. And that is why I didn't like TFA at all, I just had the feeling of walking down SW's memory lane with nothing really interesting to see. I spent more time thinking of the feelings I got from the original scenes/characters TFA copied than really watching it. All in all, it made me a bit bored, which is in my book is a crime when it comes to star wars. Now, where am I going with this you might wonder - that teaser looks TFA'ish. I find the idea of anthology movies quite good (tbh I am more hyped for those than for the main new trilogy). This idea is nice. The character introduced looks familiar. But there are things that make me think they may be taking the "memory lane" road again ... namely the AT-AT's. I'll just wait and see. I'll be very happy if I am wrong about them taking the same decisions as in TFA.
  9. I read about those, but since on this playthrough I wanted to buy a few expensive items I saw in previous runs but didn't buy because I didn't need them at all costs - and on my previous playthroughs by the time I was on the Star Forge I was sitting at about 60~70k creds. I also found another pazaak player in the K1R added level of the vulkar base, he plays only for five creds at a time so I won't bother trying him, but I'd be surprised if you could play him at will - even though he is really beaten very easily (unlike Gelrood which gave me a bit of a hard time on quite a few games). Anyway, thanks for the answer
  10. Well, it doesn't interfere with the new trilogy storyline, and probably won't ever considering there are 4 000 years between the two, so I think you can safely say that the Old Republic era is cannon, even if not officially said so - their attitude towards it kinds of says the same I believe. As for other Legends (hate that term, really) material, it seems obvious they probably won't try to make those cannon, because they are mostly about (from what I know, I am in no way an expert who's read all the old EU material) the post-RotJ era.
  11. Hey everyone, On my latest playthrough I decided to play Pazaak with the players I encountered in the game - previously I just played niklos once a twice, got bored of it and moved onto the rest of the game. This time, I beat Niklos five times in a row and I realized he didn't want to play with me anymore. At first I believed Pazaak players would play an infinite number of games to allow you to farm gold if needed, but this made me think otherwise. So, I tried to clean up the next pazaak player - Gelrood, in Lower City. I've been searching quite a bit about him - no one seems to agree about whether he plays an infinite number of games, 17 or 28 net wins. So, I played him. I've lost track of the number of games, but I know I had around 1150 creds before playing him, and almost 3000 after - which tells me I won about 45 games against him. Anyone knows for sure he can be played as long as we want ? If not what's the limit ? I don't think it changes anything but I used K1R in this playthrough.
  12. I feel the prequels are indeed not as good as the holy trilogy. And I hated The Force Awakens - but for different reasons than what I read on the internet. But I'd like to point out a few things here - not saying that I am right or anything of course, these are just my thoughts on your suggestions. 1-The political setup in the prequels. As you have said - a more realistic approach to the situation in the prequels would be to reflect the way a political party would behave. IRL except NSDAP, I don't believe there ever was a political party that has been widely as "The Evil". For the simple reason that politics are a lot more about grey than black and white, that's the whole point. But, we're talking about Star Wars. The portrayal of events in Star Wars is heavily leaning on the contrast between light and dark. I am no expert Star Wars, I am unfamiliar with most of the extended universe ("Legends" or else), hell I only discovered the Old republic era two months ago - but the only case in Star Wars in which I have seen this kind of realistic shades of grey treatment is in TSL. Loved it of course, but it is objectively quite darker than your average Star Wars story and it doesn't feel as much Star Wars as other stories that are more about the well contrasted light and dark. So, as much as your suggestion would be a very interesting take on these events, I don't believe it would feel the way Star Wars is meant to feel. It would be a bit too mature I think, like the TSL plot - I am not saying SW is aimed at children of course, but only that the storytelling usually takes a lighter, highly contrasted approach. As far as gungans go, I only ever really liked them for one thing : zerg-ing the enemy base in Galactic battlegrounds when playing on a map that has a lot of water. 2. Royalty I think there is more to Padmé being Queen than fan service and a nod towards Princess Leia. But it fits what I said above about politics in Star Wars - this is a lighter approach. Padmé would be a compassionate ruler, loved of her people - but young and inexperienced, having yet to discover the true extent of her responsibilities. Politics are dirty business - but it is more fitting in a Star Wars setting to have a contrasted view : on the one side Queen Amidala and on the other the mysterious sith lord acting through the Federation's Vice-Roy. (And I here I have to leave, I'll continue this rep later)
  13. Drayx

    Hey there.

    Thank you for this warm welcome I didn't play Bounty Hunter, pretty much never heard of it in fact. I've played a few games, but mainly I stuck with Galactic Battlegrounds and Jedi Academy.
  14. Drayx

    Hey there.

    I haven't been on forums for a few years - and back then I already sucked at introductions so ... I'll keep it short The Star Wars universe is something that fascinated me like most people here I think since I was a kid. Grew up with it, along with other science fiction universes (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar, ... you get the picture) I chose to go for a scientific career (which I officially began this year - I finished my studies). As far as Star Wars goes, I played mostly Galactic Battlegrounds, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight II and III, Battlefront I, II. Recently a friend gave me a humble bundle of star wars games - I am playing on mac so most of them were not compatible but I did get to try Kotor and Kotor II for the first time two months ago. You could say, I am a bit late to the party - I heard a lot of things about these, especially when I played JKA since a lot of mods on Filefront were Kotor skins and maps made for JKA. So I always somewhat assumed it was a similar game. Man, was I wrong. I didn't expect an RPG on Star Wars to be that good - in fact I never even considered SW to be a licence for serious RPGs. So, since I got my hands on those, I have been playing a lot (more in the past two months than in the past 8 years ...). After finishing Kotor twice, I decided to look around for mods as I heard that Kotor II was rushed into sale and there was a mod to restore it to full glory - but I didn't expect to find a live community - as I said I haven't been keeping in touch with what happened in the gaming community for a few years, but I did hear that Filefront went down for good, so I thought it was pretty much the end of it. So here I am, enjoying both KotORs like a kid enjoys his christmas present, very happy to see an active community here, and I'd like to thank the modders for doing such an awesome work here. And just because I feel compelled to say so in a Star Wars forum : Live long and Prosper.