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  1. Oh. Bugger. So is there no way to jump Carth's story line forward? So tedious talking to them all the damn time about their whiny-ass problems (playing dark side ).
  2. I can't find here or anywhere else a list of maximums for the values one can assign to various numerics in globals or what those values represent. Does a Bastila romance top out at 5 or 500? What difference in romantic outcome is there between a value of 1 and 10? A for instance is Carth's son, Dustil, on Korriban. What numeric do I need to change in order to have him along and recognise Dustil to finish his personal quest?
  3. c This is a random screen shot found by Google Image that I've altered to demonstrate. The first image is what a normal screen might look like and the second is what mine looked like:
  4. Figured it out. It was Flawless (which ironically isn't flawless). The guide has a link to a YouTube video that says to use Flawless Widescreen. The sidebar for the reddit says to use UniWS. Thanks for the assist.
  5. Because there was a link to it on that discussion and I'd used it before, years ago. Honestly I didn't know there was any other way. Oh OK, sorry. I would've PM'd but I find forums easier and wanted to try and tap a greater pool of people to see if it was a known issue. I'll take it to reddit then.
  6. Nope. Works fine before I do anything at all to it. Although once I start changing things, it all seems to go side-ways in more ways than just this. After the third reinstall of the game (making sure to delete the Steam folders that stick around even after uninstalling through Steam), my first change was to try Flawless Widescreen. Worked perfectly the first time and then every time after that, it windows down to 800x600. I noticed that somewhere, somehow, before I'd even tried with Flawless changes, that 800x600 tga files are being put into the Override folder. Which is just odd as I have no idea where they're coming from and if I try and delete them, they come back after starting the game up again. I've also noticed that the changes I first made to the swkotor.exe for the widescreen fix (changing compatibility mode) remain even after deletion and reinstall so I'm guessing that's something in Windows somewhere. I dunno. At this point, after spending several hours over several days, trying to get this all to work, I'm thinking it's all just not worth it.
  7. I think the person (creator of the mod guide, not the mod itself) is a mod or admin here which is why I'm asking here. The reddit thread can't be posted to anymore and I wasn't keen on creating a new thread simply to ask a question of a particular person there.
  8. Looked for this but couldn't find it in existing posts. I used a mod guide, installed mods in order, and then started playing. But one of the mods caused a weird issue where the viewable area was smaller than the playable area. It was as if the game had been set to a higher resolution, like say 1920x1080, but the window I was playing in was only 1280x860 or whatever. I tried going back and uninstalling one by one, but it was just too many mods and so much work that I gave up and reinstalled. Plus I'm not sure if you can even unmod something that's been TSL Patched? Anyway, I was hoping that maybe this was a known issue with a particular mod so that I could avoid using it this time around before going through the hours long process of modding. The guide I was using was this one: