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  1. Not sure if my particular issue with this mod has been said yet, but I've found that the Twi'lek restored with TSLRCM and the changes made on Telos Military Base that cause her to become invisible crash my game the moment I meet Bao-Dur. What I did to get around this the first time a year ago was to completely re-install my game as well as delete all the mods I had then replay through the area with only TSLRCM. This time, I made use of the back up files and still crashed (had to lower all graphical setting to low and turn off everything else then make use of the turbo cheat to quickly get over to the Twi'lek with two Droids on her sides and kill her to resolve the crashing)...so maybe it isn't this mod? But, I figured I'd at least raise the flag in case there is a problem. Thanks for your time!