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  1. For those that use KOTORBlender, I forked seedhartha's repo to make a few tweaks in case anyone is interested. Fixes the texture search path for Windows users, adds a new separate search path for lightmap textures, and adds a menu to the UI with some show/hide functionality similar to KMax:

    KB_Menu.jpg.d1fbda2fb2169ff540de96201d4b77b8.jpg     KB_TexPaths.jpg.401a2d3982cac53790b6e3f2a731dad2.jpg

    I'm open to other ideas if anyone has suggestions for further KMax-like additions. Although I'm no programmer, so I'm not going to be able to do anything too fancy.

    Edit: I created a pull request to merge these additions, so you can now just download it directly from DS on the KBlender page in the Tools section.