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  1. Had to take TSD down due to an previously unknown issue. All is fixed now & being re-uploaded!

    1. DarthVarkor


      And it's live! 


    2. ColbyJames43


      I liked your movie mate really good. 

      Though for a future idea however if you have future plans for Mission Vao try not to kill her off in your universe she is a young twi'lek aged 14 and it would heart break us fans alike or be too dramatic for a young teen to die in the final but hopefully your able to come up with a salution to fix Mission's fate in the near future perhaps like she really escaped with Carth Onasi. or like where Zaalbar dies by Revan's hands. 

      Although technically I do say this movie is impressive I think you might actually become the best Knights of the Old Republic movie machinima creator in our KOTOR community maybe after KOTOR I or prequel is done perhaps in future you can create a story of your own somewhere taking place after KOTOR II or something like the rebuilding of the Jedi Order or something cuz I think they're is hope for you. 😁

      It's always good to invent and develop characters alike I know we're going to see our final crew memeber for Ebon Hawk possibly Jolee Bindo, however though I know you created Adrian Garratt in KOTOR II that it would have been perfect to have another created but like always yes even though it was way too difficult for a party of nine team mates, or like always you want to keep T3-M4. and HK-47 and Canderous Ordo alive as best you can. where as Carth Onasi as since he dies in the sequel of KOTOR II in the final. as you do have fates for (supposed Mission Vao), Zaalbar, Jolee Bindo, and Juhani etc yes we know that has to be as all stories must that is unfortuantly true even though we can't change it it would been nice for another character but like always you can't change everything I understand that too. 

      But like I said hopefully you can try keep our young teenaged twi'lek Mission alive since she's way too young to be killed off that would devistate us KOTOR fans but like always keep up the good work Darth Varkor and I hope to see the next one. no matter who dies I will always be your biggest fan but if you ever need extra voice actors I can always be avaliable where as only on Gmail if I was needed to play a future single character that is. 🙂