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  1. About to try out the Anthem demo:



    1. ebmar


      Have fun! :sofa:

    2. Mellowtron11


      Let us know how the demo plays out! 

    3. DarthVarkor


      Played it for about an hour and got bored. Combat was alright but the flying mechanics were awful. Game was, in my experience, also not very well optimised for PC. I'm running a GTX 1050Ti 4gb, which, while not the most powerful card out there, is still fairly strong card and with tweaking a couple of settings I can run pretty much most games on decent settings. (For example: Resident Evil 2 remake ran just fine on 'high' settings), yet with this, one minute I could get up to 40 FPS on 'ultra', and the next the game would drop to about 28 FPS even on 'low' settings.

      Think I'll be giving this one a pass for now.