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  1. I really hope this isn't true. Jeremy Soule's music IS The Elder Scrolls imo.

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    2. Mellowtron11


      Why would Bethesda not want to have his music? He's scored the last 3 elder scrolls games. Granted, the game is still a long ways out, but why wouldn't they bring him back? Is Bethesda trying to make people angry now?

    3. DarthVarkor


      I know, I can’t understand it either. Like KOTOR’s soundtrack, Jeremy Soule’s scores for TES III-V are so beautiful and mesmerising. Even listening to them now brings back a lot of nostalgia, and that says something about his work itself!

    4. Mellowtron11


      The nostaliga factor is a BIG reason on why not having Soule come back would be a mistake.