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  1. Hmm, I never had an issue with this mod before, but with the most recent update, it seems to have broken stuff. I am playing with the same list of mods as I always had on a fresh install since I have upgraded my PC, and I am not sure what to do. Transparency, black textures, sign glitches. Very odd for me as at worst, it had some transparent texture issues, but the flashing signs is very distracting.
  2. As in a lot of them are partially see through.
  3. The wall textures are mostly transparent.
  4. Good you are on your own now. You do not have to conform to what you do not believe in. I am glad you broke out and are living a life of your own. It may be tough right now, but everything will turn for the better. Congrats on coming out and realizng who you are and not listening to people who will deny you for who you truly are. Live a good life, keep on modding, and most importantly keep on going on and be happy.
  5. Any tutorials out there? Btw your HQ Skyboxes mod is one of the most impressive mods I have used in K1.
  6. Thanks for all the responses guys. First time posting but have been in the community for a few months. Great community! Only reason I was worried about the Telos overhaul, was because of the more complicated installation it required. And again, thanks for all the responses. sadly I got ahead of myself and have the GO-TO overhaul installed and have installed many mods over it that modify the .2da file. Would I run into issues if I used the backup .2da? I used it several times in previous playthroughs without an issue. Just dissapoints me when I pick up a weapon that has the awful quality that the game has.
  7. I have been wondering how many people's mod lists look with larger mods, such as SLM or NPC overhaul, or with several of mods. How stable is everyone's game? How many odd/gamebreaking glitches has anyone encountered? I am a bit nervous to install the larger mods because, unlike Skyrim or New Vegas, KotOR II is a lot more sensitive to modding than those games. I already have the steam version TSLCRM, and M4-78EP mod installed from this site. I plan to add, G0-T0 Overhaul by Darth sapiens, NPC Overhaul, Dustil Restoration, Quarter Staff overhaul, Weapons Model Overhaul + the AMAZING retexture, a few heads, and SEVERAL re-textures which overall I am not worried, except for the Telos Overhaul... So how extensive are some of your lists and what adverse effects has anyone encountered? Also, does anyone have a mod lists similar to mine? I have used Quarter Staff overhaul, Weapons Model Overhaul, TSLCRM, Dustil Restoration, M4-78, and many retextures.