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  1. Hello People, I have a question: I recently made a new Model, it contains the same Model, just mirrored and a few parts removed (so that it works you can go there), Now my questions are: 1) How do i merge them to 1 Model again in 3DSMax? 2) How do i add it into the game?
  2. tbh, I played Star Wars Battlefront, I didn't disliked it (if so, I wouldn't have bought it), but i was sceptical a little bit to it, and now I see BF2 with Loot Boxes, Now I play much Counterstrike:Global Offensive, there are such "Loot Boxes" Too, but they have Skins, and Knifes and stuff in it (I don't know what all is in, for sure Knifes and Weapon Skins), and I did only one time bought an Key, and I regret it til today, I got a totally useless Item, now I don't want talk Loot Boxes bad (What i did surely for some), but Loot Boxes are like Casino, you have a chance to win something, or loose (by getting something worthless), and sure, like at Cs:GO For these Items there will be created Gambling Sites, if these are tradeable, if not, then it is Ok...
  3. I am modelling (with no experiemence btw) rn the Parts for my mod, I guess I can give you more tips, it is a K1 Mod with K2 Elements (NOT PORTED, SELF Modelled) on Korriban ;)

    1. CrashBandiTeam


      BTW, Question: How are the models linked together? Groups?

  4. TBH, I philosophized much about Net Neutrality, and come to the conclusion, that there never was one, because if, then It would have been gone long time ago, I think that is a thing to distract the People from the Real Problems in World (Example: Hungering People, Natural Catastrophes etc.), do not hate me cuz I don't believe on Net Neutrality, it is just my Opinion.

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    2. CrashBandiTeam


      Oh, Sorry, I will never do it again! :)

    3. Xuul


      @SH I mean technically I'm not a US citizen either.... but I understand your point

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      You're also better informed about the topic being directly north of your crazy neighbors.

  5. I am back people! I got my Twitter account back, I forgot my Password, and locked myself out, and then figured out, that I had to use my Phone Number... Sometimes I would kill myself for such an stupidity...

  6. So putting effort again in the KotOR mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption :)

  7. I see. thanks for the quick answer
  8. Little Question: Are the Ships in the Cutscene, where Carth Onasi is seen on the Sojourn Bridge Pictures or actual Models?
  9. I am back, and i'm fully back, with all my power!

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    2. CrashBandiTeam


      thanks jc2! :) Do you know what happened to the chat?

    3. Kexikus


      It's no longer working for some reason that's not DS's fault but due to the forum software IIRC

    4. CrashBandiTeam
  10. The Trailer to the new movie!
  11. I am back! I am working on an Hearts of Iron 4: Mod! The only problem, i can't show my friends anything of the mod, because Imgur doesn't let me upload anything!

  12. Hmmm... how long was i gone? What did i missed?

  13. hmmm maybe you shall look, how other cutscenes get shot, maybe then it works