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    [Updated: December 06, 2018] Quick heads-up of the recent progress: Been decided that there will be an additional installation including the "Legends" theme. It will be a custom Background Music [BGM] playing during the dialogue/cutscenes of the encounter [many thanks to @DarthParametric for pointing out the script that triggers the BGM to play! ]. In the future I'm looking to have this not as an additional but as a core of the package. The reason to have it as an additional for now because I'm not sure that the script that is further modified triggers the BGM to works 100%; without leaving bugs/errors to other aspects of the game. As I get familiar with scripting I hope to figure this out better. Also looking to have the particular theme applied to most of Legends entries that leads to a battle sequences; such as Belaya [Dark side path] and Selven- in the current roster. Here's a quick preview of the theme: What's left in the development is my least favorite part of all lol; it's compiling all the files to have them ready as a release version. Many thanks for your attention to this update and may the Force be with you all!
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    1. What is this? Are you tired of awfull look of quarterstaffs? No? Hey, I know you don’t use them, but a lot of NPCs do, so this mod will replace them with better looking models. I’ve also made some interesting changes to these weapons: - Handmaiden’s staff is now double-bladed sword with retractable blades (huge thanks to SithSpecter for allowing me to use his awesome Yinchorr Dueling Sword model) and deals a bit more damage (not too much, just enough for you to keep this blade until you train her as Jedi) - Guidon Beacon, which was restored in TSLRCM will have unique model. - My favorite, Geonosian Electrostaff. It now looks more like staffs which Magnaguards used in episode 3 (electrical field will turn on and off, and it also have custom sounds) 2. Why should I install it? To make your game look better, of course! 3. How to install? Just run TSL Patcher, it will do everything for you. 4. Compatibility. Compatible with TSLRCM. Not compatible with other mods which alter ingame quarterstaff models. 5. Credits. SithSpecter - for allowing me to use his awesome Yinchorr Dueling Sword model. RevanDark and AshuraDX – I used some texture parts from their JA mods. Conditions of Use: You are free to use this models as you like as long as you give proper credit to me, except for the Handmaiden’s staff model. For that one, ask permission from SithSpecter. One more exception: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ANY OF MY MODS TO BE UPLOADED TO STEAM WORKSHOP.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Short story: Repeating blasters were originally intended to give the user an additional attack in every round of combat (like twin-blade melee weapons do). This mod implements that effect. I.e. a character without force speed would normally do 1 attack when using a repeater, 2 when using rapid shot as well. Now, 2 attacks will be done when using the default attack and 3 when using rapid shot. Long story: After investigating in 2015 what could be the reason for repeaters costing more (500 vs 300) credits while having a worse crit range (5% vs 10%) than blaster rifles while having no advantage whatsoever, I found out that repeaters were originally intended to give the user an additional attack per round, sort of making them the double-blades of the blasters. Sadly, this was never implemented, as one internal item comment even comments on. I didn't know enough about scripting back then and quickly lost interest in fixing this. But now, more than 3 years later, it's finally fixed via scripting, placing the required code in the k_ai_master script. Known issues: Due to hardcoded mechanics, power blast can never do more than 1 attack, and sniper shot never more than 2. Normal attack appears to usually only do 2, but may rarely do 3 when using force speed as well. Sadly, these cannot be changed without access to the game code. Compatible with any mod that does not edit the k_ai_master.ncs file, and incompatible with any that does. (However, it is easy for any modder to add the compatibility, source is included.)
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    Ah yes, it's working perfectly now. Initially I was getting some abnormalities in the animation, but I quickly figured out that was because that JC' Kotor 2 robes to Kotor 1 mod includes a bunch of new player animations via the S_female02 files so there were animation incompatabilities. After using the S_female02 mdl file provided by JC instead of the vanilla S_female02 and repeating the process, it works perfectly now. Thanks for all your help you two! Any "problems" I have now are strictly texture incompatabilities with other Mandalorian mods, which is a very easy fix I will do later and am already seeing success with.
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    You don't use the replacer function. And the head fix is only for head models, not body models. If you want to use MDLOps, simply set the Target Game to K1, hit the Select File button, change the drop-down to ASCII Model Files and load your ASCII, then hit Read and Write Model. That's it. If you want to use MDLEdit, set the game to K1, File -> Load, select your ASCII, wait for it to load into memory, then File -> Save -> Binary.
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    Old MDLOps did some hackery to get models to compile. MDLEdit generally doesn't like anything compiled by it. Use MDLOps v1.0 to decompile it. It should retain backwards compatibility.
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    MDLOps requires you to manually enable the head fix flag in its "Write Binary" settings. PFBIM decompiles fine with MDLEdit for me. You must be using an old version.
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    S_Female02 is the supermodel for most male models. S_Female03 is the supermodel for females.
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    Do not use v0.5. That is the old redundant version from years ago. Download either MDLEdit, or MDLOPs v1.0. What you need to do is decompile the source model to ASCII, find the appropriate binary K1 supermodel (S_Female02 in this case) and put it in the same folder, then load the ASCII and compile as a K1 binary model.
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    I was thinking of something like this for the empty troughs on the sides of the landing bay: Although currently the lightmaps are really flat. Need to fiddle around with them some more.
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    Community Manager Eric Musco mentioned in a post on Reddit that a Double XP event is planned for the game's 7th anniversary, stating Dec 20th. It hasn't been officially announced yet, but I'd expect it to run for 1-2 weeks.
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    You might make him a wounded Taung of some sort. It's sad we hardly ever see him unmasked.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I didn't work on the Jedi Masters. From what I remember, wasn't it a Microsoft Sam-esque computer voice that did HK in that one? Maybe it was an old version I watched on YouTube. I would be down to record any HK lines requested if the mod creators decide to go that route.
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    Yuthura I imagine would have much less of an impact as she is only ever on Dantooine and Korriban VO or not. Perhaps in a Hutt Stronghold, a background NPC guard or something has a line of dialogue stating something like "I hope [Hutt] doesn't get assassinated like Omeesh did by that Twi'lek girl, without [Hutt] I'd have to become a freelance mercenary". A simple reference like that would work perfectly or maybe a Civilian line saying something like "I'm glad that slave girl gave Omeesh what he deserved". Though there is no specific date for when Yuthura was a slave so maybe the lines shouldn't sound too recent. A user called UnusualCharacters does do HK-47 style voice overs. While HK won't have vanilla lines to use it would be possible to have new lines recorded by this actor for the mod. Though I can understand why you wouldn't want to use that in your mod as of course you want this mod to feel like original game content and not like a mod. The HK line about people eating pieces of Bochabba from their soup makes me believe that Sleheyron at the time at least had public food lines, as the Mandalorian Wars had just occurred it wouldn't be hard to believe that refugee's fled to Sleheyron and the sudden increase of population deflated the Sleheyron planetary budget causing millions homeless etc. Though, as Sleheyron is a Hutt controlled world this idea may not work. Perhaps since the Hutts couldn't manage Sleheyron the Exchange with its vast wealth smuggled food and aid to help the economy simply to insert itself in Sleheyron Hutt affairs to exploit the system for their own benefit. Back to the whole food line thing, perhaps random citizen NPCs who walk around for background purposes say lines like "I hope the Hutt's don't start trouble with the Exchange again, don't know how they managed to do it, but the last something like that happened we had pieces of a Hutt in our rations for weeks". On the bright side, your modding tools don't suddenly break thanks to an update like mine did, feel like a caveman now. I may ask more questions regarding the Cantina you previewed at a later date.
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    I think this is the 4th incarnation since ~2008. Very first attempt, when the area tools were in their infancy, no lightmaps: Later attempt, when I broke things up into lots of different parts to apply shading through the AuroraTrimesh modifier: Newer attempt using current lightmap techniques, but admittedly poor design and scale: Current landing bay with new tools and better design/scale: Over the years I have fortunately learned a few things since my first horrible areas, both from a technical and an artistic/design standpoint. The most recent iteration stemmed from my dissatisfaction with the previous landing bay design and layout. Additionally, starting with Suuda's Estate, I had incorporated a new standard for doors and doorways, and thus it needed to be updated anyways. Several of the key locations (including the primary street area) are undergoing a few renovations to incorporate the new changes that have standardized doors and made things a lot more clean and consistent from a design standpoint.
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    Probably that you turned to a life of spamming WIP threads
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    Lol. Fair enough. Good luck on the mod. I hope it'll be great.
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    Sorry you feel I'm being harsh. Wasn't intended that way, but I can't change how you took it at this point. The fact remains that your title was "coming soon" over a year and a half ago. If you didn't think it'd be done soon, you shouldn't put it in the title. I'm not sure why that sentiment has generated so much outrage here. Your last significant update was a little over 2 months ago. Having watched many major mods fall into neglect and ultimate abandonment over the years, I asked semi-seriously and semi-tongue-in-cheek what was going on with this large "soon-to-be-released" mod. It's not that I don't have the patience for it, and as I said initially, I expected this mod would take years with a good chance of it never being completed, hence why "Coming Soon" felt disingenuous, moreso now a year and a half later. You could have just said "Work in progress: Sleheyron" which would have set better expectations, as the former made me think, "Wow, maybe they played it close to the vest and are actually nearing completion before they even announced it, how refreshing," rather than, "Oh they're making a huge expansion to the game, I'll be following their progress over the next couple of years, hope they make it." Changing it to "Christmas 2023" is getting childish at this point. Seeing your posts on this forum over the years, I figured you would be above that. Regardless, sorry that my comments have upset you. They were not meant as trolling, as someone here mentioned, although that seems to be a catch-all term nowadays when someone says anything someone else doesn't like.
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    We do not plan to add any color crystals to Sleheyron. There might be one power crystal, but Sleheyron is very separated from hokey Jedi things. Goat hit the nail on the head here. We aren't going to introduce anything ground breaking in the items sector. All the items you find will be quite similar to their KotOR counterparts. For instance, you might run across new blasters, melee weapons, etc. These will use the same default models in KotOR. You will experience similar shortcomings in the items sector that you encounter across all of KotOR. Most items will be pretty standard fare. The goal is to integrate the planet as seamlessly into KotOR as possible. That means things like the landing/takeoff videos, the characters, items, and textures will all be similar quality to what you see in the game. That's not to say there can't be mods to correct some of these things produced, but the Sleheyron release in itself will be very similar to what you find on existing planets.
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    I know you showed some of the video footage before, but got all excited watching in the video review again. It really does look great. And I also really like the idea of not trying to expand the content too much with filler, but just polish it very nicely. A small area that still feel like the quality of the rest of the game is much better than a large area with a lot of running but just feels like filler. Atleast, I'm assuming from what I saw of the map that's what you're going for?