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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod replaces K1's vanilla static swoop monitor with TSL ported swoop monitor with added animations on its screen. # Background # Lately I have been attempting few porting stuffs between TSL to K1 and then wondered "can PLC_xx be ported?" and the answer is here. # About this Mod # Inside this mod are: One TSL ported swoop monitor model: plc_swscreen MDL/MDX One TSL ported swoop monitor texture in TPC format: TSL_SwpMntr One custom made 11 frames-animated swoop screen in TPC format: AnmtdSwpScrn # Final Remarks # This attempt were much inspired by Sith Holocron's "Swoop Monitors Replacement Pack" as without the said mod, it wouldn't go anywhere than just a mere idea. I learned a lot from his texture and TXI's setup so- lots of credits pretty much addressed to SH and his work! Critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and any feedbacks for the next update are very much appreciated- just PM me or write a public message on my feed. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! Installation: Copy-Paste all the included files to the 'Override' folder. Overwrite when prompted. Uninstallation: Remove the said files from the 'Override' folder. Redistribution: You can redistribute this mod or re-release it on any website; you don't have to ask for permission, but I do appreciate all the kind intention. Also, if you are planning to use the assets from this mod to a mod you will be developing, don't forget to give credits to BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment, and LucasArts as inside this mode are their base assets. Anyways, credit to me is always a welcome, welcome. Credits: Fred Tetra for the 'amazing' KotOR Tool Chuck Chargin Jr./ndix UR for MDLOps bead-v for MDLedit ndix UR for tga2tpc Elwood288 for without his porting discussion I'd have no idea of what I'm doing Sith Holocron for his awesome tons-of-frames' "Swoop Monitors Replacement Pack" which have been the guidance on setting-up the animation et all DeadlyStream for updating the porting policy DarthParametric, Dark Hope, VarsityPuppet, redrob41, Sithspecter, DeadMan, JCarter426, Kexikus and Salk for being inspirational BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts for K1 and TSL All streamers on DeadlyStream All modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for a place to hangout and to discuss -eb
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    Mods that are featured in the screenshot: Ecce's "PC Recolor Clothes" winzum93's "New Kotor 2 PC Head" Xerios's "Old PMHC04 (Mullet Man)" Tools used with the attempt: Fred Tetra's "KotORTool" bead-v's "MDLedit" Chuck Chargin Jr./ndix UR's "MDLOps" JCarter426's "JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1 - Supermodels" ndix UR's "tga2tpc" stoffe/Fair Strides' "TSLPatcher"
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    He didn't. He changed what's on the monitors, which were always there. Update: I guess I've misinterpreted it. He ported the screens in there it seems?
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    This is the best thing that is happened in 2018.
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    Trying out swapping out the terrible crowd sprites in the Taris arena with some from TOR. Also did some remodelling of the "stands" as well, resizing them and adding some glass barriers.
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    5* Was sorely needed. Immaculate and brilliant work!
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    Story, gameplay ultimately doesn't matter all that much to me if your story's not worthwhile. Whereas I can forgive janky gameplay if the story is compelling, although I may find myself wishing- it had been a book, TV Series, Film or otherwise if the story's linear. In K2's case I wish Chris Avellone's team could've finished the game and the gameplay was more akin to Witcher 3- but the ambience of the world and being good in combat is still gratifying- hence why I wouldn't want it to be a Telltale style game for instance. It does really really annoy me that KOTOR 2 isn't as accessible as- The Darth Bane Books for instance, which anyone can experience. You can't really even experience KOTOR 2 at its finest today without spending a week modding the game before you launch it. Assuming you do everything correctly.
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    Version 1.0.1


    ============================= KNIGHTS OF THE REPUBLIC Mod ============================= Title: K2 PFHC05 Ported Version: 1.0.1 Author: Ferc Kast Contact: PM me on DeadlyStream *********** DESCRIPTION *********** This mod ports PFHC05 from KOTOR II for use as a playable head in KOTOR I. ************ INSTALLATION ************ Unzip the file. Run TSLPatcher, and point the installer to your KOTOR I installation folder. ************** UNINSTALLATION ************** Copy the 2das from the backup folder into the Override folder. Remove the following files from the Override folder: - kfhc05.mdl - kfhc05.mdx - KFHC05.tga - KFHC05D1.tga - KFHC05D2.tga - po_KFHC05.tga - po_KFHC05D1.tga - po_KFHC05D2.tga **** BUGS **** None known, but let me know if you find any. ******* CREDITS ******* - Fred Tetra, for developing the KOTOR Tool - Stoffe, for developing TSLPatcher ********* CHANGELOG ********* 1.0.1 - Fixed Readme 1.0 - Initial Release *********** PERMISSIONS *********** You may not redistribute this mod on other sites without my permission. You may use this mod in your own if you ask me. ********** DISCLAIMER ********** THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    From the album: The Playthrough

    Playing with one of the screen texture, gave it a crack to give impression Davik as the former owner of EH was a dumb-lazy-ass maintainer of the ship. Frame to the screens is additional, with bit of re-touches too. Base texture of LEH_scre02 used on the panel is created by desmasic as taken from desmasic's The EbonHawk-HDTP R1.
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