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TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade

Version 3b
by 90SK


Mod Info:

  • A fresh take on the body items in TSL, with over 60 new skins!
  • Doubling the appearance item content with in-character skins and integration into TSL's world. 
  • I have thoroughly tested this mod, and taken creative liberties with adding new items.
  • It was created to add life to TSL's selection of armors and robes. 
  • Requires a new game start to fully add everything, but some features will appear in your old saves.

This mod is not primarily compatible with other mods, please know what you are installing and consult files before installing. B)


90SK - Imaging, item creation, scripting, voicing, ideas
VarsityPuppet - Model enhancement
Fred Tetra - KotOR Tool
Silveredge9 & Quanon - Mandalore mask
L0rdReV@n88 - Exile darksider robe
Sharen Thrawn - Improved NS skybox
Gsccc - Tutorial on VO recording
tk102, Stoffe, Darth333 - Scripting tutorials
Darth Nihilus art from prima guide as base for Nihilus mask reskin
Developers of KotOR - a lot of materials, the games, and making way for my work to be done.


It will add many additional robes and armors, replace many robes and armors, add and improve loot drops, and it is designed to fit in with TSL.


Content Overview:

  • Cloaked Knights of the Old Republic 1 style tunics replace the padawan robe model
  • Jedi master robes have been reskinned and diversified from the original robes
  • Added content on Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun, Telos, Korriban, and Dantooine
  • Dxun tomb puzzle reward is a unique Jedi armor instead of a shield
  • Options for squad appearances on Onderon via merchant and Korriban/Dxun
  • Vogga's loot on Nar Shaddaa improvement
  • Canon and comic book style improved masks for Nihilus and Mandalore
  • New and added armors from Heavy Armor Expansion Mod including 6+ new armors
  • Improved Bao-Dur skin, new merchant and end boss for Dxun/Onderon, 10+ new random loot unique items 
  • Cheat code "giveitem revan" for Darth Revan robe
  • Cheat code "giveitem jediarmor" for TOR style armored robe, and found on Dantooine 
  • Korriban and Dxun tombs have improved appearance item loot, Azkul has a unique armor reward
  • Many improved armor skins
  • Many improved and new robe skins
  • All unrestrictive items and textures totally overhauled
  • Metallic/improved HKs and T3
  • Item descriptions and inventory item icons included
  • New facemask through random loot
  • An overall 50+ improved/new appearance skins




7-11-17 Update -
Dxun tomb puzzle reward is a unique Jedi robe instead of a shield.
Updated merchant inventory on Onderon, mostly cleaning out non-new items and dupliate listings,
armored flight suit and new Onderon encounter enemies have been given a new space suit skin.
Code "giveitem light_matrix" and "giveitem zs13" will give force friendly heavy armors, also through the merchant.
Item codes "giveitem zs1" - "zs9" will give various cloaked heavy armors.
Item code "giveitem ajunta" gives the armored flight suit

9-28-17 Update -
Changed the armored flight suit,
changed some names in the merchant inventory,
added the improved NS skybox as pictured in the screenshots.

11-11-17 Update -
Issued some new screenshots,
armored flight suit icon and skin fix

1-21-18 Update -
Expansion of Opo Chano's inventory to sell rare droid items and HK parts
Exile's clothing in the Coruscant cutscene is now a unique jedi robe

2-4-18 Update -
New masked traveler encounter from beginning of Telos has been adjusted
New dark Jedi disguise in loot on Dxun, code "giveitem mod"
Issued screenshot for new dark Jedi disguise.
Concept dark Jedi robe restored to random loot system and at code "giveitem sith"

Version 2.0.8b

- Vogga loot added 'Kaiburr Armor' code "giveitem deluxe"
- Code "giveitem zs18" is a high defense default clothing item.
- Fixed missing line glitch for Onderon ending bounty hunter #2 & modified character titles
- Azkul wears a custom js/zs armor, code "giveitem shadow"

Recent 2.0.8b Updates:
- Fixed the Handmaiden robe not appearing glitch
- Naming of the Gand quest on Nar Shaddaa is replaced with this mod due to conflicting files in Override.
- Exile armband replaced with an Exile robe item for 5/17/18, "giveitem exile", "giveitem 90sk_1" and "giveitem 90sk_2"
- Some random additions to Opo Chano's loot including a new Jedi robe "giveitem jolee" and Khoonda militia armor w/. inventory icon "giveitem khoonda"
- New armor additions to loot at endgame Dxun, "giveitem zs13"
- Newly improved HK-47 and T3 skins added
- Collars on the default TSL model type robes in this mod have been adjusted and +3 skins for that type
- Armored flight suit item has been repaired for loot drop on Onderon, "giveitem ajunta"
- New Jedi robe in loot system "giveitem nomi"



Version 3b :

  • TOR style armored robes have been added to Akerre, and one or two other locations    :    giveitem "jediarmor"
  • Exar Kun's Force Friendly heavy armor is now found in the Onderon Museum    :    giveitem "onderon_robe"


The cloaked heavy armors replace the J (Star Forge Robe) class item class, no other star forge (J class) mods are compatible! All previous updates in the log are applicable along with the addition of this section.

A number of fixes and updates have been applied to the archive after the initial release of v.3b on 12/12/18. I have found and resolved several issues with the archive including a missing skin icon and texture on onderon, visas armored robe, atton armored robe, and some texture issues have been fixed as of 12/27/18. The current version of v.3b available as of 12/27 will patch and fix any issues from the previous version. 

PM 90SK on DeadlyStream.com for questions, comments, or concerns about the mod or the new update. 


12/27/18 - Fixed all Jedi armor females

5/21/19 - The Readme.txt file now has a list of file types used in the mod, and somewhat more comprehensive information for beginners. 

5/21/19 - Updated Jedi Heavy Armor texture and Onderon new NPC UTI files.




- This mod is mostly meant to be a standalone total conversion/addition to TSL.
- Item Classes: This mod replaces the Jedi robe class, the Jedi master robe class, the armored flight suit class, and the star forge robe class.

Version v.3b is the recommended version, 2.0.7b is the previous version and is not recommended unless you're familiar with it. 

  • This mod is not compatible with the STEAM TSLCRM.
  • This mod is compatible with TSLRCM and M4-78EP
  • v.3b is not confirmed but likely is compatible with NPC Overhaul (use at your own risk)
  • Best used with tslrcm and m4-78ep, and/or a new game
  • Mods not acting on areas affected by this mod are totally fine to install.
  • If you have questions about something on this page, feel free to PM me (90SK)




1. Download 7Zip to unpack .7z files (harmless freeware for file packing)


2. Installation: Run tslpatcher.exe and select the Knights of the Old Republuc II folder in your Program Files/steam/steamapps/common directory OR the Program Files/lucasarts/SWKoTOR2 directory (depending on if you're using KOTOR2 from Steam).


For use with M4-78EP, install TSLRCM and M4-78EP then Loot & Immersion Upgrade after.

You can do a few things to remove the mod if you need to.

  1. Use the auto-generated Backup folder to replace files from the mod.
  2. You can also reset your Override folder (delete your override folder, make a new folder and name it override)
  3. Copy files from the mod archive in tslpatchdata (EXCEPT 2da FILES) into override and then hit delete while the mod files are still selected in override from being copied

When in doubt, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR OVERRIDE FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING (Just in case) -- although this is not necessary if you know what you're doing. Also please note this is close to being a total converison of items for TSL and will not function correctly with other appearance mods unless otherwise discovered on the user end. You are free to experiment with adding other appearance mods at your own risk.


This mod is designed to fit in with and improve TSL. It is not entirely perfect but should run smoothly in Version 3b


Additional Credits:
Do not redistribute or release this mod, or use any component of it in your own mods (except specifically for personal use), without permission from the original authors.


Explicitly do not release this mod on any site or in any way/shape/form.


Special thanks to VarsityPuppet and all authors aside from myself credited for use of their work and expertise in this mod.
Special thanks to Flying-gg for some essential beta testing.


Extra special to thanks to staff of LucasForums and DeadlyStream!!


DLC for this mod:
JS/ZS Default Model for Loot & Immersion 2.0.7b - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/1205-default-jal-shey-items-expansion-for-tsl/
Only Sells Cortosis Armor Replacement for new Merchant - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/553-cortosis-armor-merchant/
Cloaked Heavy Armor Patch/Options- http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/246-armored-robes-for-jal-shey-armors/?st=10#commentsStart
Alternate KotOR Style Robes - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/209-k1-tunics-for-k2/
KotOR Cloaked Tunic replacement - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/153-cloaked-kotor-tunics-for-tsl/
TSL Jedi Master Class replacement - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/658-jedi-master-robes-improved/




What's New in Version v.3b   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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The Collar fix skins in the TSLRCM will have to be removed to work with the ones in this mod, but other than that they should work fine together.

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For those of you interested in svosh's collar fix, move PFBNM.mdl, PFBNM.mdx, PMBNM.mdl and PMBNM.mdx from "Robes" folder to the Override directory, and when prompted to overrite, click ok. This will fix the skins showing up oddly in correspondance with the TSLRCM collar fix. they really do look much better thie right way anyway. I have fixed the download installer accordingly. Also Nsinger, I fixed the issue with the ubese flight suits, they are appearing normally now.

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The armored robes seem to be transparent. I installed he latest version of tslrm and then the m8-78 restoration before I used this. Those are the only mods I have and im not sure what im doing wrong. I followed the directions to the word and installing mods is something I have been doing for a while now. Its possible that because im using the 2.2.0 version of this game, this is what is causing this issue. Any suggestion?

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Does the "Dark Jedi Master Robe" have the correct skin? In game, it appears as a white and red tunic with a brown cloak. But the item icon shows a black/grey tunic with a black/grey cloak.

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I think there are multiple Dark Jedi Master Robes, what is its model? If you can identify it on a screenshot that would help. It sounds like a UTI texture numerical mistake so its an easy fix.

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Removed transparent F class armors and touched up some armor textures, reduced stats on overpowerd rusty Sith armor, made the armored flight suit more prominent and also made Ubese environment suit a Ubese warrior disguise, removed Exile armband replacement as part of a redo of the robes section to use more unique texturing on each robe type according to Star Wars myth (which includes readding the K2 cloaked tunic), added some robes and updated or enhanced a lot of textures for robes and robe item files (including some bug fixes), readded Vogga treasure loot expansion and Onderon museum robe, added shiny/enhanced G0-T0 skin, touched up Nihilus mask slightly, added more explicit instructions for Svosh's collar fix, and changed the name of the mod to be more descriptive.

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Had a game breaking bug with this mod, sadly.  When installed, along with TSLRCM and M4-78EP, if I entered the enclave on Dantooine and tried to trigger the Padawan scene, the game would crash, every time.  After uninstalling this mod, if I used a save file before entering the enclave, I could get past the scene without issue.  Not sure if there were other specific choices in the game, but had no other mods installed.  Just a heads up to anyone else :(

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Have kept trying to get this to work, since I enjoy the graphic changes so much.  I reverted the appearance.2da, removed all the files from the Override, got past the Padawan scene, then changed it all back to continue playing.  Ran into a similar game crash on Korriban, when you get into the detention room and try to view the datapad security recording that M4-78EP adds.  Luckily didn't have to revert to a save file before entering the academy.  I just did the uninstall the same as before and past the part.  Fingers crossed there aren't too many more issues.

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NPCs using the K1 style padawan robe, that don't have information for the appearance slot that robe type is using. I updated the padawan robe to use the I slot instead of the J slot, which will hopefully resolve the immediate in-game incompatibilities. To resolve this glitch either remove a_robe_02.uti from Override or redownload and reinstall the mod with the new a_robe_02.uti.

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I've reinstalled using the new version of the mod, to avoid the crash-to-desktop isue with the J armours, but I've encountered a new issue, after reinstalling with svosh's robe models: the Zeison Sha/Jal Shey armour model has been replaced with the Jedi Master armour model (PMBNM), but the textures have not.

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Will Svosh's collar fix override the one already in TSLRCM?

i didn't get that ether. do we need to remove something or just put in override and "no further steps" ?

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how will i know if this mod is working will there be an in game moment when you get a certain item that tells you its working or what?

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in the first step do you have to put that in the directory or in the override. Also for the second do you put it in the override or the directory

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