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  1. This is something I did in my free time using screen shots the RoR team had taken and some of the png files found on their website. There are a few custom images as well to help construct this. It's more of a show of appreciation for this mod and its hard working team members. Obviously there are a few things here and there that I haven't touched up on yet, but that's something I would like to revisit later. Any Way tell me what you guys think of it so far.
  2. Hello Logan23, I am twinkey of the 41remnant beta test group, though that is not why I have commented. I know finding good VO's with clear mics can be somewhat difficult. If your interested I can point you in the right direction of one. His name is whitefire and he is a great freelance Australian voice actor. He has done VO's for several mods for star wars gaming. Give me a pm if inter...

  3. It was from here at deadlystream. I fixed it by re-installing the game and re-applying the tslrm. Before this, I did have the droid planet mod from here and un-installed that. It seems it took one of the files that was needed, but its fixed though.
  4. After finishing the game a few hours ago, this is my new top mod to keep an eye out for when its done. I never realized how much the original ending lacked until I saw it for myself.
  5. I'm having somewhat of a problem advancing into Korriban. The only mod I have on is the TSLRCM and the Ultimate Appearance mod by 90SK. It won't let me enter the Sith academy. I go in the door and the screen transitions into black. However it never loads the Darth Sion scene and remains black.
  6. Exactly where on telos can you get this generic green one?
  7. Now you're on to something, why not do this? I wouldn't mind if G0-T0 had go
  8. Hello Deadly Stream modding community, perhaps you ladies and gentlemen can assist me. This question is really more directed to the tslrm team because I believe hey have the information I require. My question is where can I find the audio files for this jedi. Which folder/path direction would the sound files for this jedi padawan be found in? From my understanding and research this jedi's name is "Kaelee" and she was voiced by "Usagi", a member of this team. I am very interested in experimenting with it and I would like to make something of a pitch/video. Since their is literally hundreds of folders, it would cut my time quite considerably if someone can assist me in this way.
  9. The armored robes seem to be transparent. I installed he latest version of tslrm and then the m8-78 restoration before I used this. Those are the only mods I have and im not sure what im doing wrong. I followed the directions to the word and installing mods is something I have been doing for a while now. Its possible that because im using the 2.2.0 version of this game, this is what is causing this issue. Any suggestion?