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  1. Are there any 3D Modellers or Texture Artists interested in getting involved in a project for KotOR & TSL? I am also looking for regular beta-testers, of the originals, patched versions, tslrcm, m478ep, the project and mods for both games in general.

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    2. Thor110


      It is all just ideas for the time being, most content has been converted but cut for the moment down to the base 5 planets, Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Lehon & Yavin, which will have short stories and side quests to accompany the main games storylines and be completely optional.

      Following that, if possible there will also be expansions and new stories overall for both games set after the main games story and credits.

      If any of all this makes sense, thanks for your feedback.

    3. Thor110


      I also hope to learn to make geometry fixes and small fixes like removing doors that are part of the map models myself, hopefully more I am just not great at 3D modelling, but there is already loads of room for new content, during and after the main games story, starting with during.

    4. ebmar



      If any of all this makes sense...

      For things to start makes sense you should start getting more technical and practical. That way you will gain trust from potential recruits who will lend their time and expertise for you [and the project].


      ...thanks for your feedback.

      No worries; I think that's the very least I can provide you at this stage. Best of luck with the project. :cheers: