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  1. I was playing and got to Onderon, and my game crash, when I enter the merchant sqare. I believe I've had this problem before and found an answer. I just wanted to make sure, if someone has had this crash too.
  2. Sith Holocron I love that idea! I just made the disciple into a jedi consular again and thought about the line where he says, "I'm looking for holocrons." OFF TOPIC, A LITTLE Has anyone every tried to find content for the REAL BATU REM? Or another fuel Source for Telos? Or is that impossible to make.
  3. @Sith Holocron: I haven't responded cause I didn't want to bump and well I'm totally sorry for that. It's hard for me to see the text, and it kind of hurts my eyes. I will follow the rules tho, that important to me. @Fair Strides: I love how kind you have been to me. I didn't deserve anyone to excuse me for my mistakes. Also, I understand. I will not ask much of you. I'm just a guy with some time on his hands. And well I won't be here for 2 years. Away from my birthplace. @Sith Holocron and Fair Strides: I want both you to know how appreciative, I am for you. You guys have definitively help me so much!
  4. An modder that could lend an ear and an eye to my problems would be appreciated.
  5. TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul 1.1.1 / TSL ORIGINS - Harbinger Overhaul 1.0 / Casino Pazzak Animated 1.2 by Jorak Uln A Review by Master Joris ( ArrenKae123 ): Dear Readers, These mods are incredible. Jorak Uln is a talent artist and he does amazing re-textures. Jorak Uln has made more mods than the ones above, BUT these are my most worthiest mentions. What you can expect from these mods: 1.) CLEAN, AMAZING, HIGH QUALITY, PERSONAL INSPIRED TEXTURE TO KOTOR 2. This mod is amazing on how Kotor 2 atmosphere feels so right. 2.) You can expect more textures of planets to come from this man and personally, each of the will be in my game. IF YOU'RE WONDERING ABOUT GETTING THESE TEXTURES IN YOUR GAME. STOP WONDERING AND JUST DOWNLOAD!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! HERE ARE THE LINKS TO HIS OTHER FANTASTIC MODS MENTIONED ABOVE:
  6. Ultimate Balancing Mod 1.95 by HaVoKeR A Review by Master Joris: Dear Readers, The Ultimate Balancing Mod by HaVoKeR is a mod everyone needs to play at-least once. This mod is a fine, new way of playing one of the best games on earth. HaVoKeR has totally change the game with this mod some of the changes include: 1.) The Classes have all been changed to a more RPG-type way of playing the game. All classes gain the same as the other class do in the way of force powers, feats, and skills. 2.) Is that there in the mod pack, there is Impossible, which is the best change of difficulty in years. Want a way to make the game more difficult play this mod sub-version, I've been playing it and I absolutely love it. Also, there is a Weapons Upgrade, along with mod that give a amazing new way of making weapons and blaster feel more real and more effective. 3.) Get ready for a completely total new experience. This mod is great for players who want a challenge. When Re-Balancing Kotor2, it is hard to do it just right, but this mod does one of the best versions of Re-Balancing, I've seen. This Mod is Compatible with TSLCRM. Also, as a end to this review, This mod is worth playing.
  7. ArrenKae123

    HD Rusty HK47

    Hd Rusty HK-47 1.1 by Tjsase: A Review by Master Joris Dear Readers, This mod is totally amazing! Tjsase has totally made a refreshing look to HK-47. It does feel more realistic and I love to intimidating rustic texture. If you're looking for a mod that makes HK-47 look nice and terrifying at the same time. This is the mod for you. HK-47 has always been one of my favorite characters, I love his desire to kill every meatbag in the galaxy, and if I could let him kill everyone in Kotor 2, I would. Tjsase has made my dreams come true! I was looking for a texture to make my immersion feeling in Kotor to give me a satisfying feeling when I kill every meatbag in the galaxy, I've never felt more pleased to have a character I love come to life, as because of this HD texture, It add so much depth to a already wonderful character. It is my personal opinion that everyone that you shouldn't play Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 without this impressive mod.
  8. I have trouble with patience, when things should be easier than I make them. Or perhaps, they are exactly as difficulty as I know there crimes, against me, are.
  9. Sorry, It came across really rude, but now that I know your intention were better. You're pretty alright in my book. Thanks for the tips, and well I didn't seem to have any Txi files, I will check that out again. Thank you.
  10. Dear Reader, I have been trying, desperately to get my Playable Characters to work, so far...... . I have no experience in this field.. And I just need someone to show me the ropes. Cause I knew on failing when I feel like it's not that hard. I've tried to look up any tutorials on this on this website, none. I've been playing around with the one on MODBD. No luck... "Help me "Deadly Stream", you're my only hope"..... *MasterJoris out*
  11. Do we have a date for this release? I need Sith Holocron's Signature. It will explain how I feel about the sentence above.
  12. So I have done some searching and M4-78 Enhancement is only for STEAM, sorry I can't find a way around that. As to the forum we are on, I didn't know xD.
  13. Can you explain this kind of thinking? My problem must lie with the Part 10 missing. The Instruction weren't hard to read if that what you were implying. Many of my problem take the form of looking like this on Telos station, forget the number on the signs and forget the dark contrast to the Telos Station. To be honest, many more people would,I guess, understand this problem if I posted what it looks like, so I have gone to the source, which you will find below.
  14. That is definitely true. I have looked at these many times. I would play some of the heads. Would make me enjoy my decision in the game again.