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  1. Could Mara Jade be returning to Star Wars?


  2. I wonder if Lucasarts and Obsidian intentionally  modeled G0-T0 after the Imperial Interrogation droid and if G0-T0's yacht was modeled after the Trade Federation control ship.


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    2. Mellowtron11
    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      If you really want your mind blown, realize that they made the IT-O droid model from R2-D2 dome molds.

    4. Mellowtron11


      I did not know that! That's so cool!

  3. My VO channel on YouTube is finally up. Thanks to Darth Varkor for the edited footage that makes these videos possible!


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    2. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Nice one of Bastila's father.

      What is that glass retexture in the background?

    3. Mellowtron11


      You might have to ask Sith Holocron for that glass retexture. :)


    4. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Okay, thanks!

  4. Is it me or does the bearded male character head in KOTOR2 kind of remind you of Genesis guitarist and Bassist  Mike Rutherford's haircut and beard from the late 70's/early 80's?

    kotor 2 bearded character.jpg

    genesis mike rutherford 1977.jpg

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      That's Jedi Jesus, not Mike of Mike & the Mechanics!

    2. DarthParametric


      Pfff, it's clearly Obi-Wan,

    3. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      You never know with the devs. That might have been intentional, lol.

  5. So we finally get a trailer for BBC 1's War of the Worlds Mini series... and there's still no release date. Regardless, I'm still excited to finally see a period correct adaption of HG Wells' classic novel coming out this fall.


    1. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Looks awesome!

      I read this as a kid, and a proper period adaption would be nice to see.

    2. Mellowtron11


      I read the book and also listened to Jeff Wayne's Musical War of the Worlds album as a kid, so this will be very neat to see.


    3. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      Definitely making that to watch. Good music, good atmosphere.

  6. Is it me, or does Disciple's character strike you as more of a scout/explorer class rather than a soldier? 

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    2. narshaddaarocks


      What do you guys think he would have been like if he was a Devaronian as  planned?

    3. N-DReW25


      @narshaddaarocks I honestly don't think he was planned at all.


      I think the Disciple's head and body model where designed last out of all the party members thus they used the Deveronian as a placeholder until his head and body where ready. I think in the mean time, an Obsidian dev quickly wrote up a quick backstory for the Deveronian Disciple as Dvakvar the Jedi Sith Artifact Hunter on Korriban in their free time for the devs to refer to Disciple as during this time.


      When Disciple's models all came in, Dvakvar went out the door and they decided to put it in the Prima Game guide disk for the lols.

    4. narshaddaarocks


      @N-DReW25 Huh. Interesting. Too bad, it would have been cool to have another alien in the party.

  7. What is happening to my 4 CD ROM KOTOR2 menu??? It loads to the menu, freezes briefly and then the game goes back to the desktop. Guess it is time to finally switch to the Steam Version.

    Screenshot (565).png

    1. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      I had this same issue on my laptop. I think it has something to do with the refresh rate. I had the steam version if that helps any

    2. Mellowtron11


      So far the steam version hasn't  done this either. I'm running both versions on my laptop.

  8. Getting ready to move out for next month. While packing some books and magazines in a box today,  I found a copy of Star Wars Insider #79 with these advertisements. Man, so many memories from this magazine.



  9. This article is pretty spot on, although the author apparently has not played a level 30 character in TSL where you cut through NPCs like butter in the Trayus Academy. 


    1. Mephiles550


      Jedi Outcast and Academy are the only games where lightsabers felt right, and that was only really perfect with the dismemberment code/cheat enabled. Every other game treated lightsabers like wooden sticks. Those two games knew how to handle a lightsaber, it was a frictionless sword, It cuts through anything like a a knife through paper, at least flesh and most metal.

      These aren't bats, they're not even comparable to standard swords. They're lightsabers, they cut through nearly anything like butter just by coming into slightly close contact with it. Dismemberment with a lightsaber is way easier to perform than with a sword, Star Wars games should stop treating lightsabers like swords that just instantly cauterizes wounds. 

      You know what game could have made a good template with a lightsaber? Metal Gear Rising (sorta). You can shred any enemy into little itty bits with that sword, way more than any star wars game did. THATS what we should have in a star wars game.

    2. N-DReW25


      Me, an intellectual: Remembers back to Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 where Lightsabers were capable of cutting off pieces of Storm Trooper Armor as well as cutting off their arms and decapitating their heads. With the right Lightsaber crystal, a Lightsaber had a chance to either set Storm Troopers on fire or literally disintegrate them whole.

  10. Shame we can't go inside Jolee's hut on Kashyyyk. I doubt there would be much inside, but it would be neat to look.

    Screenshot (328).png

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    2. Mellowtron11


      Thanks for the link, folks!

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @Mellowtron11: Though my waistline has expanded, I'm still only one person.  ;)

    4. djh269


      He's referring to ebmar's reply to his status :D

      My waistline has expanded also, I call it my "Winter weight". But I've had it for about 4 years now though...

  11. Never did I know that Bastila could force persuade Holden to lift Dia's bounty on Taris if your character failed the persuasion check. As you folks can see, it's been a while since I've played this game.



    1. jc2


      NO WAY!

  12. Isn't it ironic that I hate the cold, and yet I really like the Snowtrooper armor from TESB?




  13. Does this retexture look more washed out to you? I wanted to make the Gray Jedi Robe look more 'gray' and not the same as the Dark Jedi Robe in K2. So far this is what I have, although I'll probably have to redo it.




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    2. Mellowtron11


      Thank you Ebmar!

    3. Mellowtron11


      I like the way the reskin is going, but the main thing that is bugging me is the cloth between the neck and the robe. There is almost no texture on that part. See the screenshot below.


    4. ebmar


      Haha, yeah- the collar. Actually guess it'd be a problem at one point but I was assuming that you'll try to live hard with, lol. There're alternatives; such as making its area to black/darker color like we saw earlier with the Handmaiden's robe or 'borrowing' from another robe texture that has details on theirs. Or, if GIMP has a 'texturizer' filter you could actually play around with them [or, you could also draw it by hand to perfectly match the robe design].

  14. So I was looking through my old copy of Halo 2 and saw in the manual that Kevin Michael Richardson, the actor who voiced Jolee, also played the Brute Chieftain Tartarus. He does a lot of VO work.

    (Random fact- tartarus is also the Greek abyss of torment and suffering.)

    1. Mutilator57


      I also recall him from Avatar: The Last Airbender too; great man!

  15. All these years of playing KOTOR 1 and  I never knew that you could goad Calo Nord into fighting you in the Taris cantina....


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    2. ebmar



      All these years of playing KOTOR 1 and  I never knew that you could goad Calo Nord into fighting you in the Taris cantina....

      In contrast with you; the very first encounter with Calo is me being a dead meat lol.


      It's in a popular youtube video where bosses can't be defeated (1:20mins in)

      Never saw him as a boss really but, he fights hard on Davik's Estate [not until finding out to beat him was actually just thrown all the grenades we have lol].

    3. mrmann


      Just like the sith soldier with the turrets you can fight Calo early but he's artificially difficulty and not intended to be killed. Both he and the sith solider are invincible lol

      funny side story: i remember one time getting the lowercity sith soldier to chase me and fight the hidden beck guard and both of them never took damage. it was jarring to me at the time.

    4. djh269


      And the turrets outside the Tatooine Sand People Enclave, it's the UTIs in the UTCs that have insta-kill properties.