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  1. This will now have a permanent place in my override folder. Would love to see a TSL version
  2. What I mean is keep the model and texture for the armor itself, but remove the skirt which appears to be separate models if I'm not mistaken. Is this possible?
  3. So the armor that doesn't restrict force always has this weird metal skirt thing that looks horrendous- especially on male characters. Is there a mod that removes this, but doesn't change the model?
  4. Nice touch using her mother's hair model
  5. I did not create this thread, but Reddit user and r/kotor moderator Snigaroo is in need of testers for his new mod build. If anyone can complete a modded playthrough of KotOR II (Possibly KotOR 1 as well. He didn't specify) within two weeks, I would recommend checking it out at
  6. Motherdragon64


    Happy to see it public again! Is this compatible with Extended Enclave?
  7. Cool. Will be sure to check it out before GameFront goes kablooie
  8. The underwear and dancer outfits always looked weird to me. It's obvious they wanted to make her appear more attractive, but she looks more like a skeleton.
  9. Yeah it makes sense. I always imagined Sith ghosts would be more like that and not like the Jedi ones since the Jedi are in 'Heaven' and Sith go to 'Hell'.
  10. So this is a rather silly request that I've always wanted for some reason. I don't know how hard this would be, or if it would even be possible, but I am requesting a mod to add Trask Ulgo from the beginning of the game to the entire campaign. You could add a brief conversation whenever talking to him by splicing existing files or recording new ones with a skilled impressionist.This could be done by replacing a character such as Carth, who would make sense story-wise, or Bastila, whose slot he takes on the character select screen. Or if you could figure out how, you could even try to add another companion slot and space on the Ebon Hawk (my suggestion would be where Kreia is in TSL, which is empty in KotOR, except for that Bastila scene). I don't expect anyone to do it, but if you did, I'd be impressed.