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  1. Doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason... Using K1R and Force power mods (that should be compatible), even vanilla Force powers are still restricted.. Do I need to start a new game for the effects to take place? Anyone else with similar issues?
  2. I'm aware this is an ancient, dead thread but the info here helped me in my current playthrough! I was having the same crash issues with Bao-Dur's Ebon Hawk scene when trying to train him as Jedi on Telos. For reference, I am using mods that alter a lot of game equipment. Having read this thread it hit me that the PC was wearing a (custom) Exile's Armor, the one you get from the Harbinger in the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, Bao-Dur was wearing the custom modded 'Bao-Dur's Charged Armor'. When I had both characters enter the cutscene wearing no armor, the cutscene ran fine and Bao was jedified as intended. So the my crash here was caused by the Exile's Armor or Bao-Dur's custom armor. Anyway, for some unknown reason, wearing such items can potenitally cause a crash with this cutscene (in TSLRCM at least). Thank you for the fix, Guest_Bob Ta'aar_*, if it's only actually a workaround. Saved my current game for sure, as this was a game-breaking bug (or rather, function-breaking - could not train Bao-Dur). So if anyone faces similar issues, be noted that this is a potential fix.
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    Awesome concept, I would like to ask is this mod by any chance compatible with SLM (Schematic Lightsaber Mod) 2.0? I ask because both mods seem to modify a lot of the same *.dlg files - I speculate this is because of some new dialogue options included for Jedi party members in SLM that allow the PC to create Lightsabers. So the issue is does TSLPatcher edit strings in dlg files or does it replace them altogether, making SLM incompatible with PartySwap? Also a final and maybe dumb question but can the mod be installed and used *after* having visited the Enclave Sublevel and talked to Disciple? By this time Handmaiden is in my party as the PC is male. It's logical I would have to reload a save before that point so Mical can join too, right?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, I was getting anxious I messed up my game again. Unfortunately, there was some truth in this previous statement, since using the ( mod or ( both seem to break this mod's Jedi robes' textures (tried those two separately of course). Am I doing something wrong? One of the above installs with TSLPatcher, the other doesn't, but they both don't work like they should (I've tested them without TSL L&I and they do work as intended). I am aware this mod changes so much equipment that ic could not work with other robe mods, that much is clear. Weird thing is, replacement Jedi Master robes ( work like a charm and don't break the other item's appearance. So is there any specifics in the way I try to install mods that alter the 'standard', 'basic' Jedi robes' appearance? Or it is just these particular mods are incompatible? Or like I assumed, this mod's structure (changing some of the base Jedi robes etc.) prevents compatibility with such mods? The only thing I dislike about this mod is the robe textures which are, I admit immersive and seem appropriate given the age in SW history that the events in KOTOR II take place. However, most of them seem a bit too 'plain and unassuming' () for my taste and the models look a bit repetitive for me. Most of all, their collars are kind of strange and out of place, to the degree I was going to ask if it was a bug (but then I saw in the screens it isn't). This is not criticism but a matter of taste, of course. That's just the reason I focus so much on a robe replacement in this situation. If there is not way to change the robes themselves, is there maybe a way to just 'fix' (change) their collars?
  5. Really useful tips. Will do. I tried the savegames on the site and for now, all seems to be in order. The SG's description clearly states they were made with an unmodded game so they *should* work well with any mod build. But does that include TSLRCM as well? I'll still play through Peragus if I feel like it in a stable build, but for stability testing these save files are invaluable. The thread can continue on topic now, thanks for the help!
  6. That's not a bad idea at all. However, will those saves work with a heavily modified game? As in, all the modified game files in my current build are surely very different from the ones in the savegame. Will not that breed eventual conflicts? Also, I have broken my save at least once by tweaking my char in KSE, it causes random crashes it seems. I've read somewhere messing with the main char by means of KSE can potentially cause that. If these are not obstacles then 'skipping' Peragus would be very easy indeed. When I tried this, I first had to install the font in Windows. In Win XP, it's under Control Panel > Fonts but I suppose the chance of you using XP is minimal so just google the way you add fonts to your version of OS. When you find the 'Add font' feature or equivalent it will ask for the location of the .tff file and it is installed automatically. After this when you open NWN Font Tool, the option to choose the font should be available.
  7. All right, finally finished my ambitious mod build featuring TSLRCM, SLM 2.0 and Loot and Immersion mod in that order. I also have 70+ other mods in the override, but they are mostly reskin and immersion mods. I'm nearing Telos and everything seems to work well so far, however I noticed something strange - I found a plain, 'generic' Jedi Robe in one of the containers on the Harbinger and it has 6 Def and +4 Dex limit (same as say, Zabrak armor in vanilla/TSLRCM). Seems kinda strange since the main (and some would say, only) advantage or robes is that they had no Dex cap. So either this is the first conflict I encounter or the robe stats have been drastically altered? I never clearly understood if robe mods are compatible with Loot and Immersion. I did have Prequel Movie Robes (28 models) and Movie Master Robes files in override before installing L&I 2.08b. TSLPatcher had no errors after install, if that is an indication of anything. Looks like a conflict with the robe mods, they probably use the same item slot or something of the sort, so stats are altered but the item is named and looks like a 'Jedi Robe'.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. After using your font files and seeing the results, I didn't really feel like I'm capable of achieving a better result. Like you said, the game just doesn't like us messing with the font size and gives some strange effects all around andI am not prepared to sacrifice stability and functionality (I can't see all quest info with custom fonts). Also, any other combination I tried generating gives the 'black' or 'blank' font. I really don't have the time or the nerves right now to experiment more on that. You know how it is when RL issues swarm on you. Add to this the fact that my KOTOR II build appeared to have several game-breaking bugs. So all my energy modding wise was pointed towards making a fresh, working mod build from scratch, ambitious project with 70+ mods. Fingers crossed, the game seems stable for now but I still haven't reached Telos A shame there no working 'skip Peragus' or equivalent mod for TSLRCM, though. We can all agree it's tedious every single time a new game is started to have to run in your underpants for hours on end killing janitor droids so Kreia has a chance to remind you the Force is still a thing So yeah, at some point I might get annoyed with the tiny subtitles again but it's not a priority now, game stability is.
  9. Does the 1.1 version fix the aforementioned game-breaking bug?
  10. All right then. I'm aware this is an old topic but I've got the same issue here. I Installed TSLRCM 1.8.5 + M4-78 1.2.4. (I know this isn't the latest M4 version but I believed that shouldn't be an issue). I use the GOG version of KOTOR II. Then I felt compelled to uninstall M4 (through the uninstaller) even though I knew the risks - I had read online it can break Sith academy and other stuff. To answer your question - 'why?' - my motives were simple - older PC couldnt handle the exceptional lag at M4 (probably not the mod's fault). Then the whole planet's quests and overall feel just drifted away from the main flow of action of the game or at least it felt that way for me. I could've mustered the patience to finish it to move the story along, but was I ready to do that *every* single time I replayed the game? Certainly not. So don't get me wrong, M4 is a very good addition for a fan restored planet. It's just not my cup of tea. So, back to the issue, with TSLRCM 1.8.5 + M4-78 1.2.4 everything ran smooth, restored content was there working and I developed my char all the way through the story, got to Korriban Sith academy and there was no Vash body like it's supposed to etc. I went to M4-78, then decided to uninstall. I used the application, deluding myself I can 'fix' whatever damage this might cause. Of course I knew my save thus far was done. Now I started a new game to test the game's stability after M4's removal. After playing hours on end, there were strange bugs here and there (long forgotten Red Eclipse bug on Nar Shadaa?) but when I found a workaround, overall the game was playable. That is until I reached the Sith Korriban academy again. Now the game simply goes to a black screen when I try to enter and there seems to be no way to fix this. I tried reinstalling TSLRCM, no effect. I then uninstalled TSLRCM through it's own uninstall .exe and installed it again. Reloaded save, same thing. Tried earlier save before loading Korriban - same. I know I probably broke my mod build and probably my whole game. What bothers me is that that uninstalling and installing TSLRCM *should* fix the issue, at least nominally. Other bugs and issues might appear, but the essential module altering files (that seem to cause the issue) should be in their correct place again, removing the bug. As I browsed/searched the Modules folder after I reinstalled TSLRCM, there are still no 702Kor files of any kind, if there were supposed to be there in the first place. I am kind of perplexed. How do I proceed now to get TSLRCM only working as it should? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Тhank you very much for the quick reply and upload! I was just starting to get frustrated, using the NWN utility I generated two files with the same font and exact same specs as you mentioned, renamed them appropriately and put them in override and still got black spaces where there should be text in dialogues... I'll try out your files now! EDIT: Indeed, the files work! Like you say, the font is far from perfect and does seem to introduce some strange artifacts in strange places. Having said that it's a visible improvement so I'll test it out for now regardless. If I could, I would still try to modify it to my taste a bit (larger size, see what the effect is etc.) So I'm sorry to further ask you about this subject but how did you manage to make these files work? I tried your method step by step and all I could get was some blank, black space, as I stated above. Which means the file swap works, the game recognizes the texture but doesn't display it properly for some reason. Did you edit the files in any way beside choosing the font and specs, then generating them in in the NVN utility?
  12. I know this thread is an year old but the 'font issue' in KOTOR I & II still stands as of this date (I haven't found a viable fix, at least). After I put both the tga and txi files into the override, my dialogue text is 'gone', as if there is no font present at all. If you could upload these edited font files somewhere, you will be such a great sport. I tried fiddling around with the files to no avail thusfar, so I would appreciate if you by any chance keep of a copy of those files... If not, I'll try to edit them myself again following your instructions more carefully.
  13. Thank you very much. I have to say I have many if not all of these mods already (I don't use the high-res textures due to my old PC). As I read through the list and the details, I can assume my mods should be compatible with TSLRCM (or at least lack game-breaking bugs). I tried to check every mod and almost every file (especially *.2da files) so they are compatible with TSLRCM. So I guess my mistake was trying to simply uninstall M4-78 through the uninstaller and expect no consequence. Maybe I will have to redo my whole mod-build after all. Some very valuable info on a lot of mods on the reddit post anyway, so thanks for that.
  14. I've seen such mod builds posted online, it's just I always 'followed my own path' and of course it has lead to more trouble than not. So I would appreciate you sharing the link to see if it's the same subreedit page I know. Maybe my next playthrough I will follow such a guide and ask there if anything goes wrong. I am sad to report that after uninstalling M4-78 my modded game, supposedly now just TSLRCM 1.8.5, my current savegame glitched heavily on Nar Shaddaa. I got the long forgotten but well documented 'Red eclipse repeat scene' game-breaking bug that prevents my from boarding the Ebon Hawk normally after I've finished all of Nar Shaddaa. I've managed to sircumvent even this by using the 'Warp Band' mod so for now I've dodged a bullet but it's very probable my whole mod build is now messed up (seemed flawless before when running with M4-78). I'm saying this just in case someone faced a similar issue. Anyway, I'm going off-topic real heavy real quick here so I'll wrap it up, this should be my final rant in this comment section. As far as TSL Loot & Immersion is concerned, I hope I can use at least that in my next modbuild.Thanks again everyone, you have been very helpful indeed and I am sure I will have a better playing experience next time because of your tips. Have a great day (or night)
  15. Thanks a lot for the tip, Zachscustoms, I'll have that in mind. Feats and Powers seems a nice addition but it's not worth it at all if there's even a slight chance of breaking my game. I'll just try to merge SLM and TSL Loot & Immersion and that should reach a level of awesomeness that's more than enough. It would be very helpful, not only for me but for others to share what other mods you advice caution about and have you tried to install this mod (TSL L&I) and combine it with other ones (for ex. SLM).