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  1. Troha, and many others have voiced what I was planning on saying.... Again, we gratefully thank you for all your time and effort in continuing a beloved story such as this. We may never get a kotor 3 but I must say what you gave us was better then nothing at all. You gave us a glimpse at what was possible with the game a decade after it's release, you are an example of how devoted this community is to this part of Starwars, it's beautiful. What's even more so is the preservation of your well-being. Take care and may the force be with you.
  2. "What about the corporate attack on the Wookiees?"
  3. That was 300 years later. I was thinking of something more recent..using the dark wars as the "present" for reference. I think Rhen-var would also be a good idea, better actually. Seeing as it is a mod already underway. The grey lore surrounding it fits perfectly with The Sith lords theme.
  4. Personally, I would very much like to see Kuat. I'm sure you all are familiar. If not, I shall provide a description and photo to help drive my point home. This planet has been mentioned in a lot of works within the expanded universe and I cannot really express how happy I was when it was made canon. Before I get too off topic, this planet holds major importance for the old Republic. Those orbital shipyards that circle the entire planet. Like artificial rings, here is where the literal bulk of the Galactic Republic's fleet is assembled. It would seem strange that a place like this was not targeted by the Sith. This would be an interesting task to accomplish. I think recycling Dantooine, Telos and Peragus ll would get the job done. As for the plot it could be the presence of another faction of the Sith Triumvirate aiming to wreak havoc in the core worlds.
  5. I look forward to your play-through. It is always interesting to see another take on the story how they see light and dark, Kreia's teaching's. You get the the idea.
  6. Huh something i didn't think i would want to install. This is why modding communities are like miniatures Christmases
  7. Beautiful. I look forward to see Dantooine and Korriban under this style
  8. Huh is this how Atris felt scrambling around Dantooine, trying to save a much as historical information as possible. Or the Jedi when they tried to evacuate Ossus. Man, I can relate now...
  9. THANK YOU. I for the longest time wondered why she didn't have a female model to distinguish her from the males.
  10. People start to question thing's in other's absence. I for one think Logan is working diligently when he has the time, he's personal life come's first above all else.
  11. Agreed. Rey wasn't bad but the movie didn't do her Justice like the novelization did. She was pretty stagnant and her "affinity" to the force didn't help her case. Now This new character. She is a little bit like Jan. But Jan was a morally good character from the get go. Jin here is more morally ambiguous. I look forward to her Character development!
  12. He could pass it own to someone in or a group of people in the community that can should he lose interest, but i believe he's in it for the long haul.
  13. AH. How i love the little thing's that get tweaked here and there,it just seems to increase the over all "Immersion" of the game. Or is that just me?