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    Version 1.0.0


    Did this for myself earlier to amazing results. Figured i'd put it up here for others to use. To Install just go to the games local files > streamsounds > Paste When it asks to replace the file in the destination say yes.
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    I agree that this feature is in-fact jarring to look at, but the reason why this feature and many features of M4-78EP 1.5 is so "bad" is because (Even though you'd probably think this reason is bogus) the dev team who made M4-78EP are both burned out from modding this game for so many years and the fact that they have real life jobs that takes much of the modders time to actually work on the mod (The lead dev is part of the Video Game Industry for example). As a Beta tester for 1.5, I can confirm that 1.5 was released far too early as there'd be no way for the dev team to finish the mod properly with their burn out and real life obstacles (And this was before Covid-19 so I doubt things have gotten any better). I don't blame you for wanting to use M4-78EP 1.3 as the mod is broken in certain areas. You have a good point, but shouldn't the 4-digit code be written down in the player's journal entry update so that the player can always reference the number? This may or may not be the case in the mod, but it would be a good solution to your problem. Usually, the correct code is the number of droids in the colony so once you finally return to the terminal you must keep in mind you murdered droids to get back. In version 1.2 you would kill 5 droids to get back, so you'd -5 from the 4 digit code to complete the puzzle. In 1.5, technically it's -2 but hey idk if the mod is functioning well enough to account for those droids (Been years since I properly played M4-78EP). This is one of the times where you are most likely correct, this version is indeed buggy. I'm correcting you here, the teleportation system is in-fact as crap as Zelda is saying unfortunately. It would've been better if one of those Fast Travel droids were involved, maybe he'd interject into every convo and ask if the player wants to be teleported with the option to decline... heck, a simple animation of the droid party member walking away and then teleporting would've made this look better. Technically, the version he is promoting is the old Steam version 1.3 which was also released way too early... however, it *does* work. I guess what Malkior is trying to say is that, if you give Dark Side Points to anything and everything you dislike it kind of makes it look as if you are the problem and not the person you've dark side pointed. From the looks of it, you like to take a highly defensive approach when responding to criticism. In this case, you are correct... 1.5 is indeed bad, what you could do is instead is further highlight your criticism of the mod and highlight the flaws in a constructive manner without being defensive so at least you look like a good guy who wants to see M4-78EP fixed at some point... let's be real, no one will be able to fix the problems for a while, but at least if you take my criticisms you won't get attacked by other users who think you are being overtly dramatic. This sort of writing comes off as hostile, if your writing is hostile then people will think you yourself are a hostile person and may not take you seriously... but everything you are saying is 100% true which is why you should write your dialogue in a manner which is respectable to the person you are quoting and to the mod (Even if the mod is buggy as hell). Let's say you are in a public library and you just so happen to find a living pig in the fiction section just chilling, what you'd want to do is calmly approach the librarian and politely inform them of the pig and if they don't believe you need to be friendly towards them and try to lead them over towards the pig so they will believe you. If you instead decided to yell and swear at the librarian and them punch her you're going to be seen as the bad guy and you'd be kicked out of the library... even though you'd be 100% correct, there is a pig in the library. And in this case, the library is M4-78EP 1.5 and the pig is all the poorly executed features and bugs. I've rewritten your quote in a way which is purely informal and rebuts Malkior's false claim in a way which is non-confrontational to Malkior himself: You are incorrect, version 1.3 which I am promoting was released in 2017 on the Steam Workshop and was never hosted anywhere else as it was exclusive to the Steam Workshop. The link I've added is an archived version of the Steam 1.3 version which can be used for Steam and non-steam users via any non-Steam Workshop installation. It is fully compatible with TSLRCM as long as the players install TSLRCM first and M4-78EP 1.3 2nd. Well, that is honestly unfortunate. I think that, as long as a user can point out a mod's bugs in a polite manner they can highlight the problems and faults with a mod which can avoid new players from using M4-78EP and then breaking their game because the mod is unstable. Clearly Zelda was a new player who wasn't aware of what he was in for (The teleportation system is only the tip of the ice burg of 1.5), but I can agree with you; the manner in which Zelda stated his dislike for a change was written in an unfair manner. I applaud you taking this convo with Malkior to the PMs.
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    Hi everyone, I know it has been a long ..long time since I last posted here. I have been thinking about getting back into modding… Over the past few months I have been looking over the Revenge of Revan mod and seeing if I will return to it. Then came the new Kotor Level Editor (KLE).. which changed everything.. Also tweaked the story for the mod to help with the pacing. I decided to return to finish Revenge of Revan. The mod will be released in sections There will be no human VO till after the mod is fully complete. Using the KLE (Kotor level editor) to build the mod. Will be looking to build a team. I am looking for individuals to join the team - this would be for dialogue and quest writing. The writing team members will be using the dlgeditor. You will be adding your text in the dlg editor and once I have the file, I will add in the scripting to the dlg, for example jrl entries, LS/DS points, etc. If your interested in joining the writing team, send me a message 😃 Team members: Writer : N-DReW25 Art: Redrob41 Also included a video showing off the new kotor editor and showing how it will help in production. Logan23
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    Well, this was... something. It seemed like it would be a good something, but now I just don't know.. I'm going to start off by saying that, contrary to zbyl2's assumptions, I find walking immensely preferable to being abruptly teleported around without warning. That was so jarring and disruptive that I was tempted to report it as a bug. It actually took me til the second instance to realize it wasn't one. Was that change playtested by anyone at all before release? That did NOT make for a good gaming experience... Also, given the existence of the Escort Droids for controlled fast-travel, it's completely and totally unnecessary. It was fundamentally a bad idea, in my opinion - throw it out the window and never look back. Second, I played the "You have to use a droid" portion as T3-M4 and I have to say that under these circumstances the dialogue choices being unintelligible to the player ends up feeling rather awkward. It's one thing in Vogga's warehouse, where the choices don't actually matter much at all; in that context it's funny. But here, where they actually have significance, it made me feel like I was flailing around completely blindly. I think that either you need to ditch the concept for that portion of this world, or publish a translation sheet. Third, I think the number of currently-active droids needs to get added to your journal. Because you can only ask the droid once, and it's all too easy for it to get scrolled out of the Messages log (and I'm guessing the Messages log being so short in TSL is backend idiocy that modding can't fix). I mean yeah, you can write it down, but it feels like the in-game handling should be better. And then there's the bugs.. I was super-excited to play M4-78 and finally be able to experience a more complete TSL story that actually gave Lonna Vash her due. And, after getting past the janky introductory segment, I was having a good time with the place. Then I set foot in the R&D zone and had "Deadly Upgrade" suddenly inject itself back into my Active Quests list (and the entry didn't even match how I'd actually done it). I came here to report that... and discovered just how broken version 1.5 is and continues to be. That was disheartening to learn. I implore you to either return to the project, or at least make an installer for the more-stable previous version (1.3) so that that can be hosted here.
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    Rough first attempt for context/further discussion Jedi Jedi Knight Jedi Master Bonus: Dark Jedi Knight Dark Jedi Master
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    @heyorange That's the intention, yes--three different tiers/textures with their own versions of the brown/red/blue color schemes. Though I'm not above carrying the tiers over to the sith robes--if nothing else then just to match their item descriptions of having one grey and one dark blue robe per tier (except for Master, which is listed as grey and black). Currently I have no plans to touch the Qel-Droma robes, as @constantinople33 already did an excellent job with their Lore-Friendly Qel-Droma Robes skin and anything I try would undoubtedly pale in comparison. I hadn't considered stat changes but that would be easy enough to incorporate since I have to alter the uti files anyway to ensure the correct texture and icons are showing. I am interested in anything you wish to share--I find modding like this is more rewarding when it's a collaborative effort!
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    Hi everyone, We are well into Episode 1's production and everything is going well. Wanted to post some images this time. We started to add in the RoR's Load screens You might see some new buildings in this module. Thanks to seedhartha We will be having locations on the map where you can interact with Holonet News to discover what's going on in the galaxy. Started to do some first drafts with the re skinning of the CEC facility. Thanks to the KLE (Kotor Level editor), I was able to use placeables to create a wall which cut the room in half and help make it feel different. Vogga the Hutt's room A small Cantina on Nar Shaddaa MORE TO COME, Loagn23
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    Version 2.0.0


    Does it bother you reading lore on Revan + Mandalore & then simplistic that ugly mask on Canderous? Me too, so this mod features: -Matching HD icon in three different variations (two matching the armor and zoomed out and one zoomed in where you cannot see the armor that matches vanilla game) -Upscaled base texture thx to ShiningRedHD -25% more reflective & color corrected beskar texture all over (with Damascus steel overlay lightly showing like on the ingots in the mandalorian tv show) -Mandalores mask matches the KOTOR comicbook style (partially hand drawn but heavily modified to preserve the proportions while still fitting the vanilla model) -Custom hand drawn vambrace + shoulder pad -Optional matching chest piece version (I prefer this version) -Optional all silver coating version -Optional white war paint version with clan ordo symbols -Optional dark brown version (mask now matches the vanilla shoulder pauldron color) -Optional obsidian/dark grey version -Restored content mod compatible (simply put in override folder)
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    Version 2.0.0


    Please note this is a CUSTOM FAN INTERPRETATION of the Revelation cutscene, it is not 100% faithful to the original BIK and features the use of visual mods. File Name: "DV's The Revelation Cutscene Remake V.1" Author: Darth Varkor Works for: Knights of the Old Republic I K1 Restoration Compatibility: Yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: For a while, I have been thinking about re-creating various BIK cutscenes within the games, not just for my own personal machinima-related use, but to upload for public use as a mod. Now, as I am fairly limited to what I can do (in-game scripting and some basic animation in After Effects) I lack the skills in software such as 3DSMax to fully recreate some cutscenes such as the various ones of the Ebon Hawk taking off and landing on the various worlds. Anyway, I decided to first have a stab at the infamous 'Revelation' cutscene, providing my take on the scene, capturing all footage in-game. The cutscene plays out fairly similiarly to how the original does, but, with some of my own alterations/additions. Any constructive feedback is welcome. Installation: Simply drag the BIK file provided and drop it in the "Movies" folder located within your SWKotOR directory. You should probably make a back-up of the original movie in-case the mod fails to work for whatever reason, or in case you simply prefer the original cutscene. Uninstallation: Remove the BIK file and replace it with the original. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video demonstration of the mod. Mods used in this cutscene: XediiXarwarz - Dantooine 2012 Reskin XediiXarwarz - Taris 2012 Reskin Oldflashi - K1 Movie Style Hilts JC's Lightbaber Visual Effects Sithspecter & jonathan7 - Darth Revan's Robes Revisioned CarthOnasty - Star Map Revamp V.1 Kexikus - High Quality Stars and Nebulas starforge1 - Darth Malak Reskin Pack *I do NOT give permission for this mod to be re-uploaded without my consent.* Contact Info: DeadlyStream.
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    Усиленно голосуем за версию 1.6, пока за неё тут и там идут дебаты ( : All votes for the 1.6 version, while it's being discussed everywhere ( :
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    I've been secretly working on a new planet mod for both KOTOR and TSL. I'm finally far enough along that I can warrant a WIP thread! So I present to you: Ilum: The Mother Crystal (name pending) Travel to Ilum, home of the Adegan lightsaber crystal to help a ragtag group of treasure hunters find the biggest haul of their lifetimes: The Mother Crystal - New, voiced characters - 3 fully modeled original areas - 2 part story that spans both KOTOR and TSL Projected Release date is a little tricky given my busy work schedule, but it will be out sometime later this year. Screenshots: The New Galaxy Map (Ilum included) Ilum Crystal Cave: Ilum Canyon with new NPC:
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    What's new? * Changes to the ending * New intro (less spliced party members lines) * Reduced amount of walking * Fast travel in droid quest - no more running trough the planet multiple times * You can now do Environmental Zone first and gain Kaak's help, allowing you to skip a large part of the Industrial Zone * Better filters on VOs so your ears won't bleed (at least not as much) * Industrial Zone FPS drop fixed * Other stuff Available for download on deadlystream: Steam version probably coming soon.
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    Downvoting is fine. Disputing a change that was made a long time ago and having that reflect on the older mod page is not. My implication was that you can just as easily vote your disagreements in a Profile Update or even the TSLRCM M478 EP Feedback page instead of the download page. If there are others who agree, then possible changes can be discussed without involving the download page. You could even list your litany of disagreements on its own dedicated blog for others to respond to. There are numerous other options you can choose. A totally reasonable criticism. I too was not a fan of that decision, but it's simple enough to have a discussion of such things instead of taking it out on the mod page. (I also wasn't too fond of the teleport droid, but it was simple enough to ignore) Noted. Still suggesting that people go offsite because of a specific gripe you have with the mod doesn't help matters. We all have strong opinions about this of which is understandable. However, such disagreements can be easily debated elsewhere. This will be the end of my discussion on this page. If you want to talk further about this, there are numerous places in which we can do so.
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    Nah, just the stuff related to droid quest for nobody-likes-to-walk reasons. There's not a lot cut, but it is possible to skip a lot. Looking forward to seeing someone do the Environmental Zone first.
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    Thanks for the report, I'll check these out. TBH Where did your FPS drop in the Industrial Zone? Was it in the biggest module (if so, which part) or one of the smaller ones? Having 1.3 previously installer shouldn't lead to issues as long as you didn't start M4-78 itself before installing 1.5. Glad you liked it! I assume it wasn't your first time, but you played the previous version and thought a new one was an improvement? I added some spoiler tags to your post in case someone wants to be surprised by the new ending, hope you don't mind. Yeah, I believe so. That quest existed to "break up all the walking", as HH always said. My goal was not to force player into walking more than once at all.
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    Not really a WIP, more like a "Almost done" but thought I'd share anyways.