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    No, it's Dxun. It's done when it's done. But to give a slightly more helpful answer: Yes, I'm waiting until all skyboxes are done before I release them. But as you can see from this thread, I am getting very close to this goal.
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    I love(d) Knights of the Old Republic for more than one reason but now that I have been trying for years to make the game even better through fixes and tweaks I cannot help thinking of a few things that Bioware did sloppily. There are several but here in Korriban I noticed how they cut a few corners with some human looking Sith Academy residents whose VO is alien. That's a tolerable thing (especially if there is an interesting story behind it, which is not the case for our game) if it's done once or possibly twice but Bioware did abuse of this in Korriban. I count 3 4 creatures that should speak Galactic Basic but have alien VO and each time all I could think of was that they didn't have the means/time to record the lines properly rather than being a specific choice. The affected creatures are: the Mandalorian Prisoner, Adrenas, Hijata and Tariga. Three Four in a single area module. Way too much, in my opinion. I have half a mind to get someone to record the lines for at least one of the three four and remove the nonsensical excuse for missing a proper VO. Thoughts? Cheers!
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    I take any change I do to the game quite seriously so I wouldn't every go for a low quality outcome. This is not a high priority but is something I am definitely considering.
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    This is the WIP-Thread for my High Quality Skyboxes project. As you probably know, the skyboxes in both KotOR games are very low in resolution and also not always interesting. These mods attempt to change this by creating entirely new skyboxes using Terragen 4 and rendering those in 2048x2048 (vanilla uses 512x512). Version 1 of the KotOR skyboxes has been released since October 2015 and can be found here. After its release, I took a break to work on other mods but recently I came back to work on the TSL version and version 2 of the KotOR skyboxes. I've learned quite a lot since version 1 which is why I want to rework some of the skyboxes for KotOR and also, since I now own Terragen 4, I can render them in higher quality which will also be part of version 2. You can follow my progress in this thread and in the following image which I'll (hopefully) update regularly to show where I'm at: Original first post: As the title suggests I started working on some high quality skyboxes to replace the blurry pixelated ones used in both games. I actually wanted to do this for quite some time and two days ago I finally started working on them with this result: [Deleted due to photobucket blocking embeding] I'd say that while the clouds certainly need to be improved some more and I didn't render in full quality and some photoshop work has to be done, they actually look pretty good except for one thing. And that's the resolution. The problem here is that Terragen 3 (which I used to make the skybox) only allows me to render in resolutions up to 900x900 in the free version. And since the cheapest license costs 200$ I won't buy it just for this mod^^ So, I decided to try my luck with Terragen Classic (which I'm pretty sure is what Bioware and Obsidian originally used for their skyboxes) but it has the same limitations and the registration to remove the limitation is no longer possible. So, this mod is pretty much dead before it even started unless and that's where I need your help, someone here has access to a full legal version of Terragen and would be willing to render quite a lot of pictures for me. Or alternatively if someone knows of a good free tool to create skyboxes I could try it with that one.
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    I agree with you full-heartedly. Adrenas is the only one I find quite believable and it would have been a nice touch of Bioware if the generic Sith student lines included one with some sort of nasty remark about him. Locally I changed Tariga to a female Twi'lek (and of course removed the "You're human, but you speak like a Twi'lek..." line from its .dlg file) and did the same with Hijata which I turned into a Twi'lek after realizing I couldn't really give him an Ithorian appearance and at the same time make him wear a robe (it would have been better but oh well...). The only one I would be glad to change is the Mandalorian Prisoner's VO and I think my efforts will focus on him. I'm sure I can find someone who can pull it off nicely although it's no easy task. Cheers!
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    Which would have played a hell of a lot better if they had a different fake language rather than the overused Twi'lek Huttese again. TOR might have something that could be used as a substitute perhaps.
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    I thought Adrenas' excuse was an interesting one. I never considered the possibility that a human/near-human species would have grown up in a region speaking something other than Galactic Basic. I wish this was expanded on since he says he can speak Galactic Basic, just with a thick accent. It's understandable that he doesn't since he'd be made fun of, which would be a sign of weakness among the Sith.
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    If the end result is anything like Kaevee, don't bother.
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    And here's the final skybox. Ord Mantell based on InSidious' reskin of the mod and SWTORs depiction of the planet. There are still quite a few skyboxes that need to be rendered in full quality and other minor fixes that need to be applied as I go through them so don't get too excited quite yet but it's getting there. And here's a not very impressive screenshot of the latest skybox I finished:
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    I read the Dark Empire comic after watching the first six canonical films, and thought it cheapened Anakin's sacrifice. So I did not like that comic at all.
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    Yeah, the Emperor returning in EU was bad, and oh so often hammered home when Disney discarded canon. "Lol, it made Palpatine a clone. So good they discarded it." "Yeah, but that's not all the EU wa..." "PALPATINE SURVIVES. TERRIBLE. EU BAD." Some years later "Hey, look, Palpy's back!"
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    Finally back to working on this. I lost everything so I'm starting from scratch, so give it some time. 😉