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    Hey, So... I don't know if this feature already exists and I'm just too dumb to find it, but I was wondering if there might ever be a download history feature? A way for us to browse through all the mods we've downloaded over the time here on DeadlyStream with little signifiers to let us know if a file has been updated. Similar to how Nexus' does. Just a question of convenience and curiosity. Love the site as is, just offering an opinion.
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    // single line comment /* multiple lines with comments */ So you'll want to remove /* and */ to enable the code between them.
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    Is there an update coming soon or is it fine to play the mod as it is now?
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    Sounds like you're referring to "Unseen, Unheard" - which was written by Chris Avellone. Here it is.
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    I'm still alive: Not very impressive, I know but at least it's something^^ The models for Malachor are done as is the terrain pretty much. The clouds are still the same placeholders as before but with a different sun position which makes them look even worse. Next up is finishing the sky and then tune the terrain color. But I like where this is going already.