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    Just out of the oven, freshly baked.
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    Welp it's been a little over a year since I created this thread. Since then I built the LucasForums Archive Project to aid in my KotOR research. I thought I would share it here in case anyone is interested. It isn't anywhere near complete, but there is quite a lot included already. I may attempt to add more at some point in the future.
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    So the trophy heads in Davik's estate on Taris. They are pretty dire, and I always mused about replacing them at some point. This is the vanilla room: The heads themselves are just stuck directly on the wall, with no obvious mounting/backing board like you normally see with hunting trophies. In addition, I never understood why they put the weird arch things in there, blocking the view. It's the only room that does that. So I had a look through what TOR had to offer. I couldn't replicate it 100%, since the vanilla heads are Rancor, Dewback, Wraid, Tuk'ata, Ronto, Kataarn, and Iriaz, but TOR doesn't have the last three species. Here's what I came up with: I got rid of the arches and plugged the gaps in the sides with some new lights, while moving the overhead lights up to the ceiling. The substitute heads are a Reek, a Nexu, and a Tauntaun. And since I know a lot of people don't like the TOR stuff, I also made a version that replaces the original heads with the ones from the regular vanilla creature models. Still low poly and terrible textures, but slightly less garbage than the originals. But they do at least match the same species types: The heads now match their actual creature size in the game (at least the vanilla species). The original versions were scaled down, the Rancor especially being comically small compared to the description Calo gives of bringing it down (big enough that he was able to perch on its shoulders). Although it is now so big (the size of the one you see in the sewers) that it can't actually fit on the back wall, so I had to come up with some struts to mount it out in free air. The wall lightmaps might need to be cleaned up, and I'm also not really feeling the mounting/backing boards. It just a chamfered cylinder with a procedural wood texture, since I wanted to keep it simple. I'm not sure what I should do about it. A different material/texture? Maybe more of a shield-type shape?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod replaces the 2D billboard holograms used in the Twisted Rancor Trio puzzle in the Taris Lower City Apartments with full 3D holograms, coloured blue like in the movies (and TSL). Also fixes some missing sound effects that were intended to play when activating each hologram. You may also be interested in my Movie-Style Rakatan Holograms and Movie-Style Holograms for Endgame Cutscenes mods. Changes: Replaces Bith 2D sprite with four separate animated 3D Bith models, each with a different instrument Replaces singer 2D sprite with animated 3D model (two different anims) with semi-custom texture to look like the original Adds emitter VFX Only switch emitter light on when activated instead of always on Repairs broken activation sound effects Known Issues: Because meshes do not self-occlude, there are some artefacts when viewing from certain angles. Requires a save before entering the Taris Lower City Apartments (East) for the first time due to GIT changes. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit Thanks to @ndix UR for TGA2TPC Thanks to @CarthOnasty for the original idea, which I shamelessly stole (I did wait 2 years though)
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    I did just that. Tweaked th column some more. It's only that one particular direction where I have a lot of smoke and that's the direction of the Industrial Zone. As you can see in the video below, there's much less smoke in the other directions and I might even reduce it further for the other modules.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PFHA02, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PFHA02 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    I just cannot stop myself from tweaking stuff. So while preparing skyboxes for and doing the final renders, I reworked K1 Korribans colors. Not because the old ones were bad but they strayed quite a bit from vanilla, making a seamless blend much harder. So I tuned them closer to vanilla and thus got a way better blend and overall look. Here's what it looks like now (final high quality renders and correct colors): And the old version with low quality test renders:
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    I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the Mod Authors that have let me include their Mods in the Expanded Galaxy Project. While continuuing to work on the Port and the main Project I will continue looking for decent mods / fixes for the second game to include. Also still looking for testers, suggestions and modders to get involved with the project, if you would like your mod included or would like to get involved then please message me on here or on Discord.
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    I just checked footstepsounds.2da, and 0 is listed as "Soft", whereas 2 is listed as "Droid". So, hopefully this confirms what Jc2 is saying; just change the "footstepsound" column of the N_mandalorian section from a "2" to "0" in Appearance.2da with the Kotortool, and that should fix it. (Unsure about the "Soundapptype", as that's a bit outside of my personal knowledge base) One thing I'd like to note is that the Kotortool has an idiosyncrasy where it won't save your changes to a column unless you click onto another one before saving. It's a bit complicated, but I'd be willing to help if need be.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PFHC05, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PFHC05 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    It was time to get a larger hard drive to have all of the raw footage for the EP documentary. Hopefully, this should be enough.
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    Hello everyone! Over the last little bit we've been requesting permission from all of the authors whose content is in the K1CP to host binaries on GitHub. Well, we've finally got permission from the last few people, so be on the lookout soon for releases to be downloadable from https://github.com/KOTORCommunityPatches/K1_Community_Patch We'll continue to also keep the release here on DeadlyStream up-to-date, but now you'll be able to get alpha and beta builds from GitHub to help us test, or to get your hands on the latest fixes. Enjoy!
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    I'm guessing its an appearance.2da edit, as both N_mandalorian02 and 03 both have footsteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6 which is identical to the HK-47 foosteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6. Perhaps change those two numbers to either what the PC normally has which if you check the P_mal_XXX anything you'll notice its listed as 0 and 0, or change it to any human NPC numbers. Since I haven't made this edit myself ever, I'm not 100% sure about it.
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    Obi-Wan's hilt from ANH. The true prototype hardware saber, cobbled together from random assorted crap. The balance pipe from a Rolls Royce jet engine for the emitter, a WWI rifle grenade for the upper body, a Graflex flashgun clamp with Texas Instruments calculator bubbles and a booster from a Browning machine gun for the middle/lower, plus an Armitage Shanks sink tap/faucet knob for the pommel. It's truly remarkable how well the individual pieces fit together given their diverse origins. K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Obi-Wan's_ANH_Lightsaber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Obi-Wan's_ANH_Lightsaber.7z
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    @La Ingobernable It worked! Thanks! The fruits of my labor
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    @jc2 OH JESUS OH GOD @La Ingobernable I'm afraid I'm stuck on how to save my changes to appearance.2da. I can save it as a new appearance.2da file, but I can't seem to overwrite the existing one.
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    Ugh, now you've got me on a saber kick. Here's a new one - Luke's "V2" saber from ROTJ. This is more or less the actual hero, since this is the one used for hanging off his belt and any non-stunt/combat shots. It's actually one of Obi-Wan's stunt sabers from ANH (notably in the scene where Vader gives him the chop), hastily pressed into service after they started filming with an ESB Graflex before realising that Luke was supposed to have lost that on Bespin... It's notable for being ratty as hell, covered in gunk and worn and flaking paint, with gaffer tape around the neck to stop the emitter from rotating and holes in the pommel/booster area plugged up with some random bits. A few other Obi stunts were also used, one of which, the short-bladed "Yuma" hilt used during the sail barge fight (where Luke gets shot in the hand), was later cleaned up, repainted, and given a custom control box to become what most people know as the hero for reshoots. It's only seen in a single shot, the insert shot of Vader twisting it in his hands on Endor. It was also used in the cut cave construction scene, which was later made available on the Bluray release. K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Luke_ROTJ_V2_Belt_Hanger.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Luke_ROTJ_V2_Belt_Hanger.7z Doesn't look so flash in-game, since you can't really resolve a noisy texture like that from a distance, but eh.
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    Five years since the release of my first film: Return of the Exile. Please enjoy this nightmarish grin from Zekk.
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    I noticed I had a half-finished Vader ANH hilt from a few years back. I think I probably used that as the basis of the Anakin AOTC hilt, but then never got around to finishing it. So I put together a texture for it. Available as a unique and vanilla red hilt replacement. I think oldflash already has a Vader hilt in his movie hilts pack, but from memory it was the ROTJ version which I dislike (it was a Graflex bastardised to look kind of like an MPP). K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Darth_Vader_ANH_Saber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Darth_Vader_ANH_Saber.7z And since I mentioned it and I don't recall whether it was posted publicly or not, the said Anakin AOTC hilt: K1 - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Anakin_AOTC_Saber.7z TSL - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Anakin_AOTC_Saber.7z
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    Version 0.8.5


    This is the 0.8.2 Full Install / Demo Release of the Expanded Galaxy project. ( I will continue to patch this version from here on out ) 0.8.2 brings a lot of updates since 0.5.0 check the patch notes for full details. The player now has the choice to manually travel to Malachor V now, there are also a lot of small fixes and updates to levels from the main game. There are five new HK-50 encounters that offer the chance to get a HK part or scan for the HK factories location, there is the mystery box quest available from the swoop registration office on tatooine, there is a smuggling quest and an encounter with a gang on Sleheyron as well as merchants that will offer different items depending on how many Jedi the Exile has found. This also includes the upgradeable swoop bike mod by bead-v, the extended jedi council meeting by kexikus, the extended carth meeting by danil-ch, m4-78 fog fixes by timurd2003, sideways malachor v doors by varsitypuppet and a few others all noted in the readme. ( I sought out and received permission to include these modes ) - I am also looking for others mods to include so if you are a modder or know of a mod you think should be included let me know and I will consider it and contact the author to request permission to include their mod. I am looking for suggestions for things to alter throughout the course of the main game so feel free to comment and let me know if you have any ideas or have found bugs in the main game. Also looking for people to get involved with the project so if you are interested contact me through DeadlyStream, Discord or on ModDB. The ReadMe File is included below Expanded Galaxy Project v0.8.2 Yavin Demo Release for KotOR II : The Sith Lords by Thor110 <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> This Mod is also intended for use in conjunction with the following three mods. ( TSLRCM, M478EP and the Jedi Temple / Coruscant mod ) the following is an overview of the steps I followed to install this project and optional steps I have tested. 0. 1.0B Patch "sw_pc_english_from200424_to210427.exe" 1. Aspyr Patched Files ( Optional ) 2. The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification v1.8.5 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/578-tsl-restored-content-mod/ 3. M478 Enhancement Project v1.5.1 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/277-m4-78-enhancement-project/ 4. TSL Jedi Temple https://deadlystream.com/files/file/585-coruscant-jedi-temple-by-deathdisco/ 5. HQ Cutscenes & Music ( Optional ) 6. Expanded Galaxy Demo 0.8.2 <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> This is the order I installed them in for everything to work correctly. Install to the SWKotOR2 directory ( C:/Program Files (x86)/LucasArts/SWKotOR2/ ) <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Credit to everybody that helped me along the way or contributed. bead-v - Upgradeable Swoop Bike Mod Ashton Scorpius - Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map (No Longer Included) - Ebon Hawk Map Unlocks On Enter Instead Darth Insidious - advice DarthParametric - advice DarthRevan101 - advice Darth_Sapiens - Animated Logo ( TSLRCM / M478EP ) - I will update this to say the correct version numbers JC - advice JCarter426 - K2 Loadscreen Template - SithCodec Stoney - Sleheyron Demo / Maps ebmar - advice InSidious - advice deathdisco - Coruscant / Jedi Temple Mod ( Not Included but recommended ) TimurD2003 - M4-78 Fog Fixes Kexikus - Updated Coruscant Texture & Planet Icon - Extended Jedi Council Meeting VarsityPuppet - Malachor V Sideways opening doors. danil-ch - Extended Carth Meeting a big thanks to the creators of so many great tools for kotor modding that have made this project possible. and many more. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Due to the way I have structured the mod there are a lot of worlds to work with and over all a whole lot of levels, so I am looking for people to get involved if anybody is interested and wants to work on a story for a world. New Areas in the game Kashyyyk Coruscant Tatooine Manaan Yavin Lehon Sleheyron Extra Planet Slot - Yavin Duplicate There is also a new set of each planets levels for the end game free roam which are contained in their own modules, these areas are as follows and will also need new storylines. Telos Nar Shaddaa Dxun Dantooine Korriban M4-78 Kashyyyk Coruscant Tatooine Manaan Yavin Lehon Sleheyron Extra Planet Slot Has been used to put Peragus back onto the Galaxy Map. A total of 14 worlds, not including Malachor V and Onderon. If anybody is interested contact me on DeadlyStream or Discord and let me know what you had in mind. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Please do not redistribute or release without my permission. Thank You Thor110
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PFHA01, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PFHA01 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Thanks for the reply guys. Upon checking the skybox again after a good night of sleep I agree with you. The static smoke doesn't work. However, I found a way to get animated smoke instead: Particles Below you can see a video demonstration with the vanilla particle smoke in the foreground and both the old static smoke on the skybox in the background and the new animated background smoke. I'll tweak the particle settings some more and remove the static smoke of course but I think this is already going in a very nice direction. You can also see the changed fog color that blends much better with the skybox now (Look for that round building in the middle of the screen and compare it to the screenshot in my last post.)
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    Not sure what happened there. I thought I fixed it last time. Maybe the eyelids got accidentally reverted in the second version that adjusted the eyeball UVs. Try this version: K1_PFHB03_Fixed_(Again).7z I also smoothed out some of the bumps in her head (as much as was possible anyway, given the low poly count), since it looked like someone had taken a hammer to her. Presumably @Dark Hope will be interested in the update as well.
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    Hey everyone, As per usual, I've failed to keep this blog updated. Truth be told, I don't have much enthusiasm for it as it doesn't seem to garner much traction and I much prefer to post regular updates over on the "Community" section of my YouTube channel. At any rate, Echoes of the Past is done, and will be premiering live on YouTube this Saturday (20th June) at 10pm BST/5pm EST/2pm PT/4pm CT/3pm MT. You can watch the livestream here if you are interested, I hope to see some of you there! I also now have a Discord server for my films, @Sith Holocronand @Mellowtron11 are already members of it so please feel free to join. This may be my last blog post (at least for a while) as I much prefer posting announcements in the server and interacting with people over there. Really excited to see this film go out, I've worked really hard on it and I think (hope?) you'll like it, too. Hope everyone is taking care in the current climate! ~ DV
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    Version 1.0.0


    About This File Re-texture of PFHB01, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PFHB01HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 0.1.1a


    This is a visual dialog editor for KOTOR and TSL. It's currently in alpha, so if you're planning to use it for your mods just be aware that there might be (i.e. will be) bugs. COMPATIBILITY I am unaware of any compatibility issues with the DLGs created by this editor, but that doesn't mean there aren't any because this is an early alpha release. Please let me know if you experience any issues. INSTALLATION STEPS 1. Download the ZIP file, and unzip it into a folder (it doesn't create one on its own - I hate it when zips do that ). 2. Copy your "dialog.tlk" into the folder alongside the file "app.exe" - I included the "dialog.tlk" file for KOTOR (as "kotor.tlk"), and for TSL (as "tsl.tlk"), but if you're using any mods which edit "dialog.tlk" for the game you're working on (e.g. using TSLRCM), you'll need to replace it with your own copy. You can find the "dialog.tlk" file in the same folder as the base executable for your KOTOR/TSL installation. If it's for KOTOR 1, rename the copy of "dialog.tlk" you put into your app folder to "kotor.tlk". If it's for TSL, rename your "dialog.tlk" to "tsl.tlk". Don't change the name of dialog.tlk inside your actual KOTOR/TSL installation, as that will break the game. Only change the name of the version you copied into the KotOR Dialog Editor install directory (alongside "app.exe"). 34 Run "app.exe" UNINSTALLATION Delete all the downloaded files. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS General Usage - Create a new dialog file (for KOTOR 1) by pressing the "New" button, or open an existing DLG file using "Open" - Save dialog files using the "Save" button (there's no auto-save, nor does ctrl-s work - I'll make it work eventually) - Once you open a dialog file, you'll see some panels: - The top-left panel contains the "actions" list, which is a set of actions you can currently take. - The bottom-left panel contains "link" information when you select a response which is linked to the current response. - The top-middle panel contains NPC dialog (entries) - The bottom-middle panel contains player dialog (replies) - The right panel contains metadata for the selected response (strref, text, script, etc.) Some Important Terminology To understand what the actions do, you'll need to know the following terminology (some of which I made up, so please read this even if you're a pro): - Response: A line of dialog, spoken either by an NPC or the player (I sometimes call this a "node" too) - Entry: A line of NPC dialog - Reply: A line of player dialog - Start: A possible entry point for the dialog (always points to an entry, never a reply) - Link: Responses are linked to one another through "links" - Metadata: The general dialog data (things like the script that should run when the dialog ends, etc,.) - Selected response: The response which is highlighted in orange - this is preserved when navigating (until you select something else) - Current response: The response you last navigated into. - Copied response: The response you last selected "Copy Selected Node" on. Actions: The panel in the top-left corner contains a list of actions you can perform to edit your dialog. I'll try to describe the actions as well as I can here, but honestly the best way to learn the software is just to try it out: - Back To Start: Go back to the start of the dialog you're currently in - New Response: Create a new response (either an entry or a reply, depending on context) - Unlink Response: Removes the link between the selected response and the current response - Copy Selected: Sets the selected response as the copied response - Paste Into Start: If you have an entry as your copied response, and have selected a start response, it makes the start response point to the copied response - Paste As Link (Link): Adds a link from the current response to the copied response - Move Selected Up/Down: Moves the selected response up or down (respectively) by one level in the dialog evaluation order (for player dialog, this changes the order of the dialog lines they can choose from; for NPCs, the first line in the evaluation order whose "Active" script is either blank or returns TRUE is selected as the NPC's line) - Step Back/Forward: Move back/forwards in your dialog history (so you can easily go in/out of replies without restarting the dialog) FAQ I did x and it crashed/broke my DLG/set my PC on fire Yeah, this is alpha software and I need some people to test it out. Please let me know what broke the software so I can fix it. I'm clicking responses but nothing's happening You need to select responses for both the player (the bottom screen) and the NPCs they're talking to (the top screen). If this info doesn't fix your problem, let me know so I can look into it. I can navigate through the dialog, but how do I edit things? You left click on dialog lines to navigate through them, or right click on them to "select" them. Once a line is selected, you can edit it in the window to the right, edit the link between it and the current dialog node on the bottom-left panel, or copy it to another node by navigating to that node and pressing "Paste Into Current (Link)". The navigation seems to work, but I can't see the actual dialog text Make sure you have the correct "dialog.tlk" file in the same folder as "app.exe". If this doesn't solve the problem, please let me know so I can look into it. Cool app. Ugly, though... Yeah, I'm working on it, and I'm open to suggestions for making the UI cleaner/better/easier to use. DLGEdit's faster to use/better in some other way This isn't meant to be a replacement for DLGEdit - DLGEdit's power comes from the ease at which you can change an existing DLG into exactly what you want. Although this tool can do that too, it's designed for easily/naturally building DLGs from scratch rather than doing minor edits in existing DLGs, while having to actually run the dialog in KOTOR/TSL as little as possible (to avoid the time it takes to load the games and get to the conversation). FUTURE FEATURES - Flow chart view - Animation selection - More testing, bug fixes, etc. KNOWN ISSUES - If you create a link from node A to node B, and node A already has a link to node B, the dialog editor doesn't know which one you want to select when you right click and does weird things (e.g. always selecting the bottom-most copy, even when you right click on another copy). Will fix this asap. INCLUSION IN OTHER MODS Anyone who wants to use this in their mod is free to do so, with appropriate attribution. CREDITS This mod is created by me (lachjames). Thanks to Thor110 for helping me test it out. Thanks to the Xoreos team for allowing us to include xoreos-tools with this mod. We use the gff2xml and xml2gff tools from xoreos-tools to read and write the DLG files. Xoreos-tools is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3; more information can be found here.
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    K2 Upscaled Maps by tunalex adds a nice polish to the game, especially if you have other graphic mods. Seems worth checking out, I certainly will next playthrough.
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    Well as I was searching through the skinning tutorials and there seemed to be none on how to make a good looking texture with gimp, there was a lot on photoshop but not gimp so I decided to share my knowledge of it with the community. __________ Basics Basics part 1: Selecting an area To make good skins you would need to select a precise area to make it look nice. To do this you click on the drop down menu at the bottom. Usually this has 100% in it as a default. Set this to anything you wish. you should be able to distinctly see the area you wish to select now. Now to select the area you click on this icon and then click on each "bend point" on the area you want. A bend point is wherever the texture bends away from a straight line. Basics part 2: Re-coloring To change the color of a Jedi Robe some beginners use the paintbrush tool. In some cases this might work, but not if you want to make the robes look natural. For a natural look you first select the area you want to change by using the free select tool, if you want to modify the whole texture's color at once you go into "Edit" and then "Select all". Next you go into the "Colors" tab at the top of the page and click on desaturate. Note only do the desaturate step if you want to compleatly change the color, if you don't and you just want a hint of the color in the already existing texture you skip that step. To change the color you go into the "colors" tab again and click on "Color Balance". A menu like this should open. In that menu you drag the bars around till you get the shade you want. This part should be pretty self explanatory as the bars are clearly labeled. If green was your desire, your outcome should be something like this: If you want a more direct color you go into the "color" tab again and go to colorize. This can give you a quick and effective color but might not retain as much detail. Basics part 3- Repair When you select an area and re-color it sometimes you see a tiny bit you wanted that color. To fix this you use the blur function adjust the size to around .15 then zoom in to 800% and take the re-colored pixal section and hold down the blur and "push them" on top of the other area. Advanced This section is for people who know the basic functions of gimp and successfully make a descent re-skin Advanced Part 1- Overlay Overlay is basically changing the way the new layers interact with each other when you paste in another texture. In the "layers, channels, paths" toolbar: There is a dropdown menu here: in there there will be a bunch of options you select and they make the picture somewhat transparent and molds it to the texture. Click on them all till you get the look you want. Note you must have pasted a new layer into it and NOT merged it down. Advanced Part 2- Enhance filter Up in the "filters" toolbar menu there is a section called enhance go into it and select sharpen. Drag the bar in the menu till you get a good look, it really adds to the overall appearance. I will add some more tips when I find them but here they are for now. Enjoy~
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    This modification changes the default Mandalore appearance to that of a canonical Mandalore, complete with tribal facemask and Portrait icon. To install, copy the "Mandalore" folder into the Override folder within the SWKotor2 directory. To uninstall, remove the "Mandalore" folder from Override. Credits: Silveredge9, Quanon, 90SK, VarsityPuppet
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    View File New Force Power: Retribution New Force Power: Retribution By Alvar007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: This mod adds a new Force Power to the game: Retribution. It is based on the ability Anakin has in Battlefront 2 from EA. The Power does not check for any saving throws, and it's accessible at any level with any class. But as a counter to this it will consume most of your force points if you are low level. The Power works for both games, just be sure to select the appropriate directory in each case. Includes: · Custom animations. · Custom sounds. · Custom icon and description. INSTALLATION: Just run the .exe that comes with this download and select the game's installation main folder (NOT override). COMPATIBILITY: Keep in mind this mod changes both the throw and choke animations (making this last one fireforget instead of looping), so it will not be compatible with any mod that changes the supermodels within those animations. BUGS: Sometimes not all the enemies will be affected by the Power if they are behind you or really far but inside the Power radius. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter Alvar007 Submitted 06/14/2020 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
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    The pillar facing changes were already implemented alongside adding the missing lamps.
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    So here is a weird moment for me today. I am currently cutting up a large MP3 file to turn each sentence into separate mono WAV files so they can be animated. I'm also removing dead space and removing hemming and hawing. The contributor's subject is splicing. So I'm splicing a splicer talking about splicing. Is that too meta or what?
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    The problem lies in Angelus6 texture pack. File "C_Gammorean01.tga" is unfinished (comparing to C_Gammorean02.tga and others). Delete it or copy "C_Gammorean_Low" (or other Gammorean texture) and rename it as "C_Gammorean01.tga".
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    Version 1.0.1


    In KOTOR 2, Mira is a companion with hair that falls nothing short of a blocky mop. Whether the style's a relic from the early 2000s or due to graphical limitations at the time, this mod aims to tone down her excessive volume. Now, you can make Mira look just the right amount of edgy. Installation To install this mod, drag the "Override" files to the override folder located in your game's directory. If prompted, select replace, though you may want to back up duplicates beforehand. To uninstall this mod, delete p_mirah.mdl and p_mirah.mdx from your game's override folder. Compatibility & Known Issues There shouldn't be any issues for compatibility with retextures, with other mods, or otherwise with this mod. Credits Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool bead-v, MDLedit & KOTORmax Autodesk, 3ds Max Thanks to DarthParametric for help troubleshooting. Disclaimer This mod is not supported by LucasArts, BioWare, or Obsidian Entertainment. It is for personal usage only and intends no copyright infringement. Contact me on DeadlyStream or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like. If you want to use this mod as a part of an external work, please ask for my permission first. This mod should only be found on Deadly Stream, no other user may upload it to another modding site.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PFHC02, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PFHC02 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    I know it's been quite a while since I made any announcements on this project. 2019 was a very busy year for me. Even so, I was still able to work on the code a bit, and pushed code updates to the GitHub repo every so often. 2020 is still looking to be just as crazy if not more. I'm hoping to be able to post more updates on my progress. I've compiled an alpha build for anyone to test out. It can be downloaded from the release page of the GitHub project here: https://github.com/KobaltBlu/KotOR.js/releases/tag/v0.0.1 Download and unzip the contents somewhere. KotOR-js.exe is the main executable. When you run either game or the toolset for the first time, it will ask you to locate the game directory for the original games first. After that you should be good to go. It is an alpha so expect some things to be broken and or act weird. Compatibility Note: This is a 64bit build. I also believe it only supports win7 and up. I'm always eager to hear any and all feedback! This project continues to be a lot of fun to work on, and it's always forcing me to push the boundaries of what I know about coding and game design. If I can say something of encouragement to the new modders or coders that may be out there browsing these forums. It would be to chase that crazy idea and push yourself to try. When you spend hours and hours writing code or creating a mod, that feeling of seeing your hard work finally bear fruit is amazing. I can't count how many times i've seen modders discouraged from attempting projects because other people think they are biting off more than they can chew. I know that if I would have announced this project when I was just beginning, I fear I would have received similar remarks from some. The thing is that you very well might be over your head, and thats ok! Failure doesn't have to be the end of the road, it can be a stepping stone to better things if you learn something along the way and apply it the next go around. At least that's how I see it 😅. Anyways I apologize for rambling on, I'll sign off for now!
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    Uhm, not to disappoint you but there's actually more smoke in the second version. It might look like less because I recorded the second one from a different location but it's actually four plumes now where it was three before (two of which were still static in the video).
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    ICYMI: Echoes of the Past - out now!
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    I think it's a nice addition there. My only criticism may be to the number of such smoke pillars in the sky. I'd rather see fewer of them and with much more distance between them than it currently is.
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    Hi, I had a look at those files today and from what I saw they looked really great. Hopefully someone will use them in the future to make a bigger Coruscant expansion for either game. However, I was hoping to find the full Jedi temple model shown in the preview image. Unfortunately that one doesn't seem to be included. Is there a way to get this model?
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    Latest blog post, relating to release details for Echoes of the Past is up!
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    It's getting somewhere: The background buildings are partially from the game, partially self modeled after game models and partially from SWTOR. There's still some models and details like smoke from the chimneys missing but the overall look is pretty much what I want already. I'll also add some 2d backdrop buildings to bridge the gap and blend between the ingame terrain and the skybox. Otherwise the difference is just too obvious especially in the Central Zone. Now, I don't know alot about the lore of M4-78 so if this industrial and dirty look is somehow completely wrong, please let me know ASAP and I'll try to design something new. I will make them a little softer but not as much as in your image. I personally prefer them with hard edges and that way they match the ingame godrays better as well.
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    If you first install Jedi Items + 3.0.0, then Duplisaber in that order, it works and you can install anytime during the game (relatively early is best). The dissappearing texture glitch for Lightsabers, thanks to Hassat Hunter for this fix: https://steamcommunity.com/app/208580/discussions/0/496880503073184909/
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    One day, many moons from now, we may get a wiki for that sort of thing.
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    I am not 100% sure I will include the RoR heads with the project yet but I was thinking of both including it as an optional package and releasing it as a separate mod so that people can use the heads and races from RoR in regular K2 but I will see how it goes when I get around to it. In the meantime here are some story and design documents if anyone wishes to take a look, in truth it is a mess at the moment. A lot of different text documents and some images of stuff i've written on paper. It's not very well presented basically, there are also various design images possibly conflicting ideas who knows. I need to take the time to go through it and assess it's worth, I think it's all awful at the moment as I haven't properly gone through it. Story On Paper.7z Design Documents.7z Design Images.7z Below is an updated list of all mods that are included with the Expanded Galaxy Project by Author and then by order of when they were added to the project. Here is a list of the current projects that have wildly spun out of control for KotOR2 1 : K1 Port ( 25% ) 2 : K2 Expanded ( 25% ) 3 : K2 Sequel / Free Roam ( 5% Sequel - 100% Free Roam ) 4 : K1 Expanded ( 25% ) 5 : K1 Port Sequel / Free Roam ( 5% Sequel - 100% Free Roam ) 6 : Port Installer ( 5% ) 7 : A Launcher for both the port and main project to run under one installation and possibly RoR + TJM as well ( 5% ) 8 : Retrofit the NWN engine for level creation ( 0% ) 9 : Xbox Version of everything ( 1% ) These are probably generous estimates of how far along each project is. Some of these projects might not end up happening, but the first 7 are quite integral to both main projects. Thor110
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    .2da files are a very common and important file type in both KotOR games and are also very common to be edited in mods. That's why this tutorial aims to bring you a list with detailed explanations on what they do. Introduction You can find all .2da files in the 2da.bif file, where they can be accessed using KotOR Tool. KotOR Tool also provides a 2da-editor to modify them as you want. Basically, .2da files are 2d arrays or put simply: tables, just like you know them from programs like Excel. The one difference here would be that in a .2da file, each column has a specific and pre-defined (hardcoded) function. Each .2da file collects a set of "objects" that differ in details. Thus every column in the .2da file represents a certain characteristic of such an object while each row represents one specific instance of this type of object. As a simple example, you could have a file called trees.2da that contains information on different types of trees. The columns would then include details like height, age, etc and every row would stand for one tree species with details entered in each entry of this row. This tutorial will consist of two parts: First a (currently incomplete) list of all .2da files used in both games with detailed information on what they do and what each column stands for. The second part will be a list of .2da files that exist in KotOR but that aren't actually used since they're only remnants from Never Winter Nights (an older game by Bioware based on the same engine). This second part is only for reference, so that you know these files are useless. Now, this tutorial is currently far from being complete. There are many .2da files that are still missing and even for those that are already listed there may be missing information or maybe even incorrect information. If you notice a mistake or know things that are still missing, please post them to this thread so that I can add them to improve on this ressource. Thank you very much A big thanks already goes to Fair Strides, who provided most of the information currently listed. Thank you! Used .2da files In this section I will (eventually) list all .2da files used by both KotOR and its sequel TSL. Most of these appear in both games and are identical or have only very minor differences. Those are marked with (K1/TSL) after their names and possible differences will be explained in the proper place. Some .2da files however differ on a bigger scale between the two games or exist only in one of them. Those are then marked by either (K1) or (TSL) depending on which game they are from. Each listed file has a short introduction that describes what these files are used for, followed by a list of their columns with descriptions. If there is no description for a certain column, then that's just because I don't know what it does, while descriptions written in red are unconfirmed and might be wrong. And as a final note: When you open a .2da file in KotOR Tool, you will notice the first column labeled (Row Label). This column exists in every .2da file and labels the rows numerically from 0 upwards. This label can then be used by other .2da files to reference specific lines from this file. But since this column is the same in every .2da file, I won't list it everytime. And here we go: acbonus.2da (K1/TSL) aiscripts.2da (K1/TSL) aliensound.2da (K1/TSL) ambientmusic.2da (K1/TSL) ambientsound.2da (K1/TSL) ammunitiontypes.2da (K1/TSL) animations.2da (K1/TSL) appearance.2da (K1) appearance.2da (TSL) appearancesndset.2da (K1/TSL) baseitems.2da (K1/TSL) bindablekeys.2da (K1/TSL) bodybag.2da (K1/TSL) camerastyle.2da (K1/TSL) chemicalcreate.2da (TSL) classes.2da (K1/TSL) comptypes.2da (K1/TSL) footstepsounds.2da (K1/TSL) globalcat.2da (K1/TSL) heads.2da (K1/TSL) itemcreate.2da & itemcreatemira.2da (TSL) portraits.2da (K1/TSL) regeneration.2da (K1) subrace.2da (K1/TSL) upcrystals.2da (K1/TSL) videoeffects.2da (K1/TSL) Unused .2da files This section will simply list files that are not used by the KotOR games. Many of these only exist in the KotOR 1 files and were removed for TSL. actions.2da areaeffects.2da caarmorclass.2da capart.2da categories.2da catype.2da chargenclothes.2da Changelog