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    Big guns: I had to do an update for my Harbinger Hull Fixes mod. While I was at it, I figured I should probably address something that has always bothered me. So I hacked up the Harbinger's exterior model, made some new gun meshes, and plonked it on top of the bridge. And since the bridge is just a reskin of the Endar Spire's bridge, it will also slot straight into K1. I think I might add some actual mesh frames to the glass as well, give those dirt stains something to actually accumulate around. One drawback is that the guns now almost completely block the docking collar which I added previously. Oh well.
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    Hi All - With all the rumors of a new KoTOR coming out, Deadlystream is in great need of a new theme for Deadlystream and a new Logo/Banner. What I am looking for is someone to do what is outlined below, this would be a paid project and anyone who can show some previous work is free to apply. I am particularly hoping someone from the community would like to do this work, as I believe someone with a passion for KoTOR and Star Wars would be better suited for this. This could all be done by one person or if you would prefer to do just the theme or just the logo that works too. Theme - Build a wireframe and/or a psd of a new theme for Deadlystream Design new icons for Deadlystream forums New design for the Forum section of Deadlystream New design for a News Section of Deadlystream New design for the download section of Deadlystream New design for the Gallery Section of Deadlystream Logo and Banner - New Logo that includes Deadlystream in the name New Banner that is Star Wars / KoTOR theme'd Logo can be layered over banner, and will be used at the header of Deadlystream Please reach out to me via PM if you are interested. Thank You, Tyvokka
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    Greetings, I'd like to share with you the project I've been working on since summer 2020. Some of you may already have heard of it, as the development was public from the beginning. reone is an open source reimplementation of the KotOR engine, similar to xoreos and KotOR.js, but with a number of key differences. It is developed with extensibility in mind, meaning that modding capabilities it aims to provide are on a whole other level compared to the vanilla engine. For example, the graphics have already been significantly improved with the addition of physically based rendering. Current state of the project is such that the most fundamental engine subsystems are either complete or at least partially implemented, i.e. resource management, rendering, audio, GUI, scripting, conversations, combat and more. Given the current pace of development, I intend to finish the project by the end of 2021. My short term goal is to make the first Endar Spire module fully completable - a milestone, that will hoperfully bring more attention to the engine. Technologically, reone is a custom engine based on SDL 2 and OpenGL 3.3, written in C++14. This alone makes it highly portable - reone is believed to be working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Some background on myself: I'm a professional software developer from Russia and a prior contibutor to the xoreos project, responsible for most of its recent progress on KotOR. Links: GitHub Page Project Roadmap YouTube Channel
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    For the first time in over half a decade, the original "Canderis" account has been returned to me! Add me on Old School Runescape if any y'all play haha
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PMHC02, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PMHC02 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PMHB01, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PMHB01 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you guys know we are hard at work on the mod. I have a tutorial video on the KLE ( kotor level editor ) , where I show you how I'm placing in npcs, the dlg and the animation. In the beginning of the video you will see the Hutt Lounge on Nar shaddaa fully populated and animated. The tutorial is for you guys to see the inner workings of building a mod like this. I hope the video is helpful for other modders, giving them a work flow using the KLE in their projects. Second tutorial video is on setting up a combat level using KLE and Fair Strides's NPC Auto-Leveller 1.0. Logan23
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    [Update: 02/18/2021/AM] Progress made with the bar/drinking lounge. I have added a signage to the counter, as well a touch of comfortness by adding a nice-gritty[?] carpet. The table trims also have been reshaped, and few other stuffs mainly to make this place more compelling, lol -- I'm looking to work on this project pixel-by-pixel on a daily basis. Trying to get my memory back with some stuffs I used to know at the very least, 'cause not modding for months makes me forgot more than what I've learned, lol. Catch you later!
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    I'm going to give using the Kotor Level Editor (KLE) by Lachjames a try for a Korriban Academy mod.
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    This is basically a reskin of Javyar's Cantina, where we'll find bullet marks, stain, and broken panels on wall and the floor -- as oppose to the Upper City one that looks more preserved. Though many of its geometry, lighting etc. has been changed. More details below! Much thanks! ____________________________________________ Long-story-short, Iater last year I was in a discussion with @DarthParametric on DS' Discord about creating new module -- an entertainment promenade in K1 to be exact, which players could spend their time doing mini-games, battling characters, monster hunting, enjoying cool tunes and many more [that you'll decide! Why? Will find out about it soon!]. Out of agreement [LOL] I chose Javyar's Cantina as template and go ahead on working on the basis -- some basic modeling, reskin, and to follow -- populating the area with NPCs as well their fancy things. To make it shorter -- we had agreed and envisioned this to be a modders' resource in the long run, but my plan is to lay the foundations first -- a fully functional module that later can be easily integrate with modders' customized version of it [this where you decide what you want to do!]. So the end product will be a playable module and an empty module with resources. As it stands now the area has been finished about ~80% [that I'm quite happy of]. The only room that haven't fully worked on is the bar/drinking lounge. Here's some screenshots and details of each rooms -- Entrance Pazaak Lounge Central Hub Swoop Lounge Bar/Drinking Lounge Dancer Lounge I guess that's all for now. And if anyone have questions and/or feedbacks feel free to drop one. Cheers! P.S. this one by far is the most complex mod I've ever attempted [and without DarthParametric's help it wouldn't be at this point, really], and to add to that -- I haven't mod in about 4 months or so, so -- this one might take a while, hahah. 🤪
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    Heh. One of the most satisfying things I've ever seen in this game. Oooohh, that glow!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I am publishing the work of a Russian colleague. Icons for kotor 2. Great job. Perhaps I couldn't have done better. All permissions received. Enjoy. By TFT To Install 1. Download: TSL Icons for modifications of lightsabers By TFT 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Reoccurring question: Girlfriend: "Are you doing nerdy stuff again?" Me: "Yes, of course."
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    Did you just report yourself for spam? I think that's a first.
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    Life has been crazy, and I've seen things I never thought would happen in my country. But, coding never stops. Time for an overdue update! An earlier update outlined the structure of a subroutine: return_type subA(Argument_1, Argument_2...) { //Part 1 - The code that does stuff //Part 2 - Values returned //Part 3 - Destruction of local variables //Part 4 - Destruction of arguments } Part 2 returns values from a subroutine using the CPDOWNSP opcode. Parts 3 and 4 destroy local variables and arguments using the MOVSP opcode. These opcodes can appear in any part of a subroutine. So, how do we know if we're returning a value, and destroying variables and/or arguments? We analyze part 1 to determine what, if anything, is on the stack. Computers execute operations in sequence unless directed otherwise. In high-level languages like NWScript, control statements alter the sequence. An if statement conditionally executes code. If the test condition fails, this code is jumped over. So, what does an if statement look like in the compiled NCS? 102 CPTOPSP -3 1 110 CONSTI 0 116 EQUALxx 118 JZ 170 124 CPTOPSP -1 1 132 CPTOPSP -3 1 140 CONSTO object 146 JSR 298 152 MOVSP -3 158 JMP 296 164 JMP 170 In the example, the opcode at offset 102 of the NCS file copies the value of a variable to the top of the stack. Offset 110 places the value 0 onto the stack. Offset 116 performs a test of equality of the two values, removes them from the stack, then places the result of the test onto the stack. Offset 118 performs a conditional jump based on the result, removing the result in the process. Offsets 124-164 are the body of the if statement, which consists of a call to a subroutine followed by a return statement: if ( nKillMode == 0 ) { DamagingExplosion(OBJECT_SELF, nDelay, nDamage); return; } So many ops, so few statements. That's why we write in high-level languages instead of assembly, because the compiler allows us to focus on what the program should do rather than creating the proper sequence of opcodes to keep the program from breaking. Notice in the body of the if statement there is a MOVSP. That is the destruction of local variables, part 3. There is no part 2, because the subroutine returns void (nothing). But, how do we know the MOVSP is part 3 and not part 4? And why are there two unconditional jumps??? The challenge of writing a reverse compiler is knowing the rules used to compile. I've spent the past six months observing, analyzing, and documenting those rules. For example, all control statements other than the switch statement are created using the jump-if-zero (JZ) opcode. (Switch statements are created using the jump-if-not-zero [JNZ] opcode.) However, the existence of a JZ opcode does not mean you've encountered a control statement! JZ is used to create the following: Logical AND Logical OR if statements else if statements while statements for statements do-while statements (I finally found one!!!) This means we need to some way of determining what the range of addresses created by the JZ opcode is. In the example above, the range created by the if statement is [124, 170). In this range notation a bracket "[" means the offset is included in the range, and a parenthesis ")" means the offset is outside of the range. The 170 is obvious because it's specified by the JZ opcode; if nKillMode == 0 returns false we jump to 170 and resume execution from there. Where does the 124 come from? Remember what was stated above: "computers execute operations in sequence unless directed otherwise." A JZ opcode is 6 bytes in length and the JZ is at offset 118, so 118 + 6 means the next op in the sequence is at offset 124. If nKillMode == 0 returns true we enter the body of the if statement at offset 124. Offset 124 is the first address in the range, offset 170 is the first address outside of the range. All control statements are ranges, but not all ranges are control statements. The NCS file is itself a range: [0, file size). Subroutines are ranges. However, our focus is on the ranges created by JZ. How do we determine what they are? The unconditional jump, JMP. Notice the example ends with two JMPs. This caused me lots of stress because I didn't know why they were there. I'm now convinced this is one of the rules of compiling NCS files: control statements end with a JMP. The if statement is easily identified as such because the second JMP goes to the same offset as the JZ. The true block of an if-else statement ends in a JMP to an offset greater than that of the JZ. The if and else-if statements all end in JMPs to the same offset. Loops all end in JMPs to an offset less than the offset of the JZ. Logical AND and Logical Or are not control statements, so they do not end in a JMP. Our example has two JMPs. Why? Most likely the original compiler was dumb. The NWScript return statement is translated into a JMP to the end of the subroutine, offset 296. The opcode at this offset is RETN, the last opcode in a subroutine. Anytime you see a return in NWScript that isn't the last statement in the subroutine, you know it will be implemented as a JMP: if ( nKillMode == 0 ) { return; } if ( nKillMode == 1 ) { return; } if ( nKillMode == 2 ) { return; } is 118 JZ 170 158 JMP 296 164 JMP 170 186 JZ 230 218 JMP 296 224 JMP 230 246 JZ 290 278 JMP 296 284 JMP 290 296 RETN The original compiler just stuck the body of the if statement in between the JZ and JMP. A modern compiler would have removed the second JMP since it's unreachable code. OK, this is great and all. But what about the reverse compiler? Well, now that I have the rules down I'm close to the finish line. The reverse compiler accurately finds ranges and determines what types they are. The output looks like this: This is definitely a K2 file Subroutine 13, 21 13, 21 //Subroutine Subroutine 21, 298 21, 298 //Subroutine 124, 170 //if 192, 230 //if 252, 290 //if Subroutine 298, 1345 298, 1345 //Subroutine 320, 396 //if 704, 722 //logical AND or OR 728, 1216 //loop 787, 805 //logical AND or OR 811, 1135 //if 914, 970 //if-else 1017, 1043 //if-else Subroutine 1345, 1601 1345, 1601 //Subroutine 1459, 1553 //if 1511, 1547 //if Subroutine 1601, 1637 1601, 1637 //Subroutine Subroutine 1637, 1813 1637, 1813 //Subroutine 1659, 1727 //if There's more to be done, particularly for loops because they support the break and continue statements (also implemented with JMP). But, hard part seems to be behind me. Should have an update in two weeks.
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    I keep a tab on performance and try to use modern OpenGL functions and optimization techniques whenever it makes sense. As it stands now, reone pushes hundreds of FPS in a typical module on my machine, noticeably more than I have using the vanilla engine. And yet, there are still ample optimization opportunities I can think of. You can expect reone to outperform vanilla, if only due to advancements in OpenGL. Grass is currently not implemented at all, but I see no reason, why you wouldn't be able to increase the grass distance or crank any other graphical setting up.
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    Since reone already uses multi-pass rendering, there's nothing stopping you from writing a post-processing shader. That's how self-illumination currently works, for example.
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    So final update for today. The port to Kotor is finished including the three new saber colors from TSL. So when ever I get the permission from @Sithspecter I am ready to push boh versions out there. And something you might be interested in: Kotor features now black core sabers.
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    Yeah, good point. And thanks! Also more stuff:
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    Version 0.9.0


    INTRODUCTION Working in another MOD i realized the little attention paid at small and most of times unnoticed things that I think could have a bit more life in the KotOR universe. So simple as improve lights and buttons of panels and such and animate them. The pack is not complete yet and do not cover all the things you can find along KotOR. I've worked just on some of the Placeables I'm using in my new Module. That means that in the future I could make bigger the pack adding new elements or new improvements. ------------------------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT THIS MOD If we think in any current estandar graphics anyone can think that the new aspect could be extracted from "Doom" (the First, not the Second ) but keeping in mind that the work is made with the Paint app of the WinXP and if we compare it with the originals ones... well, it's not so bad. ------------------------------------------------------- The elements included are the Computer Panel (on floor) with four versions, BLUE, ORANGE/BROWN, GREEN and RED (sadly only can be used one at the time), the Computer Panel (wall), one Desk, the Workbench (the orange one, not yet the blue), the Foot locker and the locker (the Locker and Foot Locker are not animated). The Wall Computer Panel shares its texture with the Power Conduits and with the Info Panels. That's why I haven't modified it too much for not find weird lights or weird buttons in weird places of the three Placeables, but now you have three animated elements for the price of one. As I'm working on the Endar Spire I've included as well my animated sign of the Broken Doors. ------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION Unzip the downloaded file. Each element has its own folder. Just copy/paste (or drag and drop) the files from the desired folder(s)/element(s) to your 'KotOR\Override' folder. The files of the "After and Before" folders are not needed, they're only for to show the results. UNINSTALL Simply remove the files from your Override folder. ------------------------------------------------------- BUGS If you are able to find one I invite the next round. It's just a change in the textures. I've run and re run all the Endar Spire and the Taris Appartment lots of times with these files and found nothing, even the ones that are involved in the Plot as the Footlocker at the start of Kotor, the Computer Panel that permit kill Siths in the next room or the Workbench in the Taris Appartment. The only one thing I think that could occur is that you find any of these textures in other Placeables/Locations that I haven't noticed by the time and share the same texture files (I've seen that in other MODs). If the result is "fine", nothing, go ahead (although I'd appreciate a warning via post or PM). If the result is weird or bad is obliged the warning so I can correct it asap. ------------------------------------------------------ PERMISSIONS It's expressly forbidden upload this MOD or any part at anywhere. If I want to see it over there I can upload it myself. If anyone could be interested in include it or part of it in his/her own work, PM me here at Deadly Stream and talk about. ------------------------------------------------------ THANKS To Deadly Stream ------------------------------------------------------ LEGAL This MOD is provided as-is and is not supported by Bioware, Obsidian, Lucas Arts or Disney. Use this file at your own risk. Neither the author nor the companies mentioned above are responsible for any damage caused to your computer for the usage of this file. ------------------------------------------------------- FINAL NOTE Made with love and funny to do it. Enjoy it!!
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    Here's a new shot of the geometry, textured up. I've got the Rakatan symbol on the base. Too on the nose?
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    Wow, @ebmar this looks like a very neat project! I am excited to see how it develops. My feedback is that the area in general is a bit too dark, especially in the corners and within the center circle between the tables and the outer walls.
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    So in case anyone was wondering, I AM working on a new SLM. SLM 2020 Been working with and learning from Crazy34 on these new blade models with ambient lighting or glow. Which means new blade cores and planes that look spectacular, that sit gloriously atop my SLM and Default Replacement hilt models. Already replaced some hilt models in SLM and would like to get GMax again to be able to model brand new hilts that don't have all those damn vertical vader grips. In fact I plan to remove a lot of those. In addition I've already expanded the workbench dialog to be able to break down or "disassemble" every single type of lightsaber in the game so you can get the crystals back out of the lightsaber and build whatever hilt you want from SLM. Oh, it'll be awhile...I only just was able to get the single saber portion of the default hilts done with the new blades.... More to come. -KJ
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod makes it so that Bao-Dur actually uses his arm and the associated animations shown in the cutscene that introduces his ability in order to open force field doors in the Military Base on Telos. For now that is the only place it works until I remember or rediscover any forcefields elsewhere in the game that he has the ability to open. Thor110
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    Well that's entirely down to the walkmeshes. If you are trying to cobble together existing room models in a completely original manner then you are going to need custom walkmeshes. Typically, but not always, each room will have its own walkmesh. Points where you need to cross from one walkmesh to an adjoining one in the next room are defined in the walkmeshes themselves, by which edge/s link to which other rooms. If you looked at the AABB node in the ASCII model of a room, you'd see something like: roomlinks 4 186 8 255 3 298 6 301 6 Here there are three adjoining rooms, 3, 6, and 8 (determined by the LYT hierarchy). Room 6 has two edges for its link because of the nature of the room's triangulation. If your LYT points to vanilla room models then their walkmeshes will be linked corresponding to their original LYT positions. The only solution is loading up the entire LYT of your level and reassigning the room links. As far as I know, currently this can only be done in KOTORMax (so Max/GMax required). I don't believe the equivalent functionality has been implemented in KOTORBlender yet. Note that this will mean you will have to change all the model names to custom ones, if you haven't already.
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    I am so looking forward to when the other male heads are downloadable. You do such Amazing work. Love it!
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    There are a lot of parts involved, but this is perfectly reasonable first as a first attempt at modding if you are prepared to learn. The basic steps are: Create the merchant NPC (UTC file) Create the store inventory (UTM file) Add the merchant and store to the the game Create a dialogue (DLG file) so you can talk to the merchant and attach this to the Conversation field on the merchant Write a script to open the store and attach this to a node in the dialogue file Here are the essential tools required for the job: KOTOR Tool to extract files K-GFF to edit the merchant's UTC file, store inventory UTM file, and UTI files for any new items you might want to create DLGEditor to edit the merchant's dialogue NWNNSSComp to compile scripts TSLPatcher and ERFEdit for compatibility if you intend to release the mod You can find a rundown of the most common modding tools here. There is also an archived tutorial from LucasForums on how to create a merchant here. A couple more notes: For my Jedi Tailor mod, I added a trigger (UTT file) to the dynamic area information (GIT file) that spawned the merchant and all other related objects. I felt that this had the smallest footprint and would therefore be best for compatibility. I also added a few invisible placeable objects to keep track of local variables relating to the tailor's dialogue. KOTOR 1 typically uses global variables for this, and I feel this should be avoided unless strictly necessary, again for compatibility. KOTOR 2 has more local variables available, so the merchant could handle them all alone.
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    Just wanted to chime in here. I left Ausanan a PM letting them know it's me. In the original mod I had given Effix credit for importing the models, but neglected to do it this time. I will update the Steam description, but just letting everyone know that "Blimp Ninja" is me lol.
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    OMG. Yes and thank you so much. It's amazing. The male heads in this game were terrible but you have brought it to life. Thank you so much for all your beautiful mods. I hope you are staying safe in life and doing well.
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    I asked "Did you make sure you have freed Atton, Kreia, Bao-Dur and T3M4 before leaving the Telos academy? Did you fight the Handmaiden sisters before leaving the academy?" because you reported that your issue happened you were leaving the Telos Academy. The point of my question was to ask did you did those things in the Telos Academy when you have my mod installed. I wasn't asking if you already installed my mod when you went to the Telos Academy. The mod description and ReadMe file of my mod have already stated VERY clearly that I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST using the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM if you want to use this mod. Instead, I will suggest you use the installer (.exe) version of TSLRCM. Since you linked to the Nexus Mods page of my mod, I also emphasized that I DO NOT recommend the Steam Workshop in a sticky post in the comments section. I will not be surprised if your issue was caused by you using the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM. I put that warning against using the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM for a reason. Maybe you should consider the possibility that your issue with a mod happened because you didn't even follow the mod author's instructions in the first place, and you should try fixing your issue by actually following the author's instructions in Read Me files and mod descriptions. I suggest you read this on why Steam Workshop is NOT recommended for modding KotOR 2, which I also linked in a sticky post of the comments section of my mod page on Nexus Mods: I suggest you get rid of the Steam Workshop version of TSLRCM entirely - not just unsubscribe, but also delete TSLRCM's Steam Workshop folder in your computer. Download TSLRCM from Deadly Stream and install this version instead: And then try installing my mod and/or PartySwap instead of trying to use KSE to get Handmaiden as a female Exile. PLEASE read the mod author's instructions in Read Me files and mod descriptions before installing and using a mod.
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    The Phantom Bug Attack of the Cases Revenge of the Switch
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    How's this? PMHC06-Dark Brown Hair.zip
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    Version 1.0


    Movie-style Jedi Master Robes and Kreia Visible Body Models Compatibility Patch by ajdrenter Just drop the two files in your override and you are good to go! Credit to DeadMan and DarthParametric for original mods.
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    I estimate that mod placed a file named (or named similar) "HK-50.utc" or something, a file like that is used extensively during the game and if it is inside the override it'd break every NPC with the tag "HK-50" for example. What is sadder, yet beneficial for you, is that the restored items are restored in TSLRCM and M4-78EP.
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    In the Kotor Tool options menu there’s a setting for ‘look in game’s override folder for 2da files’. Tick that so that the tool can read your custom classes.2da and you’ll be able to give Zaalbar your new class. The big limitations with adding classes is that new classes can’t have force points, and new classes can’t be picked at character creation. Giving custom classes to non-force-using party members is basically the ideal use case, it works just fine.
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    I promised an update in two weeks... How about two days? The approach of using ranges has borne fruit. Consider the following code: int subroutine(int I, float F, vector V) { int i = 1; while(true) { if(i > 10) { //do stuff } else { return -1; } } return 0; } The reverse compiler needs to be able to find the return type and parameter types. To do this, it: Counts the number of local variables in Part 1 Counts the number of variables returned in Part 2 Destroys the local and returned variables in Part 3 Verifies the stack is empty, and assumes the count being destroyed is the number of input arguments in Part 4 Using the above code as an example, the method outlined in the post from two days ago effectively ignores everything inside the while loop. So: 1 local variable is counted, created by the RSADDI opcode 1 return variable is counted, created by the CPTOPSP opcode and copied by the CPDOWNSP opcode 1 local variable and 1 returned variable are destroyed by the MOVSP opcode 5 input arguments are destroyed by the MOVSP opcode (vectors are three floats) Here's the output of the KoTOR2 file k_contain_unlock.ncs: This is definitely a K2 file Subroutine 13, 21 JSR Subroutine 21, 995 JSR Subroutine 995, 1122 Return variables: 0 Local variables: 0 Parameters: 0 Subroutine 1122, 1766 Return variables: 0 Local variables: 0 Parameters: 3 Subroutine 1766, 2948 Return variables: 1 Local variables: 0 Parameters: 2 Subroutine 2948, 6915 JSR Subroutine 6915, 7116 Return variables: 1 Local variables: 0 Parameters: 1 A subroutine with the status "JSR" means it depends upon another subroutine to be reverse compiled first: Sub13 calls Sub21 Sub21 calls Sub995 Sub2948 calls Sub6915 Here's what the other status codes mean: Return variables: 0 - returns void; 1 - returns a single value, e.g. int, float, string or object; a value of 2 or more returns a struct or vector Local variables: 0 - should always be 0, because it's calculated after the stack is cleared; non-zero value means the analysis is flawed Parameters: 0 - there are no input parameters; 1 or more means there are input parameters So, what are the subroutines? Sub13 - void _start() - the hidden routine Sub21 - void _global() - the routine that creates global variables Sub995 - int main() Sub1122 - void PlaceTreasureDisposable(object oContainer = OBJECT_SELF, int numberOfItems = 1, int nItemType = 900) Sub1766 - string GetTreasureBundle (int nItemLevel, int nItemType = 0) Sub2948 - string GetBundlePrefix (int nItemLevel, int nItemType) Sub6915 - string SWTR_GetQuantity(int iCount) Still targeting an update in two weeks. Or earlier.
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    No everytjing was set to max at 3440x1440p. Yeah, here you go: all Steam settings to max: no other mods, reshade etc. installed BOTH Versions are set to 3440x1440p: (im using the Steam K2 Version from 2020 & Gog ver. from 2020) Steam floor completely dull: Gog shimmering floor as it should be: Steam Door: Gog Door - crisp, high resolution: Steam Door close-up, blurry: Gog Door close-up, crisp: Steam Medic room: Gog medic room: Steam Wall - dull, blurry: Gog Wall: Steam panel - look, how blurry the displays are - though much more obvious ingame: Gog Panel: even from further distance displays look crisp: As you see, the differences are huge! Even more obvious when ingame.
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    another Panel done, this time "military" themed - fitting the Telos underground base: Mando: Modded Panel:
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    Version 1.1


    HD NPC Portraits for Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords v1.1 - 20201004 - by ndix UR (DeadlyStream user) This modification adds 30 high resolution (1K) portrait images for NPCs. The 1K portraits have 64x the resolution of the 128x128 originals. The portraits are rendered to match the poses, colors, and lighting of the original images as closely as possible given the following constraints: Only vanilla textures (and my own additional maps based on same) are used While the textures are mostly crap, most of the work was in material setup using a modern rendering engine, so even the vanilla textures still wind up looking much better than they have any right to. This is because of real lights, shading, and materials, of which the original diffuse textures are only a part. I didn't really redo geometry, beyond appropriate use of edge split and subdivision surface modifiers. I did some amount of normalizing the gradients behind the characters. I think Disciple and Mira are the only ones with non-standard background gradients now. This package includes portrait for HK-50 and HK-51 units. They aren't used in any existing mods I'm aware of; I just put them in because they made sense to have. You can remove them if you wish. The Atris portrait is unused in the vanilla game but may be used by playable Atris mods. I only included it because it existed in the vanilla assets. INSTALL / UNINSTALL To install, copy the files from the package Override/ folder to the Override/ folder for your KOTOR game installation. To uninstall, remove the TPC files for this package from your KOTOR game Override/ folder. LEGAL THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY OBSIDIAN, ORLUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. The content of this mod is free for use and reuse, with no implied warranty, you can redistribute it, in original or modified form. If you do, a credit of some kind is nice but not required.
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    I'd suggest a different colour than the hot pink, since you appear to be using that elsewhere for barriers. Maybe just a slightly yellowish white rather than a super saturated neon. It also looks like you'll need some custom textures to handle curves/corners/angled sections. The bits where it "steps" look a bit iffy.
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    Obviously I use script tokens, there's no other way to reference a new feat unless I just assume everyone's running pure vanilla feat.2da. Don't think I wouldn't distribute ncs files if I could get away with it. Apparently the nwscript in the folder was the wrong version, although I was sure I extracted a K1 copy for it. I'll replace it and fix any compilation errors.
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    I'm far from an expert, but maybe you can remove these nodes in the ascii file: "node dummy MaskHook" & "node dummy GoggleHook".