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  1. By Lord, does this look beautiful! Great work, ndix UR!
  2. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, it works like an absolute charm! Thank you a thousand times!
  3. I don't really need that since my translation work has an all-new TLK included. I was thinking about just including the .tlk and a modified version of this script (since I don't know any mod that does any changes to the Towers of Hanoi puzzle anyways). I dunno if it's just my inexperience or is this script weird, but when I extract it, load it up in KSE, save it as an .nss and try to compile it back without any changes, it refuses to do so, displaying a syntax error.
  4. k_pkor_pillar01.ncs from korr_m39aa_s.rim
  5. I stumbled upon a script that injects some text lines into the dilaogue. The lines are all written inside the script itself. As far as I can tell, KotOR scripts are very unkind to non-Latin letters and when I try to replace it with some cyrillic text... well, the sucker just won't compile. My question is: is it possible to add new strings to the .TLK and then modify the script so it refers to those strings instead?
  6. Hello there! I know it's kind of a weird question, but does anyone know which file the default player character name variants are? It's not in the .TLK and I haven't found them in any of the .2DA files, so I'm at a loss here. Can anyone help me out with that?
  7. Just convert the .tlk into .txt using FairStrides' tools and then memorize the response you don't like and search for it in the .txt. The responses in the very first conversation start with String 10327, anyhow.
  8. File this under "things I never knew I wanted until I saw them". That's a really cool idea and flawless execution!
  9. That's great to hear. Sadly, just modifying the TLK headers didn't do the trick, but now at least I have a hope. Could anyone please PM me the Polish swkotor.exe and TLKs so I could look into them? EDIT: I found a Polish language patch and applied it to the Steam version... after experimenting with it, it seems that the .exe file in the Polish retail release was modified to support dialogF, seeing as it doesn't work with the Steam version (I did a simple test, modified Trask's very first phrase in both dialog and dialogF and sure enough, dialogF didn't work).
  10. So I'm trying to fix the god-awful Russian translation of K1 into something that's actually readable, while a friend of mine is busy making a translation of K2. But thing is, Russian is one of the languages that has very peculiar tense rules when it comes to male and female phrases and doing everything properly would require different strings for different-gendered characters. BioWare's previous games - Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate both had a file called DialogF.tlk. Depending on your PC's gender, the strings would load from either Dialog.TLK (male) or DialogF.TLK (female). From what I can tell, KotOR 1-2 don't support dialogf.tlk... or do they? Can anyone clear me on this subject? @Fair Strides, sorry for pinging you, but I saw you mention DialogF once or twice on the forums, do you know if I can enable it for K1 and/or 2? (and BTW, thanks for the tlk-txt converter tools, I use'em to this very day, they are magnificent). EDIT: Oh goddammit, wrong forum, I meant to post it in General KotOR/TSL modding. Sorry!
  11. Yeah, a vanilla PC portraits companion to this mod would be awesome. This mod is now pretty much essential to my Override and the PC sticks out like a sore thumb.
  12. Well, this isn't the mod I ever expected to see, which only makes it all the more awesome. Doing God's work there.
  13. Disney didn't buy Star Wars. They bought Kyle Katarn and the rest of the Star Wars was tossed in as a freebie. Raven's Claw has no hyperdrive. Kyle just Force Pushes it into the hyperspace. Whenever Kyle enters a bar, the bartender will turn into a chiss. Why? Noone knows. Kyle works in mysterious ways. Kyle doesn't shave his beard with a lightsaber. He shaves lightsabers with his beard. While Han made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, Kyle was the one warping all the laws of physics and grammar to make it possible.