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  1. Hikifroggy


    that's true Apeiron was drawing more attention to it self especially this year Makes me wonder though if EA decided to make re-imagining of the first game would kotor mods be in jeopardy? to remove competition from there game? But i guess that would Do more harm then good and piss shit ton of people off if they wanted people to play there new game. lol
  2. Hikifroggy


    seems like republic commando remastered Disappeared i'm curious Could EA or Lucasfilm C&D Any of the projects on here like TSLRCM Mod?
  3. Hikifroggy


    Normally i Wouldn't Bump old post But i feel like i should say Apeiron was Cease and deists Today by lucasfilm of course this was eventually bound to happen But even i must admit the fan project was going on for like 3 or 4 years to the point i thought it would get released then get C&D or maybe Lucasfilm/EA Stopped Caring.. RIP Apeiron at least they made some Nice maps design i gotta give credit to that
  4. Hikifroggy

    Lightsaber and Force Forms

    oh yeah it was Dantooine:not sure about the other holocrons yet?
  5. Hikifroggy

    Lightsaber and Force Forms

    not sure what happen but came across weird bug where the holocron turn into a bed ? anyone know what the proper file is to turn it back ?
  6. Hikifroggy


    Wasn't this the same guy who voice Hk-47 in the Jedi masters mod? i remember how bloody good he did the impressions of Kristoffer Tabori to the point i thought it was him! he would be a good choice for the role. but of course that's up to the Author of the mod...
  7. Hikifroggy

    My Kotor 1 modded Hiki Build

    its done trying to figure out this was a pain but a learning experience..
  8. Hikifroggy

    My Kotor 1 modded Hiki Build

    sure i plan to do some test runs today and hopefully get started Thursday or least Friday.
  9. since its may now and that time of the month i decided to make my first kotor 1 modded game play-through pc windows 7 GOG version references from Aezgaroth KotOR Remastered . if you want a more heavy modded build list set i would recommend checking out his Build with more details. my modded build set is basically a lightweight. install order KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 Brotherhood of Shadow Solomons Revenge Solomons Revenge Patch 1-1 (same page as above) if you come across error i recommend checking Brotherhood of Shadow nexus description to solve error Bendak Bounty Rework and Emblem Armor Compability Patch 1.0 Requires both mods to use patch. check mods description for mods Lightsaber and Force Forms 1.2 Bastila on Korriban - K1R Version 1.0 Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration 1.0 Trandoshans Rescaled for K1 1.0 Get the Other Krayt Dragon Pearl (1.1) Sherruk - Attacks With Lightsabers Sherruk Inventory Patch Place in override Force Power Gain Movie-Style Retextures for Kotor/ TSL (7) High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes 1.0 UniWS Help to change the size of the screen resolution (ignore HUD Correction) KotOR High Resolution Menus 1.2 K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix 1.0 HD UI Menu Pack 1.1 even though its my first time making a mod build list i hope this helps any future readers wanting to use mods for the first time Thanks to both bioware and obsidian for making a great Game AND Huge thanks to all modders out there on deadlystream nexusmods,etc for making these mods possible >Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES. took me days to figure out what i wanted to use.. ill come back if i find any errors or when i finish the game. happy may the four to you all..
  10. Hikifroggy

    K1 Community Patch

    administrators really need to make a official thread or pinned topic for approved mods so people don't have to keep asking for approval or will just turn into another disasters like last time... people can approve or disapprove mods anytime they want under the thread or pinned topic like a list of approval for future references
  11. Hikifroggy


    Buggy as Hell but i am enjoying it enough to keep playing
  12. Hikifroggy

    Bao-Dur's Fate: A TSLRCM Add-On

    nothing is true everything is permitted nothing is true everything is permitted nothing is true everything is permitted nothing is true everything is permitted
  13. Hikifroggy


    hi again and ok so i am allow to post my review at Kotor General?
  14. Hikifroggy


    Hello people well i am not really new I've been on the site before but haven't been on it for years now so i decided to reintroduced myself.. i am a huge fan of kotor 1 and 2 and even played swtor but stopped playing it few years ago or so.. Kreia still one of my fav star wars characters from the series her Philosophy are just amazing.. i played the kotor 2 restore mod and droid planet at steam amazing experience and hopefully ill play the kotor restore mod and brotherhood mod in may... right now now i am playing the Jedi masters mod also know to some people as a kotor 3 successor and hopefully plan to write a small review on it after i am done and post it on the forums..
  15. Hikifroggy

    Kotor collection

    swkotor COLLECTION if that the one that compatible for windows 7 don't worry its working i had the same problem but it working correct... if your not sure go kreia scene where u meet her for the first time in the morgue......she will mention the Ebon Hawk the ship you came in.. but in the original game (not restore) she will only say a ship (not mention ebon hawk).... so in short if she mentions the ebon hawk its working if not if she only she says ship then its not install correctly i knew a post like this would show up eventually.....