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  1. Slave Bastila and my Supermodel Fix for K2 have been updated. I've also uploaded a Supermodel Fix for K1, which doesn't have much yet, but includes the same fixes as the most recent K2 version (a clipping issue with dual melee animations). These three were a sort of concentrated effort so I wanted to announce some stuff about them all together for anybody who reads status updates.

    The update to Slave Bastila fixes a critical error that I'd known about for a while but only just figured out how to fix, so I strongly suggest to anybody who uses the mod that you go update it so you don't have to suffer through things I broke.

    Slave Bastila also includes the fixes for K1, so you don't need to and shouldn't use the Supermodel Fix for K1 if you use Slave Bastila.

    Finally - to reiterate what I've said in the Supermodel Fix descriptions - if you spot any other animation issues, send me a picture so I can see what the problem is and confirm if it's a problem I can fix on the supermodels. If so, I'll add it to my to-do list.