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Early in the game, BioWare had Bastila appear in an outfit that's a homage to the infamous Slave Leia costume from Return of the Jedi. But it was just a retexture of her regular underwear. For the sequel, Obsidian made the same homage and included a more elaborate model that could be worn by most female members of the party once the item is acquired. This mod ports the K2 model to replace Bastila's outfit in K1.

Note that this will not replace Bastila's easter egg appearance because that uses a different line in appearance.2da. That will have to remain a retexture of Bastila's underwear, unless one were to replace her underwear model with the dancer outfit entirely. Instead, this mod adds a dancer outfit item that Bastila can wear any time afterwards. It has the same properties as the item from K2 and can only be worn by Bastila.

I've modified the dancer outfit model to more closely resemble Bastila's body shape. I've also changed the texture to match her skin tone and fixed a few minor errors I noticed.

Finally, I've included an alternate texture that changes the outfit's color scheme from red to a sort of dark blue with gold flowers and a lavender trim. I was trying to match the color scheme of her original outfit. @Dark Hope has also made a new texture with that color scheme and it's a lot fancier. Note that if you want to use any other texture that isn't in a TPC file, you'll have to remove JC_SlaveBast01.tpc.


This mod is not compatible with other mods that affect Bastila's slave appearance.

This mod uses my Supermodel Port for K1. This makes it super cripplingly incompatible with any other mods that alter the game's supermodels (the S_Female and S_Male files) unless the other mods utilize my Supermodel Port assets. These edits are necessary to give the player supermodels the bones required for the cloaks to animate.

This mod's supermodels include my Supermodel Fixes for K1. So you don't have to worry about using that, or if these files are overwriting those. Use this mod's files.

These supermodel edits somewhat alter some animations in the game. These adjustments were necessary to prevent the old stuff from clipping with the new stuff. It's essentially what Obsidian did when they added the new bones to the supermodel, but I've reversed the changes a bit to bring the animations closer to the original K1 style.

Some models aren't so happy with the new rig. I've made some hotfixes for such cases where I can, but they won't be compatible with other mods that alter these models. I've instructed TSLPatcher not to overwrite these.

P_JuhaniBB.mdl and P_JuhaniBB.mdx are two such files that will be skipped. If you use the Juhani Catlike Head Mod, I suggest that you use my version because I happened to fix the same thing that mod fixes anyway. You can copy those two files manually from tslpatchdata to Override.

While this mod adds skirt bones to the player supermodels, at this time it does not add the bones or the necessary animations to the cutscene models. So the skirt flaps may appear stiff in scenes that use those.

This mod edits the script k_ptar_bastpart.ncs in tar_m03af.mod. If install another mod that edits that script after this one, then you won't automatically get the dancer outfit item, but all the other changes will still take effect. You can cheat the item in if you want. The item name is jc_slavebast.

I've instructed the patcher to skip the file ia_cloths_255.tpc if it finds another copy present. If this file isn't installed, it will look like something else in the inventory but everything else will be as it should be.


KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra
TSLPatcher – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides
ERFEdit – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides
NWMax – Joco
KOTORMax & MDLEdit – bead-v

This mod contains assets ported from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment.


I hereby grant nobody except myself permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. For any reason.

If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission.


"We Beks don't believe in intergalactic slavery" but I guess they're totally cool with regular old domestic slavery?


I was also going to make a "Song of the South" reference but I think anything I could possibly quote about that would be too offensive to be taken as a joke.


If you enjoy my mods and would like to show your support in a monetary manner, you may do so via PayPal with this donation link.

For various legal and ethical reasons, this is entirely optional and is not a requirement to downloading or using any of my mods. I also do not create specific mods for hire.

I make mods as a hobby and will most likely do so regardless of any donations or lack thereof, but modding does take up a lot of my time and every bit helps.

What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


  • Converted textures to superior TPC format.
  • Updated installer to install to modules instead of Override where applicable.
  • Supermodel port updates.
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Excellent tribute to the movies, gives Bastila a new costume, and makes the scene that much more dramatic? Yes a million times please!

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