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Early in the game, BioWare had Bastila appear in an outfit that's a homage to the infamous Slave Leia costume from Return of the Jedi. But it was just a retexture of her regular underwear. For the sequel, Obsidian made the same homage and included a more elaborate model that could be worn by most female members of the party once the item is acquired. This mod ports the K2 model to replace Bastila's outfit in K1.

Note that this will not replace Bastila's easter egg appearance because that uses a different line in appearance.2da. That will have to remain a retexture of Bastila's underwear, unless one were to replace her underwear model with the dancer outfit entirely. Instead, this mod adds a dancer outfit item that Bastila can wear any time afterwards. It has the same properties as the item from K2 and can only be worn by Bastila.

I've modified the dancer outfit model to more closely resemble Bastila's body shape. I've also changed the texture to match her skin tone and fixed a few minor errors I noticed.

I've included an alternate texture that changes the outfit's color scheme from red to a sort of dark blue with gold flowers and a lavender trim. I was trying to match the color scheme of her original outfit. @Dark Hope has also made a new texture with that color scheme and it's a lot fancier.


Note: This mod uses my Supermodel Port so the skirt can animate. Official support for that, including some hotfixes to make other models, can be found here because I don't want to have to put everything in two places.

What's New in Version 1.8   See changelog


  • Fixed an issue that made Calo's blaster pistol to appear at a 90° angle. It was caused by a strange confluence of events involving the use computer animation, how the specific cutscene with it was set up, an error on Calo's model, and something my S_Male02 wasn't doing to fix it that the original was. So now mine does too.
  • I didn't configure namespaces.ini correctly last time, so the v1.8 update patch includes the changes from v1.7 as well. The full version was unaffected by this oversight - just the patch.
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