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Status Updates posted by 90SK

  1. Good news DeadlyStream. Edge Of Darkness has arrived at build 0.16b. Enjoy this experimental pre-release to an anticipated reentry into TSL's World. A new planet will be added to Edge Of Darkness in its next build, 1.0.17b



    These two images represent the robe (first) and tunic (second) parts of the Jedi tunic in TSL that can have armor adapted to it. The armor section on the chest of the character remains clear, and different ones can be put onto it

    New Jedi Armors.xcf



    Body I - Tunic Parts without Armor.png




    Body I - Jedi Robe Robe parts.png



  3. New promotional image for Edge Of Darkness mod, update coming soon and new content approaching. :)




  4. For anyone downloading the latest Edge Of Darkness patch: I updated it again. It's now 11mb, and patches Dromund Kaas Intro, Felucia loot, and additional cumulative changes in 0.10.6b onto older versions. Please PM me with mod issues, reports, ideas, questions etc. And I will definitely respond :)

  5. Sith Assassin tunic's texture template. Handy for future tunic skins.


    1. Dark Hope

      Dark Hope

      Just now I discovered that this is model Jolie Bindo.

    2. 90SK


      That's fascinating. I'm sure this expands potential for new tunic outfits. 

  6. Edge Of Darkness is compatible with Duplisaber!

    • Direct Duplisaber's Installer to Install to an Empty Folder on your Desktop
    • Once finished, copy the Override folder from your Empty Folder, into your TSL directory containing Edge Of Darkness.

    That's it! Very easy and the tradeoff is great. It works really nicely in Edge. :)

  7. Something is coming soon, from me. The Iridorian reoccurrence 


  8. After years of modding I decided to clean up my TSL directory and shaved off 75GB of unused data :)




    Edge Of Darkness is receiving another makeover and I am compiling a Warp Code List and Module List. I am recording a full longplay of this version tonight, hopefully to upload this upcoming weekend.

    I continued Skyrim and FO4 research. If anyone is curious about modding Bathesda games, do not hesitate to contact me.


    1. 90SK


      I obviously ran into some issues with my longplay. It's coming, but when, I don't know yet. Edge has reached the prime build.

      As far as warp lists, I will write a txt walkthrough of Edge along with the video. These should be ongoing but hopefully done, let's say by end of September, now? And I am working on this all the time. :)


    I am eternally grateful for the support and knowledge within this community.


  10. Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?


  11. https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-omega/downloads/kotor-omega-jedi-armor-variations-patch

    This part of the Edge Of Darkness mod works with default TSL. Might be interesting for new players, it has 6 interchanging versions of the ZS/JS Skirt Armors. The UTI Items are the same for the six types of textures, so you can patch at any time.

    I was working on this part for years, tinkering and experimenting with models, textures, etc. It's fun to have it around as experimenting with the UVMaps always leads to new components being achieved.

  12. I feel I owe the community an apology for going on a tirade about criticism over the summer. I truly mean to rescind that upset status. You should always feel comfortable to share your honest thoughts to Modders about their work. And in the future, if you have comments for me, I promise to be sensible and nonpartial in my responses. :) 

    1. LordMerek


      If only every modder shared your view on critiscm. Most of the time if I say something about a mod that isn't a blather of mod praising the mod author will usually flip out and accuse me of being rude. At the end of the day, whether I like a mod or not is completely irrelevant and I instead choose to support mod authors regardless of whether I intend to use a mod or not, as I understand how hard you guys work to deliver new content for games and that deserves to be acknowledged.

    2. Thor110


      Criticism can be very useful at times. But it can also be confusing and or driven solely by opinions which is a problem.

      I don't let it bother me, I think all my work is rubbish anyway! :D

  13. I need another beta tester to play KotOR Omega: Edge Of Darkness 0.9c. It requires an install of KOTOR 2. You will have to copy your Knights Of The Old Republic II folder/reinstall TSL to reverse the process of installing KotOR Omega. If you're interested, send me a PM and I will give you more info. 

    Edit: Thank you to the folks that volunteered. Still accepting more volunteers at this time. :)


  14. I regret to inform the community that the Loot-Immersion Upgrade is in its final build, no further work or updates are planned.

    It is because it is a large mod that I cannot test anymore.

    I have created links to patches/alternate versions in the main download page for the final version, c.03.

    1. bendarby24


      Its been amazing to see this mod expand and develop over the years, from the Skelton of 90SK Super Content Mod to what it is now. It is one of my favorite big mods outside of contenders such as TSLRCM. The fact that the mod has lots of optional customization and patches goes to show the love and work you have put in to it. No need to justify the ending of your work on it, you have created such a comprehensible mod, which gives me and so many others joy to play with. Thank you 90SK!

    2. LDR


      Amazing job dude. I've always been impressed watching you take this mod and make it even better each iteration, a feat I didn't find possible. A personal favorite of mine. I can't wait to see what other new projects you'll start working on, my friend.

  15. Another cool TSL find:


    ^ This link is still active, all of Svosh's KotOR and TSL mods 🧐


    1. Sdub


      oh man its like looking into a time capsule. I remember when these came out

    2. Sdub
    3. 90SK


      ^ Nice! I'll have to check that out. Good ol' Darth333 😁

  16. Something random Star Wars that I've done recently:

    Photo realisticish texture of the death star plans from Dark Forces.

    Original image:





    Texture Remake:




    1. EAF97


      Cool! Any plans for what this will be used for yet?

    2. 90SK


      I mainly just wanted to recreate the circuit for fun, no plans yet for the rest of the game :P


  17. Unused K1 Tunics for TSL is now available for the Jedi and Jal Shey robes. Something like 30+ new skins were made here. I didn't have time to make screeshots but I did create/test/test everything fully and they look immense.

    It is a patch for Loot-Immersion Upgrade Saves as well.

    It covers I and M Class models with the Bastila/Unused Tunic combo.

    Cheers! :)

  18. I updated the Beautified Saber Blades for TSL mod with a separate archive containing the replacement .UTI item file for the silver crystal as a generic Kaiburr crystal. The textures for silver are replaced with 18 possible colors.


  19. I have reskinned TSL's default door, known for its appearances on Telos, M4-78, and Peragus.

    This texture was reskinned for Peragus Expansion Pack

    I have created another version of the door in a separate download.


  20. Finished updating Loot and Immersion Upgrade, will patch old saves and overall is the better version, includes everything recent I did plus at least a third more new stuff that I've been fixing up, including a new Exile item which I loosely based off this art here:



    My three item mods are not compatible with each other, I explain the difference here:


    • TSL Armor Expansion Project :: Updates and focuses on the appearance items, not necessary if you're using Loot and Immersion Upgrade
      • Can be used with Loot and Immersion Upgrade, but not necessary as of Loot and Immersion Upgrade v.4.4.4b


    • Jedi Items + :: Individual parts of the appearance items organized in separate folders. (Most customization of what you install)


    1. djh269


      I love those Robes!

  21. Re: "New Era Tunics 2.5.1.zip"

    It is a new patch and major update for the following works:

    • TSL Armor Expansion Project 6.0.0 Beta
      • The separate archive for New Era Tunics is here
    • It is also a patch for Loot-Immerison Upgrade c.02
      • Specifically it is the New Era Tunics 2.5.1 Download that will patch Loot-Immerison Upgrade
    • The following new content has been updated with new work:
      • The Onderon merchant and Onderon exit bounty hunters,
      • Telos/Dxun hunter encounter,
      • Vogga loot new items,
      • Onderon museum reward,
      • Akerre's Inventory on Dantooine
      • Dxun Tomb treasure Ls/Ds,
      • Darth Malak's armor unrestricted in Korriban academy ruins.



    1. djh269


      I love these reskins of the Bandon Model! 

  22. I have finished releasing the update for K1 Tunics for K2.

    Updates to textures for five robes have been added, as well as an additional new robe item (not pictured) and code.


  23. Beautified Saber Blades for TSL just got a big update.

    JK1 Blades (the original one for the main colors)

    JK3 Blades (New)

    Cartoon Blades (New)

    And there are now 17 options for a replacement color for silver, as a generic Kaiburr color crystal.


  24. This article on Nexus contains some of my knowledge of making items in TSL.

    It was written as part of the release of TSL Armor Expansion Project on Nexus.

    I believe the Loot and Immersion Upgrade has been fully released and also patched in separate downloads here on DeadlyStream, and I have linked to my content index in my 'About Me' section. You can also find my HL2, TF2, and Fallout 3 mods linked there.

  25. If you first install Jedi Items + 3.0.0, then Duplisaber in that order, it works and you can install anytime during the game (relatively early is best). 


    The dissappearing texture glitch for Lightsabers, thanks to Hassat Hunter for this fix: