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Status Updates posted by 90SK

  1. If you first install Jedi Items + 3.0.0, then Duplisaber in that order, it works and you can install anytime during the game (relatively early is best). 


    The dissappearing texture glitch for Lightsabers, thanks to Hassat Hunter for this fix:



    • Updated Jedi Items with a couple additional item placements and a missing file (thrift.utm must be thrift1.utm)
    • If you downloaded the mod, I added a separate patch on the download page for this update.
    • You must install the patch to play the mod, unless you're downloading the mod for the first time. 
    • I included some rare crystals in the mod, sold by the merchant. 


  2. I removed the Cortosis Armor from the Jedi Items mod after someone commented on a glitch in the installer. Now, the mod can be copied to Override without the need for tslpatcher. Once the mod is good to go with screenshots and some more beta testing, I will release it. 



  3. K2_01072.png

  4. Hello!

    Work on the TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade is wrapping up after my span of time here in the TSL community!! 
    I am very pleased to say that despite it's imperfections, the Loot and Immersion upgrade is playable with over 100 new skins.

    I am going to shift my attention to restoring some of my older mods to playable status. The older ones need some TLC.

    My final additions to the Loot and Immersion Upgrade will be released separately. They are almost ready to be released, I won't spoil what else I've done but I'm totally satisfied with this conclusion.

    Also, I have added a new feature to Beautified Saber Blades for TSL. I have replaced the silver crystal with a generic Kaiburr color crystal that you can choose the color of. I believe it works universally on the default crystal/hilt setup, but it may appear differently depending on what hilt mods you use:




    TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade Version 3b



    I managed to expand the Loot and Immersion Upgrade. The Onderon merchant now sells a large assortment of combat armors, with plenty of other stuff. I have created six new Jedi armors, added multiple sets of three to five default tsl armors, and created several options for squad types.

    The loot and Immersion Upgrade is a total conversion of items for TSL. No other item model replacement mods will necessarily work without consulting both mods in depth. I and N (jedi and master robe) replacements should work, but primarily, no J class (star forge robe) armors or Armored Flight Suit (K class) armors can be installed over the Loot and Immersion Upgrade. 

    I have retroactively patched the Jal Shey files with sith apprentice armor types for the skins. this should work on all saves. old Jal shey default skins are still available further down on the page as a separate patch.





  6. Hello there!

    Loot and Immersion Upgrade 3.3



    • TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade V3.3 is roughly almost out of beta mode! 
    • I have for the most part finished testing and implementing all other portions of the mod. This includes item loot on, Citadel Station, Nar Shaddaa, Korriban,Dxun, Onderon, Dantooine, and all advertised features as of 10/25/19. 
    • The I (Jedi robe), N (master robe) , J (star forge robe) , and K (armored flight suit) class armors are fully replaced with this mod and incompatible with other mods that replace I,N,J,or K class armors. 


    TSLRCM and M4-78EP are required to install TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade 3.3, along with a fresh start of the game.


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      "Acquainted" is spelled wrong in the text.  :(

      I would love to see more of the N_SpaceMan_low  texture!  :)  Perhaps post some on the download page?  Never mind - just spotted the picture of the front of the helmet!

    2. 90SK


      I made a note about typos somewhere in the description of the mod after noticing one myself earlier. haha, yeah... :P

      Fun fact about the dialog, it was written over 10 years ago. I had voiced lines, but at one point or another it became more logical to use the default alien vo's. But, the voiced lines are still formatted and in the archive. 

    3. jc2


      Ha! Yep, but alien vo's are the best way to handle that, meshes with the game well, and you don't have to worry about people disliking the voice acting. 

  7. Loot and Immersion Upgrade Version 3.0 Beta is now available and has some shiny additions to the content :)

    v.3b is comprised of 2.0.8b and also the addition of cloaked heavy armor replacing the star forge robe class of robes. Two other components have also been developed for Version 3.0 that will eventually be included as well once they are done.

    In this new version of Loot and Immersion Upgrade, I have added a modded Akerre's merchant file (store_adum001.utm). If anyone knows about issues with doing that in TSL, please if you can send me a PM with the details. It would save me a lot of work ;)

    I spent a long time approaching this phase of the Loot and Immersion Upgrade and I'm thrilled it's finally at this point. Very exciting!


    1. 90SK



      Females for the heavy armor robe have been patched after an issue was discovered with the texture entries for the star forge robe item type in appearance.2da. Re downloading and reinstalling the mod will correct the issue, no game-restart needed. K2_00404.png

  8. Loot and Immerison Upgrade 2.0.8b has recieved a substantial update

  9. The skins and loot drop files for "Default Jal Shey Expansion For TSL" have received a substantial update!

  10. I have released a content patch for the Loot & Immersion Upgrade

  11. Posted a new update to Loot and Immersion Upgrade

  12. Upated the compatiblity section of Loot & Immersion Upgrade and added some codes/update list

  13. Some more stuff coming down from here, stay tuned :)

  14. Hey thanks for reporting that bug with my ultimate appearance mod, I found it and fixed it.

  15. Actually no, it doesn't. I may have included the texture in the pack and decreased the saturation of the metal but compared to the other armors it is the least changed.