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  1. On 3/27/2018 at 11:59 AM, GNihilus2 said:

    the Czerka sign is not animated right? or glitch on my end??

    Just realized that I never answered this. The sign with the Czerka Logo on pebbled glass is not animated.  I am sorry about the delay in answering.

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  2. My mod consists entirely of the four files listed above. Sorry to tell you but this is another mod's doing. However, I am still willing to help you out. PM me your complete list of mods (with links please) and maybe we can figure it out together. I ask you to PM this info rather than post it here so we don't derail the mod's comments further. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Obi Wan Pere said:

    I'm using TSLRCM + M4-78EP. I haven't reached Korriban yet but identical problems in Dxun.

    So, is enough restore the originals "401DXN.mod" and (Probably) "702KOR.mod"?

    PM him.

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  4. Citadel Station Signage

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    3 hours ago, Obi Wan Pere said:

    The movement velocity seen in the image of this page is the correct? Because in my case is a lot slowest.

    Now I will reply to the right comment: As the above example is a GIF rather than a video from in game, the speed is different. 

  5. M4-78 Enhancement Project

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    7 minutes ago, Obi Wan Pere said:

    Hi guys!!

    Preparing a new Playthrough and checking some old downloads I've seen I still have previous versions of M4-78EP.

    The versions are:
    - M478EP v1.2.3 (601.576 KB)
    - M478EP v1.2.4 (530.563 KB)
    (Both are .exe files)

    This post is for to ask if this files are usefull for somebody or I can delete them.

    Anyway, sending or uploading the files would be only with the permission of the authors and/or DS staff.

    Perhaps post that question here as some folks might want to test out the old version ls fir review?

  6. Protocol Droids by Vurt

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    On 3/31/2018 at 10:41 PM, DarthRevan said:

    Why is this incompatible with TSLRCM? It is just a texture mod. Must be a mistake, please fix.

    It is compatible with TSLRCM. And with M4-78, before anyone asks.

  7. I may have made this a little too easy this year.  Yes, Gordon Freeman doesn’t speak in the Half-Life games so yeah, this is an April Fool’s joke.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that this mod might not be useful to you.  If muting the male player character from KotOR1 might be something you’re interested in, this is the mod for you.  Yes, it actually works.

    You should’ve seen what I originally had planned for this year...