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  1. This is the Model i want Revan to use: However, I do not want to use the KSE. If there was a way to mod it so that this can be the hilt you construct on Dantooine, I'd appreciate it, even if that means that the color crystals are the ones that Dorak gives you.
  2. I know you haven't gotten to fully know me. I only started asking for mod requests, but let me fully explain. Greetings, I am the Historian. I call myself that because i am a historian of sorts. I love the Kotor games, and I do like Swtor, but I am trying to make the stories of Revan and Meetra Surik Historically accurate, especially with SWTOR online and filling in many of the blanks over the years. What I want is to tie the first two Kotor games with SWTOR, make it as the canon dictated it to be, so to speak. But I can't do this by myself. I need your help, as there are certain parts of the records that need to be fleshed out. Even if i were to try modding myself, I know that you can do this better than me. With your help, i'm sure the records can be set straight. Thank you.
  3. I found this file on DS-servers:
  4. Very well. I guess i'll have to rely on someone else to try.
  5. That happened to me too. I though it was because i was using a different skin for Sion.
  6. If you could mod that so it could be the lightsaber that you retrieve from Brejik's corpse, as well as when you confront Bastila on Lehon and the Star Forge, that would be great
  7. The battle of Rakata was the battle in which Malak was killed and the star forge was destroyed, but how did the battle in space even start? How did it go out while Revan and his companions were on the Star forge itself? This is where you modders come in, because I have some ideas. (Note: this is for the Light side, I may do the dark side later) The First Idea is how the battle begins. The Idea is that after the cutscene plays where you leave Lehon for the star forge, you cut to Admiral Dodonna and master Vandar on board her hammerhead cruiser, seeing the Star forge for itself, ans the admiral's like, "The star forge....I've never seen anything like it." Vandar will point out that if they destroy it, it will mean the end of Malak and the sith forever. Forn will tell all wins to report in, and green and red leaders will. The admrial will order the fleet to advance, then one of the command personnel aboard Forn's ship will alert her of incoming enemy ships, in which the admiral will say, "Prepare for battle!". We then cut to the place where you have your final confrontation with Malak, where Bastila assumes mediation position and begins to use her battle meditation for the sith, then the cutscenes play in this order: The republic defeated--the cutscene where the republic fails to break through the sith blockade. If you have the restored BIK movies, then the cutscenes will play in this order: The republic defeated--Battle above the unknown world--The cutscene where the republic fails to break through the sith blockade The last cutscene will then cut to carth contacting admiral dodonna.
  8. You could use a video or sound editing program and fix the audio sync
  9. It has been brought to my attention that a cutscene needs an audio fix. The cutscene is the one where the Republic hammerhead cruisers destroy the Star Forge's orbital stabilizers. Listen carefully, or if you have noticed, the audio for the cutscene is off sync, it pays most attention when the Hammerhead cruisers fire their front guns. Not only that,(though this is optinial) some of the ship flybys and lasers are mute. If someone could fix the audio in the cutscene, that would be great.
  10. I have encountered a bug of sorts. I had it working well when i first installed it, then when i went back, after the star forge is destroyed, i was suddenly jumped back to the main menu, unable to do anything. see if you can fix it.
  11. I have proof. (granted there is no dialouge for the pc, but the rest is there)
  12. I've heard about you, and I have an idea if you are interested.

    Once You recover the first three star maps on any other world after Dantooine, you will face the Leviathan. Afterwards, you find out you can no longer go to Dantooine because of what happened with the Leviathan. Well, I would like to go back and see the damage that Saul Karath has done.  If there was a way to put the ruined Dantooine maps from Kotor II into  Kotor, then do so. The Story of the Ruined Dantooine is that you arrive back in the ruins of the jedi Conclave in the ebon hawk and discover the damage that Saul Karath has done (keep in mind, the place is not overgrown yet, like in Kotor II, but the place is destroyed.) You and your party scout out of the Enclave and scour the plains, trying to find anyone still alive. If you already visited Korriban and you have redeemed Yuthura Ban, you may find her at the courtyard along with any other Jedi survivors. As the canon dictates, Master Vrook did not participate at the Conclave on Katar, so my idea is that, if you are leaned towards the light, you find Vrook back at the Conclave, trying to restore it along any other survivors. You can talk to him, telling him of the revelation that had taken place on the leviathan, and Vrook will tell you that he had feared that it would happen. He was worried that if they took you into the order, Revan would return. You can say that you are Revan, but you are not the dark lord you once were, you are a servant of the light, or state that you are not Revan. Vrook can ask about Bastila's fate, and you tell him what happened, and that you are determend to save her from Malak. As you prepare to leave, vrook will say 'may the force be with you'. However, If you are leaned towards the dark side, Vrook is not even there. (i'm not saying he dead).


  13. Thanks, Embar! and as for DarthParametric, The idea here is that I am a historian of sorts, so I'm trying to make it historically accurate. I am trying to bring the vision of Duron- quel droma to life.