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  1. Does this retexture look more washed out to you? I wanted to make the Gray Jedi Robe look more 'gray' and not the same as the Dark Jedi Robe in K2. So far this is what I have, although I'll probably have to redo it.




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    2. Mellowtron11


      Thank you Ebmar!

    3. Mellowtron11


      I like the way the reskin is going, but the main thing that is bugging me is the cloth between the neck and the robe. There is almost no texture on that part. See the screenshot below.


    4. ebmar


      Haha, yeah- the collar. Actually guess it'd be a problem at one point but I was assuming that you'll try to live hard with, lol. There're alternatives; such as making its area to black/darker color like we saw earlier with the Handmaiden's robe or 'borrowing' from another robe texture that has details on theirs. Or, if GIMP has a 'texturizer' filter you could actually play around with them [or, you could also draw it by hand to perfectly match the robe design].