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  1. Hey everyone, I’m here to ask for help on RoR. From time to time I will be doing this. Task: The person would be writing the dialogue for the HoloNet News Twi'lek. This the female Twi'lek we saw in the Demo. Topics the person will be writing about: -Whats going on in the main quest as the player progresses -Information what is going on each of the planets -Random news like the Jawa Circus is in town, etc Looking for someone with strong writing and grammar skills This will be the only thing the person will be doing. If interested- You can PM logan23 (me) - at Deadlystreams http://deadlystream.com/forum/user/227-logan23/
  2. Right now I have 5 hours of alpha game play. I will soon have 7 hours once i connect the planet to the main body of the game- this coming week or two.
  3. Hey everyone, The project is alive but due to holidays this month - haven't done much on the mod. This will be changing in January. The project is going but slowly.
  4. I have a few options but I'm hoping to use the game model with the reskin and then shoot the scene in "Source Filmmaker". Thanks! I just updated the developer build with the latest version of the UI. Yes there will be others but some of this will be depended on how kotor 2 ended -for example. I have placed them in the story based on the character was defined in kotor 1/2. Haven't decided on how M4-78 could factor in based on the mod. Its something to think about- I'm sure it will be mentioned in one for or other. Disciple and Handmaiden are both included wither the exile was male or female. The thinking behind this- I'm sure they would have naturally gravitated to the new Jedi Order. But if anyone mentions their travels with the exile- then those comments be be based on wither exile was male or female. I love the mod- Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge! I would love to have a cameo or even some NPC make a comment about them but unless Doc gives me the green light - and what would be mentioned would come from he view on where they are- then I would be happy too. But right now- no there will be no mention of them- maybe some modder will mod into RoR what you are asking for. I will have some news very soon. thanks Logan23
  5. Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and give you all a quick update Have been working on 2 modules the past few days in regards to game building and I have gone back to edit and add more dialogue for the Demo section of the game. 7 modules of dialogue have been looked over and edited and expanded where it was needed. Also we are now using a dialogue writing formula or system - basically a way to keep the writing from different writers to be all inconstant. Its still early in it's use so I don't want to say to much but from what I have experienced- it has made writing scenes much easier. MORE TO COME.... Logan23
  6. If EA/Bioware do work on another star wars rpg game- If DA3 is successful- I can see them going in that direction using the frostbite engine. Would they go for a more open world? or a more contained one like Mass effect where you get only a few locations as the story progresses but each location is a set piece. If they did do a one- I can see them targeting the time between kotor2/Revan book and the MMIO. OR they might go for a time period well after the mmo and before the Bane books. I suspect they will target a time period well after the MMO so they have more freedom.
  7. They will be in the same Download. You will be given an option when talking to Drayen -as seen in the Demo- but with an option of saying you don't care with (Strict/canon Story) EDIT: Didn't want to double post so I'm editing this one with the mew details- I have been adjusting to my new job and the 3:30-midnight shift. Feels good to be working again. I have some pics of the UI for RoR's color change. I'm going to change some of the UI slightly but nothing huge in design. I have most the colors changed but I don't know if all can be changed yet. I plan to release the RoR UI - for Kotor2 and RoR demo Logan
  8. The Mod is very much alive. I have started a new job, yes I'm employed now =) Been working on my brother's mac power book and it took some time to get kotor2 running on it. But I will soon have my own pc laptop in a few weeks - then I can really get back to the methods i had before.
  9. Kickstarter wouldn't help them since it all comes down to IP/License of Star wars. EA has the right to make the star war games (minus mobile) for PC and next gen systems. EA/Disney will not approve a game that goes against their MMO's story. There was way to much money invested in it.
  10. Thanks VP =) ? I'm unsure if you were be sarcastic or not lol Both RoR and kotor movie episode 3 are both still in the works. I have been watching Project Black Light's kotor3 project and I will say,.... The project's goal based on their first podcast/youtube video that they wish to do the pre-production and then pitch it to EA/Disney or who has the rights when they are ready to pitch it. In the last podcast/youtube video that stated that the team members you are hearing from in the podcast are not going to be doing the coding/programming. Actually they don't even know what game engine they would select for their kotor3 -hinting that it would be on some engine that isn't around now/ or version. They are also planning to ignore the Revan Book (which is canon wither we like it or not) but not just that but they are developing a story that conflicts with the Revan Book. This is a major issue if you plan to pitch the game to EA who develop and spend millions of dollars on creating a MMO that uses the Revan Book as canon and the events in the book are continued into the MMO's plot. This means they have -100% chance of getting their game made. If they had built the story around or just didn't touch on the Revan book and didn't conflict with it then they have a shot, a small one but it's better then the chances they have now. Another issue- I'm sure a game developer will want to see a demo/ vertical slices of your game in some engine to demonstrate the functions and how it is fun, etc. I feel they are raising the kotor community hopes up to a level that is only going to crush them when people start asking hard questions about their project. I know they were interviewed by some game media people and I was a tad disappointed they didn't ask any tough questions. They could create a great story and design a cool game on paper but if they are going to go against Canon then there is no chance it will get picked up. But I do hope they get some indie team to build the game but I suspect that there will need to be changes - since if they are designing for a AAA company - then if it goes to an indie team with a smaller team and resources, I suspect the scope and features would need to be scaled back a tad. I just wish they decided to go for an indie team as their goal since then there is a chance to see this finished.
  11. commented on Shadow/Matilda,..or what is she calling her self now

  12. Sith Holocron is correct, we are not casting at this moment but you are welcome to send me a sample of some VOs - this will allow me to have a sample to listen to whe it comes to the time of casting and a way to reach you as well.
  13. OK, after watching a quick let's play of the mod - to remind myself of what I might have forgotten. I think she was a Vallley Girl , . . [;aughs] I kid, I kid Matilda/Shadow/etc. As a Cliff Notes version: Think of a Echani Warrior who is blindly dedicated in what one wishes to do (as they do with combat) , add in that she deep down is unsure like a teenager coming of age /wondering who are they internally/identity. She is more masculine than feminine/ like a tomboy mentality-like expressions/tone/composure. She has a hard time with love since she sees love as loyalty like one that is discipline in a form of combat-she has a hard time with the idea of love being emotional. Her caring is shown through her will to fight for/ protect someone like a family member. A hard time relating at time due to her past Jedi training and having grownup as a slave, her sense of humor is very much feeding off the comment of someone else to create a humorous moment but it also can come out of her awkwardness in such social moments. Her social skills when it comes to feelings/humor/ and small talk are not fully develop. She would rather talk and discuss about actual solid topics or tasks. Her Arc- She goes from a slave - to a Jedi- to a Jedi with a cause- to a Sith/fallen Jedi loyal to her master- to a lost person who is left with questions- to a person who is forced to confront her past- Face her self and allow her self to search for the answers to the questions that have haunted her for so long- to face her old master and in doing so facing her self- to redeeming her master as well as finally deciding who she is what she wants in life, she will have no master other than herself-she is free and alive- She knows herself. Just random comments: She is strong in her focus and will but under it she is seeking to find her identity/her self. She only starts opening up to this later in the mod and at the end she decides who she is. When she finds out her old master has been seen, she has this anxiety of wanting to find him. She is stubborn in her determination to find him. She is a bad liar when trying to hid something when asked a question on something she doesn’t want to talk about. She can be stubborn/determined when she wants to do something- ex she wanted to go to the Korriban wasteland and she wasn’t going to be talked down from the idea She sees herself as a warrior and not a dancer – when she was asked to be the dancer in the mod’s new scenes. She has is a tough female and not one who shows her feminine side. This probably comes from her training –since her master as an Echani Jedi/ warrior She accepts the consequences of her choice to follow Revan She knows she has changed and is no longer the child that was found on the Hutt planet so long ago Her obedience to Revan and the War is centered around Revan's ability to inspire others/ she at the time of joining the war was at a time where she was looking for purpose and the call to help others/ fight in the War/ this became her identity at a time. When she takes on a task, she goes 110% in, almost to the point of being blind to what else is going on around her- And this is why her master thought Revan manipulated her in a dark side way. She has a sense of humor but it's one that plays off what someone else would say. She would not be comfortable telling a joke. This is seen in the last scene as the three are walking away from Revan and her dead master talking about who will be the new mechanic.
  14. Carth, Mandalore and the Exile student's didn't know about the Sith Empire. The most they knew was a threat in the unknown regions. They might have thought maybe the threat was the Sith or something Dark Side but they didn't really know. As for Bastila, if we are looking at the book's canon - in RoR - Bastila's child would be around 15 years old. RoR will touch on Bastila and the topic of Revan leaving.
  15. Dam that is so wrong,..lol I was thinking what if,...you take the movie Groundhogs day and do a version where it's April 1st every day he wakes up,....
  16. I was never good at the Yes/No style of answering... it's always a wall of text with me. There will be more about this in RoR - shown in a way to express Bastila's own emotions/thoughts - and the tension on what would happen if they found out the truth.
  17. "Quick" answer to your question- KotOR1 dark side ending - After the defeat of the Sith at the Battle of Telos IV, Bastila returned to the Jedi Order. While searching for Revan, she bumps into a former teacher from the Jedi Academy, who saves her from the Sith assassins of Darth Sion. Through her teacher's assistance, Bastila learns that her fall was due to love. She served her love for Revan, not the dark side or the Sith. Later, Bastila was redeemed and returned to the Order. Her history on the Star Forge is kept unknown to the Council, only her teacher knows the details of the event. Her teacher dies shortly before or after she returns to Coruscant to rebuild the Jedi Order. If Revan was DS female then it's not the love but their bond and Revan's power and commanding presence. Revan was a leader that could inspire. ​More details are sprinkled throughout the game. Yes we do, =)
  18. There is no VO patch because there will be changes to the dialogue and I didn't want the actors need to re do scenes multiple times. Looking at what I have learned from the production of the Demo is that VO is best to be added near the end when all scenes have been play tested so the lines can be 100 percent finalized. =) Feel free to ask any questions about RoR Logan
  19. Hi everyone Here is a link for where you can download the Patch. I'm not sure what is the issue but you can download it here http://www.moddb.com/mods/revenge-of-revan/downloads/fix-patch-10-ror-demo
  20. When the patch was released, I think there was an issue with uploading it or something. I will make a comment on the Download page to tell you where you can download it . The Patch's Download Link Below http://www.moddb.com/mods/revenge-of-revan/downloads/fix-patch-10-ror-demo The Patch fixes one big bug and tweaks a few other things. Thanks for your support!
  21. Not exactly. Luckily the MMO did't derail my original plot but some things needed to be moved around but looking back at it -the new knowledge of the MMO's plot allowed me to know where this will all end up in the X hundreds of years after RoR. I can do basically anything I want in RoR as long as at the end of the game -there is way that over those X hundreds of years that the Republic/Jedi would match the MMO. And that is a good deal of time for events to happen so I still have a good deal of flexibility. As for those worried about the MMO's/Revan Book Canon- The non Canon or my Original Story for RoR is there. RoR is centered arounf the player's character and your choices throughout the game and taking in the choices you made in kotor1/kotor2( don't quote me as meaning every choice, but a good deal of them) =) Logan23