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  1. That's a good question. Going back a year before I announced RoR in LucasForums, I was involved in another Kotor2TC (early 2007) which took place after the events of KotOR2 but had nothing to do with Revan/Exile. The project didn't last long until the project fell apart during it's very interesting stages . . . but during it, I wrote a rough plot and had some input by two other members of that team. We were trying to move the project along toward production. At the time there were a few of us writing different stories for the leader to look at and see where he would like to go. Actually Kaila and Drayen were two of the characters in my plot which I enjoyed and brought into RoR when I started it's story drafting. There were changes to them for RoR but the essence was there. After the project fell apart, I started to look into modding KotOR2 and that rough plot was originally the idea for the mod but as I did more and more research into KotOR's lore and Star Wars - I saw an idea for a KotOR3. Over the next several months I created a Story Bible for the KotOR3 idea and when it came to comparing the two story Ideas, I felt that KotOR3/RoR would be something that would create more interest in since it is actually placing a 3rd act into the kotor saga. Edit: Can't find the old failed projects's site. Now I know someone might ask "Would you ever do this different story later?" if I ever decided to - a big maybe- it would be a much smaller project and would be different design then the KotOR1/2 where you pick 4 locations then get the pieces and move to the next main planet in the plot. Before I get too much on a tangent- I started writing RoR probably in summer 2007. After that as I continued to learn modding and look at what is possible, the story saw some changes. Only a few though since the original story was built around re-using KotOR2 modules (re-skinned) so planets were picked based on these as well as the story. By the time I announced RoR in early 2008, the Story Bible was done but there were dialogue to be written but the planet's story beats were there as well as how modules would connect and be used for each of these planets and soon came the flow charts for the scenes happening on the planets. What made RoR great was that it was designed to be flexible so when the MMO was announced it wasn't hard to adapt - but the core theme of the RoR story never changed. And even to this day, the dialogues and scenes get tweaked as team members discuss them. Yes, RoR's time period is when the Jedi are returning and rebuilding the order. During this time in Exile LS ending- The characters above are involved in rebuilding the Order but there are issues on how the Order should be rebuilt. In RoR's Demo, you can see hints of how some Jedi feel that they need to be more active in helping and protecting the Republic - which can put then in conflicts possibly - while others still keep to the very far hands off as we have heard about during the Mandalorian Wars. The other issue is the Jedi Order and the Republic's relationship in general- it has been a good deal of time since the Order has been around so some powerful members of the Republic see the Jedi as not needed or even as a dying religion. RoR will tell the story how this all leads to the Jedi Order we see in the MMO. During this time the characters you stated in the question are all dealing with their new place and roles, some are dealing with it better than others. Ex.- Mical is the head of the Dantooine Council as the Academy is being rebuilt. While Atton has his dark past and might not wish to be in the center of things - so he might be more behind the scenes. You might guess that Bastila is a bit of a bridge between the New Jedi Order and the Republic due to her past relationships and allies in the Republic (for example: Carth.) Everything is designed to think what would these characters do during this period of time and not what i want them to do- all based on the behaviors from KotOR2. I hope I didn't go to long with my Wall of Text lol Logan23
  2. RoR will have a Strict Canon story that follows the events in the Revan book. There will also be a loose Canon I would say,..It makes a few tweaks but it still matches up with the story in the MMO. There is little difference between the two in over all structure but in the loose canon- it allows you to have female Revan and a Male Exile as well as the game will take in consideration the choices in kotor1 and kotor2. By having them both, players can play a strict canon version or if they want more freedom then there is the loose canon-or you can say my original story =) Finding a way to work with the Revan book has been a bit of a challenge but I found a way that will still bring closure for the player on the key points/threads of the kotor saga. Some will say it's impossible,..but I assure you it is very possible lol =)
  3. Hmm...number of worlds... The exact number in the total game could change buy one or two,..but with the first half of the game has 5 or so locations, some might be visited twice.
  4. I can only take an estimate on the first half of the game. I'm looking at 8 - 10 hours maybe 12 hours...but 8 hours is a conservative guess.....So you can guess that the full game would be 16 -20 hours if the 2nd half of the game is as long as the first half...
  5. They all got a chip upgrade to be dancers at the new droid cantina on M4-78 , lol,..i kid Yes, we do touch on the HK-51 droids and what happen after kotor2 with them.
  6. Great Job! I wish these were able to be used in kotor 2 game Will have to download this later
  7. I was actually lucky that my original story for RoR was flexible so both can be done, lol. There will not be another Demo, there will just be a release of the first half of the game. This meatbag says thanks for the support
  8. This is correct, Sith Holocron is a member of the RoR team. He will be working with me on production milestones and keeping the work moving forward in a constructive efficient manner. There might be other areas he will be working on but will just leave you guys with this info for now. Right now we have reskin modules and possibly one new module but need to see it working in game before i can fully confirm on this one. Thanks! There will actually be two versions of the story to deal with the Revan Book. Both stories fit and connect to the Old Republic MMO's story. One is built on strictly adhering to the Revan Book and the other is my story design which makes a tweak or two but in the end it fits nicely with the MMO. This allows players to determine do they want a strict canon feel or something with some extra creativity The two stories are very close to each other just with some changes here and there.
  9. Thanks, i'm glad you liked the VO. As SH mentioned it would be a shame if the Exile and Revan didn't make it into the game. Both are in the game. As for handling their personality, the choice of LS/DS kotor1/2 endings is one spot where we can add some diversity in their dialogue/tone. The scenes with these two characters are probably going to go through the most re writes and testing to make sure they give the presence of the Revan/Exile we have learned to know. The balance comes in giving enough detail on these characters yet also allowing the freedom of players to fill in gaps with their player experience playing as those character in kotor 1/2. Hmmmm...(squints eyes)...would know how to answer, if I knew what "Quality" means,....hmmmm
  10. Cool video! I hope you continue to do more videos about kotor mods.
  11. Hi everyone, Welcome to a RoR update- I want to first tell you what has been going on in my life. I’m right now in California looking for work that means I do not have access to my Pc desktop that is in NJ. I’m using a Mac that means I am unable to build/mod in game mechanics but I can still write and work on other parts of the mod/game. The plan is to get a PC laptop by the end of the coming month =) As for those who might worry about the project, I will not stop. My passion for this project only grows- I'm here to finish this =) Ok, onto the more fun part of the update: I don’t have any in game pics but I do have some images from 3dsmax of the Raptor’s interior and some new changes to them. This is the method being used in designing the maps now. So it’s a matter of going into the game and placing the items into the actual game modules. The first image is the over view of the Raptor. You might notice some tweaks to what is inside. Uploaded with ImageShack.com This is an image of Nindo’s room. You will see a bed as well as other placeables to make the area look as if someone is living in the room. The Raptor is a ship that Nindo and Kaila live on and I wanted to make the player feel that when walking around. Uploaded with ImageShack.com This shows Kaila’s room. Uploaded with ImageShack.com The two are of the cockpit and the cell (where in kotor2 you found HK). There has been some changed to the skin of the module plus the Cell is the place where a captive NPC is placed- behind a force-field door. Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com RoR will not have swoop racing mini games, no turret mini games and possibly no pazaak mini game (unsure yet on the pazaak). This move is to keep the focus of the mod/game on the story and player’s experience. I rather put the extra energy in the mod’s main content then the mini games. RoR Trust System 2.0 I know I have mentioned in the past the Trust System that was built on the existing kotor2’s influence system. I have looked at this system and reviewed it as work has been going on with the content after the demo and came to a conclusion. The +1/-1 system doesn’t fit with what I’m aiming to do in RoR. So I created a new system that will allow a stronger focus on the player’s choices and how they impact their relationship with the other party members and factions. The new system (Trust System 2.0) will be based around choice/events/actions. Now how this is different then the influence and past trust system is- the system makes checks based on themes and on going issues/conflicts that the player and party members have gone through. Examples of this if placed in kotor2- Lets say the Exile makes choices during the game that is anti Republic. Mical decides to contact the Republic and report information about the Exile to his contacts. This can lead to added cut scenes or quests, etc. The code would only check on how you interacted with key points in the game that involve the Republic and not wither you did light or dark side choices. The focus is on the theme. This allows RoR writers to bring up topics/themes from earlier in the game and build on the emotional tension created from the past choices. Players will not be able to game the system since what you made choices on are centered on an exact topic/theme/issue so you can’t use another choice to help over ride the negative impact from an earlier choice. This new system nicely fits in how we are handling main and side quests in RoR. And last…. I was talking to a person in the kotor community and he suggested an idea, which I talked to a team member about and we agreed with it- I know you guys have been waiting for some time for the next release and to help with the large length of time, It has been decided that the RoR’s PC player heads (not sure if all will be in it) will be released as a mod for kotor2. I have already talked to redrob and this mod will be released in the next few weeks. It’s a way to say thanks for the constant support. Soon you will be able to play kotor2 TSLRCM with RoR PC alien heads. That’s all for now, MORE TO COME..... Logan23
  12. Great work!!! Look forward to seeing the project's release =)
  13. With the Demo, skins and items like that should work fine but in the Demo- there are no merchants plus the level you get in the game might not unlock that force power which you wish to bring in. As for RoR, I'm unsure how many mods will be compatible since there are many new features as well as the Force Power Leveling up is getting tweaked to allow for more fluent progression. Ideally, you could bring in skins and mods for blasters, armor but not lightsabers without replacing one of the existing ones since there is a new Light saber progression system which wouldn't work with dropping in a lightsaber mod. Once we are in Beta Testing then we can have a person try to test some mods and see what happens. RoR is basically a new game with it's own systems along with some of the kotor2 vanilla ones. Good question, We don't have any characters from the comics but there might be a fraction or two mentioned who are from the Kotor comics. The reason to not bring these in since it would be easy for them to make a comic and then have it conflict with canon. But there can always be a mention of a name here or there if it fits.
  14. You are in the blue screen room which is where the player goes after beating the demo - was not able to send you to the start screen.
  15. I agree with the idea of setting up the over all story line. (quests, planets/or locations) Answer the question - What are you aiming for the player to get from playing the Mod. 1-Write in a Word Doc- your over all themes and Main Quest Arc. 2-Look at what modules would be needed for these locations/scenes 3-Get Final Draft (Demo) - This will be your program to create Dlg trees and Dlg scenes. (I know said you were interested in Articy:Draft- ProTip- You can import Final Draft format documents into the Notes section of the program and then simply drag it to the Flow chart's Grid and ..instant Dialogue Tree in Articy:Draft ) The final Draft will allow you to pace scenes and get to the meat of the scene -Dlg. Also 1 page in screenplay format is about 1 minute on film. So if you have a dlg scene that's 3-4 pages long- your looking at 3-4 minutes which in games is a tad to long for a cut scene. I know this from personal experience- Anyone remember the really , really long first Dialogue scene with the Chancellor (4mins long)- Yeah, I went back and alter it and cut out a character from it and shorten the scene to about 1 min to 1 1/2 mins - if i remember right. And last- lots of Folders marked with many folders inside folder (folder-inception). This will allow things to stay clean. And the truly final suggestion- Get a free Cloud service- Surgarsync or DropBox so if anything ever happen to your computer- you can always retrieve the files and at worse lose a few items which didn't get updated. (you will sleep easier at night..trust me lol) Keep Modding! Logan
  16. There was a sale on Steam for 75 dollars when i bought it. The program is great but I would say only people who have cash to burn or a person who plans to get into the game industry/indie games should look at buying it. Myself- I plan to be using this for other projects, game industry/ modding and indie games Even if it was 100 dollars i would have bought it only because I have uses for it beyond the Mod.
  17. Hey everyone! I wanted to inform you guys on what has been going on with RoR, lately. About a week ago, I came across two programs which I believe will change RoR for the better. I will be discussing one of the two programs since the second is still being tested for its benefits. Articy : Draft (made by Nevigo ) This program is a professional tool for story and game design, aimed towards non-linear storytelling. For the past week and for the rest of April, I will be placing all the documents and assets and more into this program. I have already developed a system for Quest Building /Dlg which will work perfect with RoR. In the past, the number-one issue has been pipeline issues. Others like Trex, Doc, and others who have built large story mods can tell you there is a lot of keeping tabs on everything, which can be overwhelming lol but you make due I demo the new design/layout to JediExile last night ,thanks google+ for screen share =). I wanted to share some images of the development phase (the non glamorous part). Here are a few images to help give you guys some idea of what I'm talking about.. You see all the Exile Heads...yup...I still plan to allow you to choose your Exile's appearance.. Some of the Major NPCs..... The program has the ability to write in script format and I can also import these type of files which will mean an easier and quicker to getting writers content in. I can build layouts for locations and design them before I even put a NPC in the actual module, plus I can share the computer screen or print these out for team members. Character Templates to help to allow all team members to have the same reference when writing a scene. You can also create your own templates as well. I know you guys haven't seen any huge updates, but I wanted to show that the Mod is going well and will become easier to manage and easier for fellow members to have the access to what they need for building content. This is a great program (you can find it on Steam), but it isn't free, so I would say if your interested in getting into large mod/game projects, and indie games, you might want to take a look at it since it is a very powerful tool once you learn to use it. That is all for now but, I hope to have another update by the end of the April with something more pleasing to see then Flow charts =) MORE TO COME..... Logan PS. If anyone has any questions about this program, feel free to send me a visitor message, not a private one since my mail box is kind of full.
  18. No problem, It's hard to look through all the fragments of detail with star wars even I get losted lol
  19. Hey, whats up Actually Corellia did have at time a king/monarch type of government/or ruling class. "Original Game Codex Text Corellia is a world that experiments with its system of government on a regular basis. Although it has most often been regarded as a monarchy due to the presence of royal rulers of some kind, these leaders’ direct hand in affairs of state has varied wildly throughout history. At various points, Corellia has been everything from an anarchic kleptocracy to a parliamentary democracy. The present Corellian government is composed of an elected council representing the planet’s major population districts. These men and women are led by a prime minister chosen by a council vote. Since the council’s alliance with the Empire, however, its members have earned lifetime appointments to their posts; what other changes the Empire may enforce is still uncertain." (Source http://www.swtor-spy.com/codex/corellian-government/1176/ )
  20. Hey Everyone! A quick Update: I have added 3 more Profiles to the Revenge of Revan Website revengeofrevan.com We have started to test a few more modules and writing more scenes for the game. I hope to increase the updates as we move toward spring. On a side note- I was involve in the Global Game Jam this past weekend. 48hrs to build a game. Our team of 6 built a game called ""Panic Cycle" Link: http://globalgamejam.org/2013/panic-cycle Its free to download - plus there are about 35,000 other free games that were created during the weekend- globally Check it out- oh hit F4 to expand the game screen to full screen. MORE TO COME, Logan
  21. Happy New Year!

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