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  1. Also, does anyone have any advice on setting a triggers coordinates? Literally never got how people create fresh triggers. Can you use any tools to work out placing them? 

    1. DarthParametric


      I create mine in Max, with the module layout loaded. You could do the same in Blender. You need to calculate the offset of each vertex to the pivot, going in (I believe) a clockwise direction. The way I go about it is to create a simple plane primitive, then give it the minimum number of subdivisions to get enough vertices to do the job. If you can get away with four, that's ideal, and will do the job most of the time, but sometimes you have to create a more complex shape. For example, here are some I created for the scene when Mission joins in the Taris Undercity:


      The grey one is the vanilla trigger, an inverted U shape that catches you whichever way you go. I wanted to jump the party so I had more control over where Mission spawns and runs to, so I split that into two separate triggers. Now it knows whether you go left or right and sets up the scene accordingly (red waypoints are the party jump destinations, pink is Mission's run-to destination).

    2. djh269


      I never thought about using those programs! I love the tiered setup of your Taris trigger, that's smart! 

      Have you used the Kotor Level Editor yet? That might also have the function to add triggers. I saw that others are using it for the Revenge of Revan mod.