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  1. "In 3960 BBY, the Mandalorians surrendered unconditionally, with Mandalore having been personally slain by Revan while the others were stripped of their weapons and armor and sent into exile in the Outer Rim."

    If this is true, why does most of the Mandalorians encountered in K1 still have their Armor? Can't remember if a character in the first game references this or not. Just wondering why Canderous Ordo doesn't have armor initially in the first game. 



    1. AmanoJyaku


      The most likely reason is Revan stripped them of their Beskar armor. What we see in the games is inferior:


      The highest quality sets are made by lightsaber-resistant beskar (Mandalorian Iron), but the exceptionally high cost and rarity of beskar has led to the use of durasteel, alum, and duraplast in armor production.

      Even before Revan, the Mandalorians had to use other materials and weren't wearing true Mandalorian armor.

    2. djh269


      Thanks for the information, I read that paragraph and questioned whether my Canderous mod was in line with the games Canon!