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  1. K2 Armor Nitpicks

    A bundle of my personal nitpicks to the armory of TSL. This compilation aims to rectify duplicates among other miscellaneous stuff. All the new textures are supposed to fit in, look like they belong. Hopefully they're up to standard.
    ~ M'uhk'gfa uses a new texture. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ Mandalorian Combat Suit uses a new texture. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ Heavy Battle Armor uses the unused PBH01 texture. No longer a duplicate and consistent with K1.
    ~ Echani Shield Suit uses the unused PBD07 texture. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ New fixed icon for Echani Heavy Armor. Let's just ignore the fact that it's obviously Mandalorian in design.
    ~ Reinforced Fiber Armor touched up item description. Since I'm not changing the texture, this is the least I can do because this armor most definitely isn't made of tree fibers like in the first game.
    ~ Jal Shey Neophyte Armor uses the unused PBM04 texture. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ New icon for Mandalore's Armor.
    Bonus restorations/others:


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  2. K1 Armor Nitpicks

    A bundle of my personal nitpicks to the armory of KOTOR. This compilation aims to rectify duplicates among other miscellaneous stuff (I have not considered GenoHaradan rewards for this effect). All the new textures are supposed to fit in, look like they belong. Hopefully they're up to standard.
    ~ Calo Nord's Battle Armor uses the PBG02 texture. Fits the color scheme much better in my opinion. In fact, I wonder if this was the intent all along.
    ~ Powered Battle Armor uses the PBG06 texture. Consistent with K2.
    ~ Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh uses the PBG05 texture. Consistent with K2.
    ~ Zabrak Combat Suit uses a new texture. The Echani Fiber Armor should be the recipient of this change really, but it's the iconic go-to armor in Taris for the PC. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ Zabrak Battle Armor uses a new texture. The Republic Mod Armor would be the target of this change but again, same deal. No longer a duplicate.
    ~ Mandalorian Assault Armor is no longer a disguise and uses the unused PBH07 texture. I know, I'm evil incarnate. Consistent with K2.
    ~ Mandalorian Heavy Armor uses a new texture.
    ~ Jedi Robes and Revan Armor no longer display their erroneous max DEX bonus. Less confusing.
    This mod does not fix the many pricing inconsistencies on armor; It does not address the Dark Jedi robes inconsistency; It does not address the Qel-Droma robes (yet).


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  3. Honest Merchant (TSLRCM)

    Brothers Dendis and Samhan Dobo decided to set up shop on the Telos citadel station. While Samhan opted to aquire his merchandise from dubious channels, Dendis kept himself, his inventory, and his prices, modest and ethical. This is why after TSLRCM I find it hard to believe that Dendis Dobo runs an honest but struggling business when I check his wares and see top-of-the-line gear and belongings of famous Jedi on sale.
    This mod was quickly whipped up to revert his store to it's original state. It goes without saying you should install this only if you're using TSLRCM.
    KTool..........................................................Fred Tetra
    TSLPatcher.....................................................stoffe & Fair Strides
    DeNCS..........................................................JdNoa & Dashus


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  4. Misc. Nitpicks

    Individual preferences and stuff that annoys me that I've not seen tackled anywhere else, or at least without being scattered around in different mods or not having been done quite how I would myself. Compatible with K1CP.
    Navardan Regenerator becomes a Level 2 implant because it costs more than another implant that does the exact same thing. Even if not for the cost, it's standing existence is reduntant. Bothan Sensory Visor switches price with Bothan Perception Visor. They're clearly mispriced. Security Decryption Interface is now appropriately priced. Two Carbonite Projectors were added to Mika Dorin's inventory. A matter of availability. Fixed descriptions of droid special weapons. Fixed/altered icon of several crystals. Brejik's Arm Band renamed to Brejik's Armband. Baragwin Ion-X Weapon now uses the unused w_IonRfl04.tpc texture. No longer a duplicate. NPC items no longer drop (Boohoo). All swords inside Ajunta Pall's sarcophagus have been revised according to description. Ajunta Pall's Blade renamed to Ajunta Pall's Sword. It shares it's texture with the Notched Steel Sword and the old texture is now used by Echani Ritual Brand. The ancient Vibrosword no longer floats besides the hands when wielded. The spirit of Ajunta Pall is deadlier if you walk the Light Side. Fixed plasma mines to deal Fire damage (Previously dealt Energy damage). A Wookiee Warblade can be found on the village of Rwookrrorro. If you have any kind of weapon model overhaul installed, please choose the appropriate option during patching.
    This mod does not fix the many pricing inconsistencies present on almost all item categories nor does it adress the duplicate (even triplicate) instances of reused textures on weapons.
    KTool..........................................................Fred Tetra
    TSLPatcher.....................................................stoffe & Fair Strides
    ERFEdit........................................................stoffe & Fair Strides


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  5. Weapon Base Stats Re-balance (K1)

    In KotOR 1 there is an obvious balancing issue concerning weapons that is especially noticeable in the early game, ie: Taris. What is it? Ranged Weapons are utterly outclassed by melee weapons. Yes, i know a stun stick isn't more powerful than a heavy repeater but I'm addressing the general problem here - In almost all situations you'll be better off charging at an enemy using your vibroblade instead of firing a blaster rifle, even when it seems like using a blaster would be the best option. The developers at Obsidian noticed this and in KotOR 2 blasters are now a viable option as well.
    So this mod changes the base stats of ranged weapons (damage, criticals etc.) to be like the ones on K2. But that's not all - I've also modified the lightsabers as well. Basically, ranged weapons and lightsabers will be statistically equal to their K2 counterparts; except for some weaponry damage values that i've kept unaltered purposely - It doesn't make sense that, for example, a disruptor and an ion pistol would do the same damage against an organic target.
    So following that:
    Blaster Pistols now do 1-8 damage instead of 1-6; Disruptors' critical threat range is now 18-20x2 instead of 20-20x2; Ion blasters' critical multiplier is now x3 instead of x2; Regular lightsabers now deal 2-20 damage instead of 2-16 etc...


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  6. NPC Alignment Fix

    This modification alters the alignment of various npcs to match their allegiance and characteristics, since in KotOR BioWare left everything neutrally aligned with few exceptions. Through this, "vs. alignment group" properties now have more opportunities to take effect as they should.
    Unlike in the sequel there's no Force Sight so I didn't get too fancy - it's mostly just set values all across the board to ensure everyone is firmly sitting in their respective sides. No longer will the game regard Darth Bandon as this misunderstood Grey individual, but instead as the smug good-for-nothing slimebag we all know him to be.
    What will this change, really?
    In terms of combat, the Solari crystal will work fully against every Dark Jedi (and more) you come across. Of course they now have a different fp usage dynamic as you would expect so it more or less balances itself out.
    What if I'm Dark-Sided?
    The Mantle of the Force crystal can remove your lightsaber's light-side restrictions. Also don't forget, mods that add items with bonuses versus alignments will benefit from these changes too, so you don't need to limit yourself only to what exists in the base game!
    As long as you install this mod last there really shouldn't be any issues other than different mods hard overwriting my changes, in which case they will take no effect, but nothing too serious. Due to the number of files this mod entails, it is very likely that any other mods that edit .utc files via override will coincide with the ones my modification references.
    Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool.
    stoffe for TSLPatcher and ERFEdit, updated by Fair Strides.
    The Deadlystream community for being an all-around helpful bunch.


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  7. Additional Power Crystals for TSL

    This modification adds extra power crystals to KotOR 2 with new icons and descriptions that follow the style of the KotOR games. Some crystals are taken from the EU and others are my own creation, so if you know your star wars lore well you will probably recognize some names while others will be novelty to you.
    As of version 1.3 there are +15 crystals plus some vanilla crystal description fixes: Color Bronze; Hurrikaine Crystal; Barab Ore Ingot.
    The Luxum crystal also made a return from K1, it's stats have been modified so it's no longer a lesser version of Firkrann.
    I did not implement the crystals at any point in the game and as such they're only obtainable through the console. Check the readme for all the codes. Elwood288 took the liberty of placing them if you're interested 


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  8. Dragon Scale Robe (Nasota Dyrel's Robe)

    Hello there, this is my first published mod on the site (It was on Filefront before but we all know what happened there :\) and it brings you a new robe. Although it is only a small addition to the game, I hope you download it and enjoy!
    To obtain the item in-game, open your console and write "giveitem jedirobe_15" without the quotes.
    (By the way, if you don't want to get a "Cheat Used" stamped on your save game screen, there is an optional folder inside the Zip file which will let you grab the robe in the Krayt Dragon's Cave in Tatooine).


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