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This modification alters the alignment of various npcs to match their allegiance and characteristics, since in KotOR BioWare left everything neutrally aligned with few exceptions. Through this, "vs. alignment group" properties now have more opportunities to take effect as they should.

Unlike in the sequel there's no Force Sight so I didn't get too fancy - it's mostly just set values all across the board to ensure everyone is firmly sitting in their respective sides. No longer will the game regard Darth Bandon as this misunderstood Grey individual, but instead as the smug good-for-nothing slimebag we all know him to be.


What will this change, really?

In terms of combat, the Solari crystal will work fully against every Dark Jedi (and more) you come across. Of course they now have a different fp usage dynamic as you would expect so it more or less balances itself out.

What if I'm Dark-Sided?

The Mantle of the Force crystal can remove your lightsaber's light-side restrictions. Also don't forget, mods that add items with bonuses versus alignments will benefit from these changes too, so you don't need to limit yourself only to what exists in the base game!


As long as you install this mod last there really shouldn't be any issues other than different mods hard overwriting my changes, in which case they will take no effect, but nothing too serious. Due to the number of files this mod entails, it is very likely that any other mods that edit .utc files via override will coincide with the ones my modification references.



Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool.

stoffe for TSLPatcher and ERFEdit, updated by Fair Strides.

The Deadlystream community for being an all-around helpful bunch.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Added admiral Karath.
  • Added Chuundar.
  • Removed unused Dark Jedi trio.
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