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  1. It just baffles me that EA just doesn't GET Star Wars. I mean compare this supposed 'golden age' of Star Wars to the time when the prequels came out. I remember games like EP1 Racer, Bounty Hunter, Obi-Wan, Jedi Outcast... the list goes on. The renewed interest in Star Wars really resulted in some great games. Meanwhile what has EA/Disney/LF done since 2015? Two mediocre Battlefront games... A Lego tie in game for TFA and two in development games... ON TOPIC: I think I'll wait before labeling this as bad news. Many people have already pointed out Obsidian would be bought sooner or later. The sales for Pillars 2 have been piss poor and I think that also contributed to Obsidian selling out. Also, Microsoft isn't really known for mismanaging franchises or devs. People are always quick to bring up Halo or Fable. But Halo was changing developers (who didn't really do things the way Bungie did it, and it shows). And Fable's Lionhead was a case of mismanagement and expensive projects (Fable legends was 75M) And Lionhead "knew internally that the game wasn't incredibly fun." Again. If Obsidian is known for anything it is producing games really quickly. Those games may be buggy but the gameplay always has a certain polish. I guess the only thing that could lead to bad things would be Microsoft following the trend of publishers Obsidian has worked with (LucasArts, Bethesda) in saying 'WE WANT IT DONE IN X MONTHS AND IF IT ISN'T DONE WE'LL SHIP IT ANYWAY." And let Obsidian take most of the blame.
  2. It just baffles me that Disney gave the license to EA of all companies... I mean I already knew Disney doesn't really know how to handle video games (I mean for god sake there are NO GOOD games based on the MCU, besides the Lego games and even those are 'decent'). But if I were to give the license of my AAA franchise to anyone, I really wouldn't give it to the 'worst company' in the video game industry. I'd much rather have seen that Bethesda got the license, as all of the crappy things like microtransactions, shady practices and mismanagement of franchises seem to barely happen there. ON TOPIC: While studio shutdown is always a possibility. I think we can all agree Microsoft buying Obsidian is MUCH MUCH better than EA or Activision scooping them up. One thing that always seemed to cause some studios under Microsoft to be shut down was that they just weren't delivering. Some staff put the closure down to "a string of bad decisions and mismanagement" (With Lionhead). And while Chris Avellone showed us Obsidian management may be pricks, I think we can all agree they can pump out titles in record time if they have to (KOTOR 2 and New Vegas). And I think if you want the RPG crowd flocking to consoles, Obsidian is the way to go (Bioware isn't really in a good place right now after ME:Andromeda and Beth with F76 isn't getting a good response either.)
  3. Is KOTOR 2 really the best Star Wars game though? I mean, sure, story-wise it beats pretty much almost everything. But gameplay-wise, some aspects have aged rather poorly (The combat, some combat-heavy areas as a result). That really require some getting used to if you've played... well any recent ARPG (Dragon Age, Witcher 2-3). I'd argue if we talk strictly about gameplay and replay value, I'd argue Jedi Academy is really the best game out there. It has the advantage over KOTOR in that it fully makes use of it's 3D space (I mean in KOTOR you're restricted to walkmeshes and there's no jump button, so bye bye lightsaber acrobatics.). Story-wise though, it ranks somewhere in the middle. It's as trope-y and safe a Star Wars story as you can get, while still being entertaining. Well... I guess I am trying to say is... would you rank the games by gameplay or by story?
  4. If there is only one conditional, that means the game probably uses it like so: If Czerka true = Czerka path taken Else = Ithorian path taken. Basically if the conditional for Czerka is false, the game probably assumes you helped the Ithorians (which in this case is perfectly fine as there are only two paths).
  5. I am pretty sure one exists. Kreia talks about the fate of Telos at Malachor V's Trayus Core. She will mention either Chodo and his herd or Czerka's involvement in the restoration project. So you could look for a conditional in the dialog file used by Darth Traya at the Trayus Core. (Unsure if it is kreia.dlg or a special traya .dlg file, you'd have to check the .utc file used)
  6. I also recall Atris saying "When both wars passed me by, I was determined not to forsake battle again." I always interpreted that as she saying she didn't do squat in the Mandalorian Wars, and also didn't really do anything noteworthy in the Jedi Civil War (apart from hoarding, Holocrons relocating to Telos IV)
  7. Moving the ^ symbol 1px down on all relevant font files seems to have fixed it
  8. 1280x960, but the problem seems to go away with 1280x1024, only to pop up somehwere else (??) so it seems to be dependant on resolution as well.
  9. The GOG version. If you use the Steam version and it's not an issue with that version, then maybe porting the font textures will fix it?
  10. The capital N in the menu font seems to have a few pixels underneath it and it drives me nuts. It has something to do with all the letters in the font file being too close together I think. Back when Filefront was still online, they hosted a font fix for KOTOR 2 which fixed this issue. I cannot find this file anywhere anymore and was wondering if anyone still has it?
  11. hmm maybe thats 'it then. Visas, despite her high influence was neutral, with a touch of light side.
  12. So I was playing as a Light Side male with TSLCRM and a handful of other mods. And once I got to the Ravager and Visas' mediation chamber, I get her Dark Side speech and red clouds. The prompt says she strengthened her connection to the Dark Side but that seems a bit strange considering I am Light Side and have high influence. One thing I DID do differently than on my earlier playthroughs was after the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence, deny her the chance to meditate with me and 'look at me'. My guess is that that somehow locked her Dark Side trigger for her meditation chamber, though I would find that a bit odd. So is Visas' chamber sequence determined by that conversation on the Ebon Hawk after Dantooine, rather than influence or the LS/DS points of your character?
  13. I just wanted to say, I have the T-posing issue with Atton too. I noticed it when I was on the Ebon Hawk and HK was torturing HK-50 to get the location of the Droid factory. And I too, have the supermodel fix you made @JCarter426 So I guess something broke in the 'leaning' animation (Atton uses it at the Trayus Core too I believe)
  14. That texture is the same as PER_CPanel. Obsidian likely used that texture and simply copied and renamed it.