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  1. From what I know, this mod(reshade rtgi), uses pixels brightness relative to the surroundings to draw indirect lights. It is possible that the textures you are using from the mod is not bright enough. For example: Not all blue screens have ambient light, only the brightest one does. I can only suggest put indirect light slider to the max in the RTGI options. Speaking for lightsabers, I just tested it, and it appears that lightsabers do not cast ambient light, checking depth buffer shows why. Lightsabers blade does not have any 3d geometry, so RTGI does not know the position of the light to cast, at least that is what I think is happening.
  2. There is full control on how dark your ambient occlusion is, you can even turn it off. So the darkness is my fault, I set it a bit darker than default setting, its hard to explain what is AO if the can not see it. Biggest drawback for this SSR is that it makes every surface shiny, that might work for some planets like Taris, but for others will not. SSR shader is available at the link bellow for anyone to try it out. 1. Install ReShade 2. Put those files into shaders game folder
  3. There is a thing called "Screen Space Reflections" is what I think you are looking for. Its been available for reshade for a while. I just tried it, but I am getting a lot of visual artifacts, did not tried to fix it due to time, but I will post screens anyway, I set shininess to the max for demonstration. SSR with SSGI
  4. Yes, those are real time lights, some pics from Ebon Hawk which kinda have similar dark environment you are describing, I made lights extra bright there to show effects. plus old pic
  5. This mod is made by Pascal Gilcher, and it works on any game which has Depth Buffer access. The mod in the beta stage right now, and only available to patreon users, but it will be available for free for all once its done. This mod adds Ray Traced Global illumination to the screen space(depth buffer) to lit the scene. Global Illumination is consists of 2 things, Indirect shadows(ambient occlusion) and Indirect light. I will post bellow few comparison shots bellow, it worth mention that it is very option heavy, for example you can choose how long your shadows are, or how bright or dark indirect light are, and I choose setting which I felt are right for this game. Comparison shots: