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    View File Custom Selkath Animation Custom Selkath Animation By Alvar007 This is my first mod release, so I hope I'm doing everything all right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: This mod adds a new entirely custom animation made by me to the TALK_FORCEFUL unused slot of the Selkath model. This will allow the Selkath to play an "angry talk" animation whenever it's called in their dialogues which is a bunch of times. INSTALLATION: Just run the .exe that comes with this download and select the game's installation main folder (NOT override). COMPATIBILITY: This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't alter the Selkath model and/or appearance in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter Alvar007 Submitted 02/21/2020 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    Greetings, mod's author - congrats with the release! I hope you don't mind me giving you a feedback or two. So, in the installation setup you were using -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow0=modtyp [modtyp] RowLabel=40 modeltype=F That's OK, but the mod will only worked with Alien_Selkath_01 which is in RowLabel=40 while there are three variants [four, w/ Lite_Selkath_01 for whom using K1CP I'd gather] overall. Therefore, you may want to replace those with -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow0=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_01_0 ChangeRow1=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_02_0 ChangeRow2=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_03_0 [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_01_0] RowIndex=40 modeltype=F [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_02_0] RowIndex=259 modeltype=F [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_03_0] RowIndex=260 modeltype=F To have that result you may want to use ChangeEdit's Compare feature which button looking like -- Also, you may want to take account of K1CP's user with your setup [and for those who don't it'll do no harm - benefits, even] by adding this following the above -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow3=appearance_mod_lite_selkath_01_0 [appearance_mod_lite_selkath_01_0] RowIndex=323 race=N_Selkath walkdist=1.7 rundist=5.4 driveanimwalk=1.7 driveanimrun=5.4 racetex=**** modeltype=F Then, you will have your INI setup pretty much like -- And there you can update the INI of this awesome mod to be -humbly speaking- working optimally. I hope I did everything right there, as I wrote this after staying up all night, lol! Much thanks for considering, and may the Force serve you well!
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    That's good to know Salk, thanks! I have now learned how to use TSLPatcher and it's going to be useful for the Selkath mod. Also, for anyone interested, as per @Liserg's request I managed to fix the animations for Darth Malak so that he can now use all the animations from the humanoid supermodels including the cutscene ones while maintaining his original ones as you can see here: I added a custom portrait for him as well, and made him selectable in the character creation menu. I also ported both Nihilus and Malak (the latter having all the additional animations from K2) to K1 and K2 respectively: But I have a problem when trying to play as them from the selectable character menu: Nihilus dissapears after the first cutscene (right when the dialogue with Trask) and Malak has his head placed down a little inside his body. So they only properly work selecting them from KSE at the moment. Anyway, I could make a mod release for Malak at least if someone is interested.
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    Thanks for reporting this! This is a situation the code doesn't consider, so it crashes (unfortunately). I can reproduce the problem, but I'll have to hunt down to place where it happens when I have more time. In the mean time just make sure your animations have nodes in them if your experience another crash (or alternatively delete the animations). Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    The Selkath mod and Darth Malak fix have been uploaded. I will only do the items for the other two for now, since I can't figure out how to fix those problems. I have sent a message to @ำƒhrizby asking for permission to use his Darth Nihilus Animation Fix that I want to include with my port, but he hasn't connected for a year so I don't know if I can upload it if he doesn't reply. Also, I wanted to create a custom icon for the Darth Malak item (you can check it out in the Malak fix) but it appears so big that it fills the whole UI space in game instead of having that blue frame around it like the rest of the icons. Anyone knows how can I achieve that?
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    Thank you for the in-depth review of sorts it's really appreciated, these are definitely some things I will need to look into. Leaving the characters in place was just so that I had sets of co-ordinates to work with when placing new NPC's and so that it was not just a bunch of empty levels, though this is much easier now using the Kotor Toolset, but it is still good to have the Z Axis values as reference especially for placeables. One thing to note is that I don't remember modifying the main menu and wonder which files you are referring to? The only alteration to menus I believe was the TSLRCM / M478EP Animated Logo that I obtained permission to include. Making it so that dialog can all be skipped is definitely something I will change in future versions, I only tested the borders of Tatooine once and didn't think to make them skippable, though the same can be said for the rest of the dialog I have added into the game. As for the swoop tracks, the current versions are based off of the Telos Swoop Track but modified to have the relevant rooms, swoop bike and camera models from the first game, I really need to spend a bit of time diagnosing the problem properly ( such as the exit transition script / going through it step by step ), I also need to make sure it loads two different versions of each track for the upgradeable swoop bike mod by bead-v that I have permission to include. The Swoop Tracks are definitely an integral part of the mod that I need to get working, I haven't spent as much time on this project recently as I would have liked to but intend to sit down and work on it again properly for a few days sometime soon. Though I have the story ideas laid out now, I also have sets of test rooms to view all the placeables, characters and alien dialog to help me choose what I will want where. Using just alien dialog might be a bit of a setback in terms of quality it is the best option for the moment. I spent quite a while making changes to M478 because I felt the jumping transitions were really off-putting / disorientating, I have also played the game through a few times looking for odds and ends to fix ( distracting myself from the main part of the project ) I have since played M478 through quite a few times and found everything to work correctly, though I haven't been able to find two items to finish a quest there neither in the vanilla nor in my modified version, but this might just be that I have overlooked a container / placeable somewhere. ( Quest is Archon Communication - I obtained the schematics from one droid and didn''t find the other two items ) But eventually I do intend this project to come bundled with various fixes, the extra areas and as many Quality of Life improvements as I can make, I am also looking for suggestions on anything that might need changing, fixing or editing in the main game, I have a large folder of screenshots that I need to go through pin-pointing things I have already located to modify, move, remove or fix. Again thank you for your kind words and notes on any issues, also apologies for my long-winded response.
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    Not done yet, but here's a sneak peek: I tried more towards red but it made her look like a clown or something ๐Ÿ˜
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    Both Sith Lords selectable in both games would be awesome. Would love to see the Malak one. Thank you for your work.
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    Here, extract this into your Override and see how it looks. [TSL]_PFHA04_Eye_Clipping_Fix.7z
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    Yeah, I'll tackle Redhawke's mods. If that logo checks out, I think it's a great idea and will use it.
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    Congrats to your awesome work Alvar007! Hope there are much more to come yet๐Ÿ˜€ those custom animations greatly enhance the immersion factor so badly needed when comparing to todays standards.
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    In this Topic i want to share my current progress on a project to make the visual appearance of the Planets in Kotor 2 more appealing. While learning to create textures in my previous Mods like the Complete Overhaul Series for K1, this mod is the end- product of that process over the years. The overall goal of this mod is to bring more of the movie flair to the game by emulating the panel designs of the Prequel, Sequel Trilogy and (perhaps in the future) Battlefront II. I know this is a very ambitious project so i cant tell if im able to pull it off in time, but while its already covering large parts of the game, i try to improve it, by adding some textures here and there from time to time. WIP Screenshots:
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    Alvar007 i congratulate you on the mod premiere, thank you for your fantastic work and thank you for the fact that thanks to you K1 is getting better and more interesting!
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    Congratulations, Alvar007! I will be soon installing and testing thoroughly this after making the necessary amendments to the installation setup. Thanks for this and for the drinking animation too! Cheers!
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    The problem with the animations in the attached ASCII is that the tracks are empty. MDLEdit is a primadonna. It throws a tantrum if everything isn't just right.
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    I have an issue where MDLedit chokes on a very simple skybox model. I tried both 1.0.3 and 1.0.104b and in both cases MDLedit just crashes when loading the model. MDLops 1.0.0 on the other hand can handle the model just fine. However, the ceiling of the skybox in the compiled model is rotated compared to my 3dsMax scene. That's probably a different issue but I thought I'd mention it just in case it turns out to be important. Any help here would be very much appreciated. I attached both the ASCII exported from 3dsMax and the compiled model from MDLops. 402dxnz.zip Edit: Turns out that it was an issue with the animation in the model. I exported it without animations and now everything is working fine and there were no animations in use anyway. Not sure what the issue was before so maybe it's still helpful for you to improve MDLedit.
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    Thanks for your input ebmar. I am not familiar at all with K1CP but I guess I can release an update with those changes you are saying.
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    Congratulations on the mod release! Those selkath look quite funny in that animation, but I had never thought of the Selkath as lacking the "Angry talk" animation, good catch.
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    Ok, glad you found a way. Most people here want the patcher to add a new character. If you replace an existing character then you could get away with throwing some files in the override. Which is what I do with the TSL player mods that I make to work on Steam, the Patcher is not an option there.
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    Thank You, I am still working on this regularly but slowly. I have had trouble getting the swoop tracks working but I am still trying and I will be adding Pazaak players to each planet at some point, trying to focus on laying out a decent storyline for each area that fits with the game and trying to make links between both games. Also pin-pointing things that need fixing throughout the main game. Currently the mod only has three HK-50 encounters and the mystery box ( which doesn't have a journal entry and no way to end the quest yet ) but this allows players to get HK-47 restored before visiting their first planet, it always annoyed me that players had to miss out on at least one planets worth of dialog for HK before they could restore them. Being that it is just me working on this it is likely going to take quite some time ( possibly years ) before I finish everything, but I am still holding out hope that others will begin to contribute, offering their expertise or fixes for the game to be bundled as one in the future, I have already reached out to some mod authors and been given permission to include some fixes / mods. I am trying to stay true to the original game and only include fixes / mods that feel like they should be in the game.
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    wow I am glad I looked in this section. I downloaded also as I love that head in K2 and it's great I can now use it in K1. Thank you for doing this Effix
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    It's amazing and fantastic that you are still working on this! I hope that you are able to enable the Swoop tracks! That would be awesome. Maybe even some pazzak players on Tatooine or Manaan?
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    This is great! Unfortunately, I'm on Mac, and it seems that I can't use tsl patcher. Is there some way to make it to where you just drop the files into override? If not that's fine, but I'll have to go through a convoluted process of installing it. EDIT: Ok, so after an hour, and using an emulator, I got tsl patcher to work on mac! I am HACKER MAN. The mod works perfectly, and of course anyone on pc won't have to go through the convoluted process of trial and error I went through. Thank you, btw!
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    SO sorry to bump this age-old thread however its title bears more significance than me posting 'JumpStationZ is closing" ๐Ÿ˜… All of my mods are available on countless sites, including here.. however RedHawke's are not. My site will be closing on Aprill 11th, 2020 as I simply no longer have the time to do anything with the site. Haven't for years honestly, but I don't feel like paying for the site any longer either... hehe. Just a fair warning, if you want any of RedHawke's stuff.. or anyone who wants the mantle of maintaining Red's mods (I'd prefer the Deadly Stream Site itself or one of its staffers).. please feel free to volunteer. I'm quite sure Red would be grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.jumpstationz.com/RedHawke/ This also goes for my Mods Archive, so grab those mods while you can too. I've seen the link posted around here on the forums publicly, so it's not hard to find. Staff should have it, or you can email me for link. (I don't personally post it publicly for Mod Permissions sake / policy). If anyone chooses to host Red's mods as his personal site (such as link above).. I think I made a "drop everything in one folder" archive version somewhere. If I can dig it up, I'll let Deadly Stream staff know.
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    I did some brief testing myself, but please give this a try: Effixians_PFHA04_from_K2_to_K1.zip
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    Have you tried it in the Override? Typically PlaySound is used for files from sounds.bif, not Streamsounds. You also want to make sure it is a mono WAV.
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    To be honest, I had no hope that Darth Malak's model would ever be animated. Thank you for knowing how difficult this task is and how much easier it would be to refuse citing employment, you not only did a great job with it, you did much more, you fulfilled a dream. Thank you very much for this and immense respect.
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    Using KSE is basically equivalent to using them as a disguise. Since they are full body models, a disguise is probably the most expedient route for a mod, albeit one saddled with a few potential issues. If you really want to make a version that turns up in the character creation menu then you'll need to split out the heads to their own model, make provision for them in heads.2da and portraits.2da, etc. Look at an existing head mod for an idea of how the setup works. The main difference would be that you'd need to set every body model to their matching custom body, not the regular underwear/clothes/armour/robes models. Note that since character creation ignores the head's appearance.2da row, the head will be slapped on the appropriate class outfit in K1 and commoner clothes in TSL for that bit.
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    The two heads are both shading issues. It's a common problem with a number of head models, usually down to the fact that there are UV seams in those areas and thus the mesh is split along those seams, causing hard shaded edges. Attempts to fix the issue are often mixed. A lot depends on the specifics of the particular head model. I'm not really clear on what you are referring to with Zaalbar. His texture is garbage, but aside from that it looks about on par. Edit: Here's a smoothed out Trask: Although he has a bigger problem, namely that his eyelid meshes clip pretty badly. That's probably more effort to fix. Edit 2: I tried a kind of simplistic fix. Turned off the render flags for the original eyelash trimeshes and weighted the upper edges of the eyesockets to the lash bones without creating any actual new eyelash geometry. It doesn't look as bad as I was expecting, but try it out and see what you think. Extract the attached into your Override folder. Trask_Head_Smoothing_and_Eyelids_Fix.zip
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    Have you seen it already? I REALLY like how it turned out.
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    Played around to try and make the eyes a bit better as his eyes were really dead. However, I'm having an issue with the animations of the face. You can see it from this video: and this, Test #2 Just need to figure out the scar on the left cheek and whether and how to remap the eyes. Finally, I'll apply the discoloration layer afterwards.
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    Hello all. So I don't know how many people are aware of it, but there is a bug between Two-Weapon Fighting and all Double-Bladed weapons in KotOR I. The Two-Weapon Fighting feat says it should affect all double-bladed weapons, but it doesn't, meaning that using a double-bladed weapon will not incur attack penalties like they should, even if a player has none of the Two-Weapon Fighting Feats selected (this can be checked with the combat log). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728196381 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728196359 That shows that Blaster Rifle, a two-handed weapon, is only using the primary hand slot for its stats, whereas the Double-Bladed Saber uses both primary and off-hand slot, thus it being a two-handed weapon should not affect the fact that this perk doesn't work correctly with it (also, Two-Weapon Fighting later mentions affect double-bladed weapons in KotOR II, so this isn't an oversight by the devs). I would just like a mod that fixes this small issue, or someone to show me how to do it. I know: "Why would you want to handicap yourself when you aren't facing penalties?". I just want to play the game the way it was meant to be. Thanks for reading! ~Twysted