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    That is a known issue - same goes for pre-2.8 version of the add-on. Apparently, it has something to do with keyframe interpolation. Exported animations and imported armatures work OK though, so it's not exactly high on my todo list. I'm not aware of any hard limitations of KotorBlender, with regards to creating new characters. It may not have as many utilities as NWmax, it lacks tutorials, but you can certainly model, texture and rig new characters using KB.
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    View File Mandalorian Jagi Making its DeadlyStream debut while my other mod ideas are still cooking, but here's a simple change to spice up your KotOR immersion. This mod does two things, three at most. 1. Changes Jagi's appearance to a reskinned PMHB03--I tried to give a scarred/burned texture to the head to imply that Jagi did not survive Altheri unscathed. 1.5. Puts Jagi in Mandalorian Battle Armor--he wasn't at Malachor, which means he wasn't there when Revan committed cultural genocide. 2. Changes the appearance and soundset of Jagi's two thugs from Rodians to Mandalorian Warriors--he said he sent the call out to the surviving clans, so why shouldn't he bring them along? Submitter PirateofRohan Submitted 04/08/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    For creating a portrait I think most people load the model up in Blender and place a simple shaded / coloured background behind them. Though you could always use gimp or photoshop to edit it and give it a similar background to the other portraits in the game. As far as I know portraits are listed in the portraits.2da file and then referenced by the associated number in .utc files by PortraitID I use K-GFF Editor and 2DA Editor to access these filetypes, the above is an example of the Yuthura Portrait added in my port of KotOR1 to KotOR2. This should be everything you need to add a custom portrait besides the making of the portrait itself. Perhaps you could edit one of these. Hopefully that helps, you may need to edit it somewhat.
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    True. To be honest, there's very little left to compete, it's just been so long for me that I've forgotten how to do it (I think all that's left is some scripts to position HK48 at the right area during cutscenes). I once took some sage advice that I should never ask for voice work until the mod was 100% complete, and here I am several years later, when once I arrogantly thought it was ready at 98%. So, yeah, I def regret not taking that advice. HK-48 means a lot to me personally, so I do promise that I will finish it when I can. I just need to relearn KOTOR modding in the meantime.
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    Expanded Galaxy Project 1.0.7 Update ( Project & Patches available on ModDB, NexusMods & Discord ) Demo Available on DeadlyStream. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1717-expanded-galaxy-demo/ Currently that I know of RoR, K1 & K2 can now all be played through in full under the same installation using the templates I provide to swap between them. ( I haven't tested the RoR demo in a little while now but it should still all work fine, I have tested K1 in full multiple times throughout the course of working on 1.0.6 & 1.0.7 as well as have tested K2 up to leaving Telos Academy and tested the latter half of the game multiple times before ) I also have a template that works and allows you to install TJM at the same time as well, but I am awaiting permission to release it. It is also now possible to use the RoR heads in K1 & K2, by installing the Expanded Galaxy Project ( you don't have to install the port, but the templates will be required to swap between K1, K2 or RoR. To do this simply install Expanded Galaxy Project for K2, then install RoR on top of that, then use the template from the Port to swap back to K2 ( K2E Install Template ) Then copy appearance.2da, heads.2da and portraits.2da from the RoR template or install over to the override folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K3RvDkG5n_8Dp66Gd3KX5FYlitwKmbZy/view?usp=sharing The above template allows you to swap back to playing RoR. Hopefully this makes sense to people and is a valid enough excuse to bump my own topic. The overall goal of the project once again is to improve both games as much as physically possible within the limitations of the original engine. Random Desktop Backrounds! Thanks to everybody that has helped the project so far and continues to do so, though it is still just me working on the project for the best part I continue to see new and interesting releases every day as well as receive useful / helpful advice from many, now with the majority of the issues out of the way I can finally begin building on the first game as much as possible and importing variables over from savedata that will allow for changes to be made to the second game using the save importer by lachjames which can easily be modified to import other variables. It is my hope to have the overall outlook of each planet in the first game reflect the initial outlook of each planet in the second game. As well as have a strong story revolving around the main character / companions and another simple galaxy crawl and search for this or that. In the case of K2 that will be the Padawans to the Masters that were on Katarr during the devastation of the Jedi, or something along those lines. For K1 that will be something surrounding getting in contact with the Council for better or for worse to discuss what happened to you. For now the RoR heads / species do not have specific stat boosts in K1 or K2 but I am sure I could get that working at some point too and make it a totally optional mod. ( I decided to figure out how to make this work as I figured people would like to use the other species to change up the gameplay every once in a while, though I know it wouldn't be canon ) Thanks for listening and keeping up with the project. Thor110
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    For me the Yavin IV didn't work. Or at least it caused the same missing texture issues already on the character creation screen. So I didn't try playing it further. Not sure why it would work for you but not for me... weird
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    Thank You, it is quite ambitious and may take years to complete. The new storyline / quests will all be optional. Entirely new main and side quests for the K1 planets set in the K2 era. Though I have been slacking a little bit recently ( taking a break ) I will be back to working on both Expanded Galaxy Projects soon, the Port is very nearly done and will require an Expanded Galaxy all of it's own to introduce the K2 planets into K1 in K2s engine. I am almost always on the Discord if anyone wants to get involved, ask me questions, offer suggestions, test or anything else etc https://discord.gg/g9cnEvr Thor110 Update : Check the first post in this topic or the Discord for more information and links to 0.9.4 & the 0.9.5 patch! ( Up to 0.9.8 patches available and a standalone release on the Discord sever for the project ) Extra : YouTube Video below with a lengthy description of the state of the port part of the project! I have also finally been working on the main project again! Install Instructions for the project in the video below. ( Inside the spoiler box )
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    Very ambitious project and impressive results so far, @Thor110! I’m curious how K2 Expanded Galaxy are going to handle the planets from K1? Will visiting these planets be mandatory or optional? About quests/side quests for K1 planets: Are you planning on creating entirely new side quests or reusing the majority of the side quests from K1?
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    Could use the Sewers as the lower levels of Coruscant and just rename the Rakghouls Cthon https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cthon/Legends
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    I briefly checked out some of the new changes and it's amazing to see the galaxy map filled out like it is. In my brief investigation, I found a few, probably known, issues. Alpha channels on the Rakatan planet seem to be missing, giving a lot of things a transparent look. (Elder base exterior, and the crashed Republic ship, for example) The elder's base outer area (where the electric fence is in 1) seems to be missing an exit. Once you're there, you are stuck. The swoop bike guy (yes, it is one of those things that very much interests me lol) on Tatooine seems to now just be a clone of the Telos swoop bike guy (dialogue wise, appearance wise he's still the roodian). When you take him up on his offer of swoop racing he takes to the Telos track and once that's complete, you return to the Telos Entertainment Cantina. Sleyheyron works exactly as your post describes. Still impressive to see it ported over and all that. Awesome work as always though.
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    Done. You'll have to rename the files to what you'll need yourself. This concludes the transaction. Sarna TGA.7z
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    I've been meaning to say this for a while but now might just seem to be the best time to say it:
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    We have several issues that need to be taken care of before you even get to the portrait stage: 1) Though I was sent a save and some 2da files, I don't have an updated UTC file for Sarna. Now to everyone else out there that isn't currently aware of this, I don't work with UTC files in my mod. I'm mostly a texture only mod type of guy. (loadscreens.2da being an exception in my TSL loading screen packs) As such, I wouldn't even be able to begin to explain how he can adjust Sarna's UTC file to have her wearing a Republic Trooper uniform. Which leads to the next problem... 2) From what I gather, Sarna's head just doesn't have a mask hook on it. So will Neville tackle that issue so that Sarna can wear that helmet? 3) That helmet is from @Sithspecter's Republic Helmet mod. Not sure if you've received permission to use that. How are you planning on dealing with that? Note that I've tagged SS in this post so he sees this. When you requested portraits for this mod you've been discussing lately, I thought you'd be - um - further along. If the mod isn't ready enough to show the character in the uniform you want her in, it's too early to have portraits done. Unless you want her looking like she did in the cantina - in civilian clothing.
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    Might anyone be willing to find all of the lines that Jolee Bindo says in the Korriban Expansion mod by @newbiemodder? Reasonably, you may be wondering why I might ask for this . . . Seeing as many folks have been making samples of characters (from both KOTOR and TSL) saying various things, it might be interesting to try and put these new methods to actual use in a mod. Mind you, I wouldn't be doing anything with this but if someone else had the lines, the sound files, knowledge on how to make LIP files and the time, they could make some sort of compatibility patch. In addition, most of these examples that have cropped up lately have been almost universally female characters. If using AI models is the way of the future, let's see male characters be tested on in addition to female characters.
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    Nexus Mods and Vortex use a totally different game structure (Basically anything Bethesda built), so you'll still be downloading them manually. I don't even know if Vortex can run Kotor nor would I advise trying, since it uses a totally different engine and loading process. If you downloaded 7Zip and installed it, you should be able to Right-Click the zipped file (Rar or Zip, it doesn't matter) and then "Extract here". You could also use "Extract to [name of the file]" which will create a new folder for the download to be in, but it isn't strictly necessary. (Your folders will look pretty messy though) Please note that TSLPatcher is not designed nor is it advisable to run it from inside of a zipped folder. You will want to extract it before continuing past this step. TSLPatcher is a utility that runs like any other EXE; you double click it and follow the on-screen instructions and then select the folder your game is installed in. This varies, but for me it is installed in my C : Drive under Lucas Games and then "SWKOTOR2". Bear in mind that TSLPatcher changes the main files inside of the Modules folder and other main files, so it's always good to use the Backup folder created beside the TSLPatchData folder if anything goes wrong. For "loose" files such as textures and some UTCs (Always follow the instructions on the Readme to prevent installing things in the wrong place), you can extract the files and then move them to your Override folder which is basically a special folder that overwrites the game files with whatever is in it. There are also some mods that require you to move the files to other locations like "StreamMusic" or "Movies", but they are generally rare and as long as you follow the instructions in the Readme, you should be fine. If you have any issues, then we will see if we can figure them out.
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    I mean you can always look up how to uncompress a rar file. I’m sorry you feel you have bad experience with modders but honestly you need to do a bit of research on your own to mod games, that is just how it is. However see the link below, it explains how to extract files using 7zip. These are rar extension archives so you will have to uncompress them with a file program like 7zip to even be able to open them. See link for how to extract; https://7ziphelp.com/how-to-use-7-zip
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    Alright they were uploaded as .rar files a type of compression format. Sounds like you need to download 7zip. You can find that here: https://www.7-zip.org/ Also no need to be snippy, its gonna be fine.
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    You may want to clear your cache or go into incognito mode. I just tried download both of the mods you said aren’t working and was able to download them just fine.