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    So i have found a way to re-add the files to the phone itself for moding kotor, although it does require buying the imazing software. the steps are: 1. buy both imazing and kotor 2 2. in imazing it lets you copy a app to a computer. doing this will give you a .imazingbackup file(close to a .ipa file) 3. unzip it to make it accessible 4. once in you navigate to \kotor\KOTOR\Container\Documents\KOTOR . that will put you in the right place to put all the mods in the dlc folder ( it should have the dlc folder, current saves folder, temp folder, and others ) 5. add mods with patches or overrides as you see fit( please be careful ) 6. now reopen imazing and go plug your phone in. go to files , then find kotor 2 , then find the corresponding folder that you messed with for the mods 7. open the unzipped folder at \kotor\KOTOR\Container\Documents\KOTOR. now just drag and drop the dlc folder and imazing will copy all the files to the game on your phone. good luck and if any questions arise just ask.
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    You have to use a cracked exe. It won't work with a protected exe, such as from Steam or one of the CD/DVD versions. Grab this one - https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1320-kotor-editable-executable/
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    As @DarthRevan101isn't following this thread, I thought I'd ping him for you. So it is seen.
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    Alright I've played around with the "brown" Jedi Knight robe a bit. This time the trousers are black to match the wrist guards and the robe's colouring is slightly more desaturated to avoid the yellow/green look it was having in motion/lighting. There's an unintended side effect of a slightly "worn" pattern on the robe, but it honestly looks kinda nice if I may say so myself.
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    Here's the idea: Unique Shen and Rahasia heads Contrasting clothing for the Sandrals versus the Matales Alternate Old Commoner heads for Ahlan and Nurik (since at least those heads are underused in the game proper) Swap out Casus' generic corpse for one of the appropriate look/skin tone The only part I'm having trouble with is this last part. I would think the simplest way is to copy how the game does Nemo's corpse (invisible placeable with the dead NPC placed on top of it), but the tutorials I've seen either don't address this skill or assume greater knowledge of scripting than I currently have. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    What you are asking for might be a bit much, however I did suggest to someone a while back that they could add the Enclave Sublevels to K1's Dantooine. The main problem with that however is that they have the look they did in K2 and could use reskinning as well as their models editing to remove any damage in the area. Just adding them in is easy enough, creating the content to make use of it all is another thing altogether as I know all too well. I did always think it was weird that the doors to the Enclave were always there in the first game. ( the above is a screenshot of the first games levels in the second game )
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    Get TSLRCM 1.8.6 on Deadlystream: Or through the Steam workshop. Changes; * Soundset of Coorta and Thugs changed from Mira to Commoner Male * Fixed always failing persuasion check for the Ithorian coming in when stealing the prototype shield * Fixed skipped line in 203TEL * Wrong VO used for aliens on Nar Shaddaa * Added fix for the "friendly Twin Suns" gamebreaking issue. * Added alternative female Revan line on Goto's Yacht. * One revan good/dark convo check was swapped in Disciple conversation * Fixed issue where one could get stuck if entering the enclave with Kreia and a third party member and was controlling the third member. * Fixed "good react" suddenly branching to Dark Side dialogue with certain options in Kreia's global dialog. * Visas: "Is her kind rare" and "What's a Miraluka" response from Atton was swapped. * Kreia's first good path no longer decreases -INF after selecting "Perhaps you are right", canceling out the loss and gain like the first dark side path. * Fixed Sith Assassin and Jedi Watchmaster losing ability to select Dual Strike. * Fixed 232hk50006 not playing on steam * Fixed NPC rotation when talking to Hanharr * Fixed a missing script for female players on Onderon. * Fixed Disciple conversation abrubly ending * Added a female version of a line to Tobin's dialog * Fixed typos in dialog.tlk December 18 KOTOR2 will release on mobile devices. For TSLRCM 1.8.6 on mobile click here: Additionally M4-78EP 1.3 has been updated on Steam. There is no standalone version of this at this time, sorry. If you run into any issues you can post them here:
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    It's too bad he wasn't of the Council members that were killed by Nihilus on Visas homeworld. When I first played K2 I was hoping to see Vandar again, since my favorite SW alien is Yoda. Plus it would have been funny to fight him.
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    It's too bad Vrook wasn't the one who went to Korriban, not Vash. I don't like associating Dantooine with him.
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    At first I was like, this elevator music on Manaan! Nooo! But now I wouldn't change it for the world. Too many good memories associated with that music. Plus the Sith base is awesome.
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    True, but that was my honest reaction the first time I played the game.
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    1. If you don't kill the Overseers on Tatooine, they will take Hulas away and that's the last you'll see of them. 2. Any Overseers you kill won't appear on Tatooine and the rest will. No other difference. 3. Yeah and I tried my best to work around that. For example, with Vorn you actually have to fight two Genoharadan spies who find out you let Vorn live and then lie to Hulas saying you were all attacked by Sand People (you need a high persuade skill for that, or Hulas will know you're lying and you'll be kicked out of the Genoharadan).
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    I see… Regardless, I need help from DP, or SH, or DV, or anyone. I specifically need DV and DP. I don’t know if DP will be willing to do this, and DV hates Vorrny Vorrns such as me, unless it is one of his VVs. Also, DarthVhail has activated his AWOL siren, meaning I’m stuck here.
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    ROR Writer here: We do not have a time table for the release of Revenge of Revan Episode 1, but I can assure you that ever since I joined the project the mod has been taking shape nicely and a lot of progress has been made! The reason why we don't have a release date is because one of our major goals for this release is to ensure a bug free experience and bug fixing takes time. Our current goal with Revenge of Revan is to ensure the mod works at all to begin with, once we have stabilized the mod with player feedback and bugfixes then we will have discussions for optimization for other platforms like Android.
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    Really? Oh is it? Maybe they could add the library at least. Dorak could bring me there, and show me all this. Also, I am doing this because I don’t want to nag Darth Varkor to the point where he will go all “Vorrn Vorrn Vorrn!”
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    No. I do not know anything about that. Oh well, this is not a Vorrny subject. Stop hijacking others. Make your own topics instead. Post them, and then others will speak to you.
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    The very first Google search result was this working link: https://www.lonebullet.com/patches/download-fett-style-mandalorians-for-k1-knights-of-the-old-republic-patch-free-11082.htm @clone3797, @Skoden is this the mod you asked for?