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    Well. I could cram one more in....should Kaevee have a custom hilt? Also, why wasn't I doing this before?? I mean I know I'm lazy but.... "Directional industrial steel" at 62-66% with a baremetal .txi Kinda kewl yeah?
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    Version 1.0.0


    The mod replaces the textures of the costumes. Resolution 2048x2048. The distribution will be updated - new textures will be added to other costumes.
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    So I found a folder with some old never seen before hilt models I abandoned years ago.... Wondering if I should skin and rig them. Or just leave them to the ravages of time lol...but maybe rig and convert em as stand alone hilts...maybe.
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    I really like the headcanon explanations for this variation of Revan's story that this mod allows for. Here's a couple of examples I thought of: 1. The reason Carth and the player rescued Bastila on Taris was to get her back to the Fleet so she could use her Battle Meditation to win victories and save lives. But this is completely forgotten on Dantooine! A player who is a Republic Soldier or Scout should strongly object to Bastila wasting time training a Jedi apprentice on Dantooine (a peacetime Jedi activity) rather than returning to the Fleet and helping win the war. Master Vandar never discussed Bastila's future agenda with Admiral Dodonna - I bet the Admiral would have been absolutely horrified and very angry! How many Republic ships and crews would be lost in battle with the Sith because Bastila was on Dantooine for months? No other Jedi in this time had her ability. 2. A player who is a Scoundrel would likely take a VERY dim view of committing the rest of their entire life to the Jedi Order, and giving up their freedom permanently. Even a Republic Soldier or Scout has only signed up for the duration of the war. Scoundrels would really value their freedom and independence very highly, and should only agree to help the Republic in wartime, to save their home. Many would only agree to Republic army service as an alternative to being stuck in prison! 3. A player who naturally leans toward the Dark Side would not want the Jedi Order to pry too closely into their feelings and motivations, and the bond with Bastila makes concealment of dark emotions very difficult, if not completely impossible. Refusing the Jedi training misses out on the massive power gain of learning the ways of the Force, but at least it allows the player a better chance of staying away from Bastila and hopefully escaping from the Jedi Order at the earliest opportunity.
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    Can someone one port this robes in to kotor 1 as a packq
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    I don't have Photoshop so they're not PSDs. The work has already been done.. If I can't find the originals and acquire permission, I'll likely scrap the project. Update: Found it! It's Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- ( FULL ) by ShiningRed Update 2: Got permission from ShiningRedHD to use their textures!
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    (sigh) SWTOR. I bid you ...adieu. 😐
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    For my participation in Cathalan, it started from me complaining about the NPCs having an orange tint to them - and it's a criticism I just kept repeating and mocking him for over the years, particularly in one thread here where I publicly aired some drama (that I ultimately instigated) and posted a review video of Cathalan for the sole purpose of mocking him. It's something I deeply regret. I'm still not 100% sure of what my motives were back then, but I know that I had the wrong attitude toward him and his mod. I agree with what LDR has said, it was a great idea and had the potential to be something great and special, and I'd love to see Cathalan get an update and for Jaevyn to be in good standing with the community again some day. I don't know how that will all happen, but I think we can start by changing our disposition towards Jaevyn and Cathalan - offering up constructive feedback and taking a more positive stance on the mod - at least for anyone who hasn't already started doing that. For this, I think you are on the right track @LDR @Basil Bonehead I recall your stream testing 90SK's Edge of Darkness was pretty fair and helpful, I'd recommend reviewing Cathalan with that same positive lens.