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A tiny mod for KotOR 1 that gives the player the option to avoid becoming a Jedi and remain a Soldier, Scout, or Scoundrel for the entire game.

It adds two new replies towards the end of the second conversation with the Jedi Council. As you can see from the screenshot, the new replies start with "[Refuse Jedi Training]", so there should be no confusion as to what they do or which ones they are.

If you choose not to be a Jedi, that conversation leads directly into the "corruption in the grove" quest, skipping over several parts of the Jedi training quest.

Scripts are included to enable cross-classing as a non-Jedi. So, for example, a Scout can cross-class as a Soldier, etc.

The option to cross-class as a non-Jedi is given through subtitles at the end of that second conversation with the Council.

To avoid cross-classing as a non-Jedi, simply choose "No" when asked if you want to cross-class.

Note that there is no second opportunity to cross-class or become a Jedi. If you change your mind later or you misclick, you'll have to reload or use a save editor.

If you're wondering why anyone would want to do this, some people might want to do a "challenge run" without lightsabers or Force powers. Others might want to roleplay a trooper, smuggler, or bounty hunter-type character who refuses to use the Force.

If you're wondering how this might be explained from a story standpoint, considering that the PC is regularly referred to as Padawan or Jedi, my explanation is that the PC is a "nominal Jedi". The PC is Force Sensitive and the Council considers them a (stubborn, uncooperative, foolish, and possibly evil) member of the Jedi Order, but the PC refuses to cultivate their Force abilities (in any obvious way), to wear robes, or to use lightsabers. Other than the Council and a few others who insist on treating the PC as a Jedi because they "should be a Jedi", NPCs are playing along. Or they don't know any better. They encounter a Force Sensitive or someone who seems like a Jedi, and assume that they must be one.

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A bunch of custom scripts


Open the I Don't Want to Be a Jedi 3.0 archive and extract the loose .dlg files and .ncs scripts into your Override folder. Ignore the "Source Scripts" folder.


Remove the .dlg files found in the archive from your Override folder. The scripts won't do anything without the .dlg files, so you can leave them or delete them.


Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool

Fair Strides for DLG Editor

Dotalink for the cross-classing as a non-Jedi idea

Bioware for making KotOR in the first place

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


The edits to Dorak's dialogue have been abandoned. The choice to not be a Jedi is now given during the second conversation with the Council. Rather than during the conversation with Master Dorak.

The option to refuse Jedi training is integrated in a slightly more lore-friendly way, with custom dialogue to match the disposition of a PC who does not want to be a Jedi.

The Jedi training montage, the Jedi Code recitation, and the lightsaber construction are skipped over completely, to reflect the PC's refusal to learn the Jedi ways. When the PC officially refuses to become a Jedi, the Council moves on to the "corruption in the grove" quest.

Since the lightsaber construction and Jedi class choice never happen, the option for non-Jedi to get a second (non-Jedi) class is given through subtitles at the end of that second conversation.

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This mod works as described, no problems encountered.  

The multiclassing of non-Jedi classes is interesting, starting as a Scoundrel and then switching to a Soldier on Dantooine creates a character that is a strong fighter with a Sneak Attack damage bonus, if he/she gets behind the enemy or catches them when they are unable to move.

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great option to have!

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