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    Version 1.0.0


    While heavily modifying my TSL play-through, I stumbled upon xander2077's excellent KOTOR 1 Vanilla Masks Overhaul Mod. Unfortunately, as can be seen by the comments in that mod, since it's meant for KOTOR 1, installing its mdl files into your TSL override directory, causes TSL to instantly crash. The comments in the mod recommended installing just the textures, however this missed out on some of the cooler features of some of the headgear like the Verpine Headband's visual interface. So, I went ahead and patched the models so that they would work for TLS instead. After playing with it for a while, I figured I may as well share this to the community. This is a patch and only contains the game models themselves patched for TSL, in order for you to get the mod to work you will still have to download the original mod. To reiterate: THIS MOD IS A PATCH AND IT STILL REQUIRES THE ORIGINAL MOD TO WORK. ------------------------------ Installation ------------------------------ After installing xander2077's mod by dragging the files in it to your override folder, move the files in this mod to your override folder overwriting any conflicts. ------------------------------ Uninstallation ------------------------------ Simply delete the contents of this file from your override folder.
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    A little peak at what I've been tinkering with this morning: Not 100% happy with it yet, but it's coming along nicely! The model is from a Jedi Academy mod by HapSlash, the guy who originally made the Jedi Robes featured in the screenshot which DeadMan ported over to KotOR a few years ago. Here’s a quick ingame clip: What do we think?
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    Version 8.2


    DHRM 8.2 ---------------------- Kaidon Jorn May 2021 This mod will replace the default vanilla game saber models into new higher poly lightsaber models, each color of blade has it's own unique hilt, with Crazy34's new 3-D lightsaber blade models. This time I removed my old hilt for the yellow bladed saber and changed it to a model I made years ago for SotOR (K1) and made it into a double bladed version as well. I can't say enough about Crazy34's new blade model and textures (which I tweaked to my own preferences), his work has really changed the game on these and it's something a lot of us have been wanting for many years. Kudos to him for all his hard work, I might not have done all this if it weren't for him. They will be enjoyed for years to come. To install run the .exe and choose the location of the game (not the override itself). To uninstall take them all back out.
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    Version 1.5


    Like most of K2 fans I never liked the look of Jedi Master style robes. Padawan robes looked much more movie-like to me. But I also didn't liked the idea of replacement master style robes with padawan models and new textures. IMO, they MUST have different models. So, I've started this MOD. I have remade both male and female master robe models to look more like in the movies. Models were inspired by the robe which Obi-Wan had in episode III. New textures for all master style ingame robes are included, and new icons aswell. At this poind the mod is compatible with following mods (just be sure to install this mod after others): - TSLRCM (I tested with v1.7) - The Prestige Item Pack by RedHawke & maverick187 - Movie Jedi Robes and High General Obi Wan Kenobi Robe by Don Kain - Tomb of Azgath N'Dul by Darth InSidious - Any mod, which don't add master-style robes If you have installed ANY OTHER MOD which adds new Jedi Master style robes - it won't work. Modified textures, which were made for original ingame model will look awfull with my models. Sorry, I can't track all incoming mods, so it's up to mod authors to redraw textures to fit new UVW map. Credits: - HapSlash - for awesome ep3 Obi-Wan and Anakin models which he made for Jedi Academy. - Spanki - for some great textures which are partially used in this mod - Don Kain - for allowing me to include his Movie Jedi Robes Permissions: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ANY OF MY MODS TO BE UPLOADED TO STEAM WORKSHOP. Anything else - be my guest, use like you want, just give credit to me.
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    The earlier version will just fall through to the supermodel's anims, the same as all the player heads use. The anims on the newer one are what the vanilla Bastila head uses, but I guess the changes to the mesh and/or weights resulted in some undesirable behaviour. No doubt that's why Tempust dropped them in the first place.
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    I mean, I might be missing something, but I haven't played with the total mod build yet - just RCM and PS. I'm not sure what might be causing it, as I've had to double and triple check to make sure it was actually working properly multiple times. ... You're not getting the item when recruiting Disciple...? That literally makes zero sense. Unless the wrong script is firing, or it's been overwritten by something else, you should be receiving the item - it's the whole point of the mod.
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    Both pause anims (idles), talk (lips flapping), tlknormal (rest of the face when talking), and listen.
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    @La Ingobernable: I realised that the model lacked the vanilla head's anims, so I have now added those. Not sure if it makes any difference or not, so you'll probably want to do some testing to see if it is better or worse. Darth_Tempust_Improved_Bastila_Head_Edited_with_Anims.7z
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    Try the attached. Fixed the lazy left eye, increased the pupil size, switched the head texture to TPC (with added vanilla clamp TXI data), and swapped the body texture fix to the one K1CP uses (i.e. adds the envmap TXI data). Also edited the readme accordingly. Darth_Tempust_Improved_Bastila_Head_Edited.7z
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    @N-DReW25 This is an abandonware re-upload of a mod, created under the author’s name, and it is not going to be actively supported. That said, if someone were to provide a fix for the off-centered eye, that would be a welcomed addition. Regarding your question though, Dark Hope/Dark Hopa had already used the head for a reskin, so everything should be fine.
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    Don’t know if I’m just being thick here, but what you mean when you say mantle? Also, I'm back to screwing around with TOR models. Ported over some weapons:
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    Version 1


    Hello everyone! With this mod, I've redesigned Darth Sion's look to make him look more realistic and scary. When creating this mod, I used the standard appearance as an example, without incorporating features of the Force Unleashed version (except for parts of the clothing). The face consists of various photos of famous movie characters, such as Two-Face, Kroenen or Snoke. The resolution of the textures is 2048x2048. Thanks to Darth_Sapiens for creating the Cube Map Pack, which is where the cube maps come from.