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    I'm going to give using the Kotor Level Editor (KLE) by Lachjames a try for a Korriban Academy mod.
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    Hey guys! I'm brand new to modding. As in "first day of pre-school" new. I downloaded some modding tools from here and started playing around with them, primarily KotOR Tool. I've even made some tiny mods for TSL that actually work in the game. Where I'm seeking help is with quests that end with rewards or loot. For example - on Dantooine, when you alter the will of the dead salvager and turn it in to Zherron, you're rewarded some random items. How would I go about modifying what items a quest like that rewards the player? Is it a scripting issue? Is there a specific file I need to track down? I'd appreciate any advice or even a link if this has been covered somewhere else on the forum. Thanks!
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    Yep! I also would really like to use two of his textures for two character saber models. Sion's and Infernal Warrior's.. What do you say @Sithspecter?
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    @Kaidon Jorn I can wait for you to share with the others what you have been working on. I think this is in terms of lightsabers a new revolution for TSL and later also for KOTOR. I hope I can soon get the permission from @Sithspecter to release my mod as well.
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    Hi! IMO the best version for modding is the one from GOG. https://www.gog.com/game/star_wars_knights_of_the_old_republic_ii_the_sith_lords
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    Dang this is looking good!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PMHB03, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: PMHB03 HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Heh. One of the most satisfying things I've ever seen in this game. Oooohh, that glow!
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    So in case anyone was wondering, I AM working on a new SLM. SLM 2020 Been working with and learning from Crazy34 on these new blade models with ambient lighting or glow. Which means new blade cores and planes that look spectacular, that sit gloriously atop my SLM and Default Replacement hilt models. Already replaced some hilt models in SLM and would like to get GMax again to be able to model brand new hilts that don't have all those damn vertical vader grips. In fact I plan to remove a lot of those. In addition I've already expanded the workbench dialog to be able to break down or "disassemble" every single type of lightsaber in the game so you can get the crystals back out of the lightsaber and build whatever hilt you want from SLM. Oh, it'll be awhile...I only just was able to get the single saber portion of the default hilts done with the new blades.... More to come. -KJ
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    Ive taken a break from modding for couple month to keep things fresh, however, there have been improvements for K2 that ive not shown yet. A lot of research regarding a noise - friendly Implementation of reflective surfaces has been done - now the "shinyness" of textures is not "in your face" anymore like in the k1 complete overhaul series but depending on the surface itself - e.g. shine on brushed metal spots that are visible through a worn, rusty texture can now be selected easily in most complex patterns & appearances. Secondly, with that development added to the repertoire i redid Peragus completely and applying the method to places like Nar Shaddaa as well. Due to model editing every area looks different but planetwise conform. I try also to maintain the original games color scheme when possible: Some screens from the reworked Peragus: New "Mustafar" wall concept: Nar Shaddaa is also receiving treatment: Before: after: New console: Before: After: Tell me what you think, also about the Peragus "Mustafar" walls.
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    No. BUT... I am making a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we type. Previews of said patch will be released somewhere on this site at a later date. As it has a TSLPatcher I am willing to say yes.
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    Yes, absolutely. It gives a bit of an exclusive touch to the uppercity. As you see in earlier posted pics, i try to give every area a unique look, which may differ greatly even on the same planet. In Vanilla, everything is too conform to the point you dont really feel much of a difference.
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    Here some updated screenshots - its amazes me how much graphical improvement can be made with texturing alone, although adding custom lightmaps is something thats hopefully is doable later, too. Recently created highly detailed heightmaps for a realistic look on (uneven) surfaces: Vanilla texture: recreated tex: Ingame: primarily used on Korriban: misc planets: Please give me a short feedback whether you like/dislike the new look and why.
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    Depending on where the loot is coming from, be it a character or a placeable or even a script, they will be referenced within the associated files. I would suggest K-GFF Editor and ERFEdit to help achieve this. Use ERFEdit to open the relevant level's .mod or .rim files. You can also use KotOR Toolset for a quick overview of the map to help you track down the item visually. From there you will need to edit the .utc (character) or .utp (placeable) and their inventory, alternatively if it is controlled by a script you will likely need to use DeNCS to decompile it and then KotOR Scripting Tool to recompile it after editing. Thor110 P.S : https://deadlystream.com/topic/6886-tutorial-kotor-modding-tutorial-series/
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    Thanks guys, glad you like my work!😀 Means a lot to me also for keeping spirits high to go through the non-fun stuff like redrawing textures. About Telos i still seeking inspiration regarding especially the lower & undercity / Daviks Estate. The Upper Apartments are almost done though: I know the door is a tad too clean, but the texture model is totally messed up, so i cant promise to change it: