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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And may the Force be with you, even if it's not May 4th. o\
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    Hello, Tyvokka! I think there has been a huge misunderstanding because there literally never was any content uploaded by me anywhere anytime on any place. The only public visibility I gave, and for which I apologized in public and in private, was of a temporary Read Me list that mentioned assets I was hoping to get permission for and which I wrongly assumed was just a formality. I was in a process of doing just that in these very days (I have proof of what I said: I messaged some modders asking for such new permissions just a few days before). I have removed the list from the ModDB page and officially asked one of the Admin there to delete the page altogether. SW: KotOR Upgrade has been cancelled. I cannot do more than this, really. Thanks for your answer and I wish you all a better 2021.
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    The drama was resolved. Why not just delete all those off-topic posts and let the guy have his original thread back?
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    It was getting a bit heated so it was hidden as it didn't seem to serve a purpose anymore, I will reinstate it but it will need to be kept civil and we want to see the requested mods removed as you said you would. And this is a forum censorship on drama should be expected as the majority of us do not care to hear or read about said drama.
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    Since a lot of us came to DS from LucasForums, or had accounts at both when LF existed, I know a lot of you will want to know that there is a more-or-less complete archive of LF now uploaded at Mixnmojo.com: link This includes a lot of stuff on KotOR modding, as well as other Star Wars and LucasArts related material. Also, if you had a an account at LF, these are also working on Mixnmojo, so you can log in, too.
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    My Script Shack! Where I, the least capable scripter in the entire Holowan Labs, can inform others on how to script poorly!!!! It was a nice idea, and I was trying to keep HL alive. Even got moderator status lol..... Get that mods? I was a mod. If anything is funnier than that, I don't know what it is. Lucasforums made me a nicer person online than I ever was or will be, because it was that important to me. Le grande sigh.
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    Thanks for the link, I've checked the requirements and my laptop seems to be suitable, so I'm not sure what the GPU problem is. I've checked the moduleout folder and the path does work, so it's still a mystery what's happening. Thanks for your help, I'll wait and see what happens
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    So apparently using a Plasma Torch on the thorium charges footlocker isn't a very good idea, nearly killed me with like 64 damage.
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    The problem is that there is so little content left in the files, most importantly very little character VO's. So that meant having to use other means to drive the story, using new characters or droids/aliens/computers, and other means (eg. camera recordings with no sound). Another problem is that there are many possible scenarios (some characters may be dead, etc.), and many of these weren't ever really fleshed out. That's because it often wasn't clear if it was possible to achieve what was necessary for what we wanted. We also wanted to include a new area, which IIRC we could never get working correctly because the tools weren't able to handle it at the time. We really went for quality and paid attention to every detail, but that meant that there was a lot that was either very hard to achieve or not possible at the time. Because of the new tools, many things would be easier now, but a lot would still be very hard and it would take a LOT of work if your goal is the sense of closure and completeness that we wanted to give to K2's ending (as opposed to just a buffed up ending that still feels incomplete). And I guess this is the answer to your question. It wasn't just restoring/adding content, it was doing it in such a way that it feels complete. MVI was different from TSLRCM in that this wasn't part of TSLRCM's goals. I personally don't have anywhere near the time to pick up even projects way smaller than this. Maybe someday someone will, who knows.
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    Hello! May I ask the Administration the reason behind the removal of the topic of mine "[KotOR] Revan's Mask" under the Mod Request section of this site? It happened without any kind of warning and with full disregard to the original topic which was not controversial in any way, since it was a mere request for help. There was no rule being infringed as far as I know (but the Administration can correct me if that is not the case) and I find this choice to be completely arbitrary and unfair. I believe it was a rather crude and sly form of censorship because it didn't even bother to preserve the original topic which was actually hijacked by a member of your own Administration. I think of all the possible action of "moderation", this taken was the worst possible and I hope that at least this message won't be removed and will be addressed properly by those in charge. Furthermore, I ask my own original topic to be reinstated since no rule was broken on my part. Thanks for your attention.
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    I'll get 'em up by tonight. Done. If you would do me a kindness and make some screenshots after you download them. No screenshots needed for MacLeodCorp's Telos Billboards Set III though, as that already has pictures in the file!
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    The script that gives you the lightsaber/lightsaber part is a_give_quest_ls. The code that determines which lightsaber you get is with the rest of the random loot in k_inc_treas_k2 as AmanoJyaku says.