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    I have been talking to Thor110 lately, and I am giving him permission to use the RoR heads in his project.
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    The issue happened for me when the conversation triggered without the player being jumped into position. If you want to try reproducing it again, you could try hammering on the left mouse button during the end of the montage. It's possible the script that jumps the player got skipped.
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    Huh o.O I'm using the latest public release. The only other mods I had were texture improvements.
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    If you are using that mod then all you should need to do is simply set her Dantooine equipped outfit to a Jedi robe, since JC's mod will have set her default appearance to use robes. Note though that she will also need the Jedi Defense feat, since that is a prerequisite for wearing robes (and her UTC doesn't have it by default). This one should be ready to go if you drop it in your Override (although note it won't work with a save where you have already encountered her in the Courtyard, you'll need a save before she has spawned). dan13_yuthura.utc
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    By default, Yuthura's appearance.2da row forces her to always wear the Sith uniform, regardless of what clothing/armour/robes she has equipped. Since you only want to change her on Dantooine, and since some other mods change her appearance row so that she wears Dark Jedi robes on Korriban, the best approach would be to create a new custom row for her in appearance.2da and set her UTC on Dantooine to use that appearance instead of her vanilla one.
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    I entered the Administrator's Office with Shadow, destroyed the turrets and droids, and then made a deal with the administrator. Now I can't leave his office. You can see below in my video that the door doesn't budge and doesn't let me leave at all. What am I supposed to do? I've edited my ini file to add the EnableCheats=1 line, set my savegame through KOTOR Save Editor to "Cheats Used", and tried to enter the cheat code to warp myself but for the life of me can't get the cheat console activated. I thought maybe it is invisible but whatever I type doesn't work, the hotkeys bring me to the game menus. I think because I have a Turkish Q keyboard so I tried pressing the buttons that would give me the tilde sign but no, still no cheat console. Is there any way to change the module I'm in from the save editor or kotor tool (the latter I have no idea how to use)? I have no idea how to exit. By the way this isn't the first time this has happened, in an earlier playthrough in I think my old computer (in any case a different installation) I ran into the same error. What should I do?
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    Thank you for all the help guys! So my issue was solved quite by chance actually. I was playing the game from a backup hard drive where I copied the same Kotor folder from my main hard drive. I supposed it was time to copy my saves to the main one and leave the backup hard drive unused as it should be, so I did. Just in case, I tried the administrator cutscene again. Sure enough the bug happened again, I was stuck... But Shadow was not, for some reason. She was left behind the doors. So I did the office scene, then switched to Shadow, then used the elevator with her. Sure enough my character teleported to the elevator and the problem was solved. I'm so lucky! EDIT: Would you like me to share the save after I managed to leave the Administrator’s office? Here’s the thing though, I tried to play the saves on my other backed up installations (even those saved on non-BoS places) for example I tried loading my saves on a clean minus BoS installation, but the game crashes whenever it tries to load the save.
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    Dxun is done! It turned out to be more complex than expected to get both sky and terrain right. I increased the overall contrast to get a better storm sky but then the terrain did no longer blend with the ingame terrain at all and adding more fog only washed out the nice storm clouds. So in the end I went with a composite of two (kinda three actually) layers that overall give a nicer blend for everything. I'm very happy with the end result and that leaves only some model edits for the Nar Shadda swoop track and for the Taris Undercity before the vanilla part of this project is ready for rendering Probably, yeah. I wonder if it would be possible to replace them with low poly 3d models though. Could the game handle that?
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    The cheat console is only invisible in KotOR2. It should be visible in KotOR1. @Masirimso24, I hope this helpful. What key is directly above your TAB key? Mind posting a picture of it, @Masirimso24?
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    View File JC's Blaster Visual Effects for K1 This mod changes the visual effects for all the laser blasts in the game. Energy blasters, ion blasters, disruptors, bowcasters - I've replaced them all. Except sonic, because really, sonic? In general, I've added more detail and made them match what's depicted on film as best as I could, when there was a visual reference. I took screenshots of the movies and got out my eyedropper tool and everything. The cores of the lasers are brighter so they look more like lasers, instead of having the whole thing as one flat color. I also messed around with light objects so each laser will illuminate surrounding objects in the appropriate color. For disruptors, I've included three color options: white, green, and yellow. The default install is white, like the original, and the other two are included as optional things. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    Wow! So potential Coruscant revamp is now one step closer to reality?
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    View File Modder's Resource - HARIII's Coruscant Level Models Modder's Resource - HARIII's Coruscant Level Models by HARIII These models are thematically of Coruscant, there is documentation of what has been done and they are not fully finished into modules, they need walkmesh, uvmapping for the majority, lightmaps, etc. The model work for 29 levels has been completed. This includes in depth the Jedi Temple interior and exterior. This is a developer's resource for modelers and level designers. If used, credit HARIII; additional modeling by Darth Tyren and Hunters Run, and the textures in the archive were created by 90SK Submitter 90SK Submitted 05/30/2020 Category Modder's Resources  
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    This one adds it as a disguise, which is not the most ideal approach: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/keep-bastila-s-slave-outfit If you want something simpler, Kex's tutorial breaks down what each column of appearance.2da does. What you want to do is edit Bastila's row (label "Party_NPC_Bastila") and replace one of the existing body columns with the slave outfit. If you wanted to make the slave outfit appear for her underwear, for example, then all you would need to do is edit the texture, since the slave outfit shares the same body model. The underwear appearance is body A, so you'd just need to edit the "texa" column which is the texture and change that to "P_BastilaBAS". If you wanted instead to change her clothing appearance, then you'd need to change both the model and the texture. Clothing is body B, so you'd change the "modelb" column to "P_BastilaBA" and the "texb" column to "P_BastilaBAS", same as before. You could do the same for any or all of the other body appearances as takes your fancy. C to H are armours, I is Jedi robes, J is Revan/Star Forge robes.
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    Textures aren't universal. You can't just rename a random texture and have it magically work with a different model. For the most part what you talking about in broad terms is done via an appearance.2da edit. That defines the models and textures for each given body type - underwear, clothes, armours, robes. If you want Bastila to wear her slave outfit (or alternative versions), there are already a bunch of existing mods for that (unsurprisingly). Aliens are primarily full body models - i.e. they don't have separate heads. So they are limited to some simple palette swaps unless you plan on making custom models. As to doing it yourself, yes, it's doable once you learn the robes. But not without tools. Like I said, it's not magic. Some simple filename changing is not going to achieve much (besides a mess).
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    Yeah, I saw so many posts where people who completed the game 2-3 times complain that "GO-TO is obviously unfinished, since we have never seen the man himself after the yacht". They never found out... When there is only one available slot for teammates on Onderon, who will choose rather weak and "unfinished" GO-TO (you can make him somewhat useful after manual leveling and equipping him, but other companions will still be better)? And Dantooine, surely GO-TO isn't the first choice when you think about that planet. The problem, in my opinion, is that there are no situations in the game where the presence of GO-TO in the active party would be more beneficial for the player than the presence of other team members. I can only name 2 moments when I wanted GO-TO in my active party and both of them from M4-78 mods: 1.The original M4-78 Mod mostly consists of fights with endless swarms of droids. I vaguely remember one diffucult fight where strong spider-droids with shields from Kotor I and a bunch of others just surrounded my party from all sides. Using GO-TO's ability "Manipulate droid" there can be pretty fun and useful. 2. In the M4-78 EP 1.2 at the beginning of the planet player must use one of the droids, and each droid has unique sidequest. So we have a reason to try GO-TO there (reminds me of Leviathan from Kotor I).
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    I think GOTO becomes more sympathetic when you uncover his backstory, but most people don't bring him around on missions anyway so they end up not influencing him enough. He actually has some interesting dialogue interjections on Dantooine and Onderon. To me there is a cool thing about GOTO and that is his voice over by Daran Norris combined with that blend of compression and slight echo effects.
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    I don't know about the order; I did not look at the approach that BoS: SR takes, but it's worth a try. If BoS: SR takes a more sophisticated approach, then you might be able to combine these 2 in that order.
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    You're not looking in the right place. There are a bunch of placeables, including some invisible ones used for the Force items. They do use an OnUsed script to give the items to the player though, k_mus_treasure: void main() { if (GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) == "mu_treasure1") { CreateItemOnObject("a_robe_21", GetFirstPC(), 1); } if (GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) == "mu_treasure2") { CreateItemOnObject("a_gloves_12", GetFirstPC(), 1); } if (GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) == "mu_treasure3") { CreateItemOnObject("u_l_crys_18", GetFirstPC(), 1); } if (GetTag(OBJECT_SELF) == "mu_treasure4") { CreateItemOnObject("u_l_colo_09", GetFirstPC(), 1); } SetGlobalNumber("506OND_MuseumThief", 1); DestroyObject(OBJECT_SELF); } So adding extra items is just a matter of editing the script and adding in some extra CreateItemOnObject instances for one or more of the placeables.
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    I'm a little ignorant on this topic, but I did a little research, and I think the issue might be a messy appearance.2da file. Did you download the mod from here?
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    Speaking of which, that's actually one thing the armbands are really good for - positioning when right up against collision. Since characters have a "personal space" boundary around them, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge exactly where they can move in close proximity to collision when working in Max, etc. I found this when doing some adjustments for the post-Lehon crash cutscene in K1. For one shot where I had Mission walk to a console, she wouldn't obey using a target co-ord taken from Max, because she couldn't actually reach it, even though it seemed to me like she had heaps of room. So I hopped into the game and jammed the player as far as they could get into that corner. Using the armband's position resulted in Mission correctly doing what she was told because the waypoint was now a few centimeters further back on walkable geometry.
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    Also remember that the whereami armband and I assume the force power as well give you the orientation of the player character and not the orientation of the camera. So make sure to go into first person to accurately rotate your character before getting the rotation.
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    Armbands are more "approximate" than accurate. Typically though the quaternions they output should be more or less in the right direction. Or at least that's my recollection from the odd occasion I've used either StarAdmiral's "Utility Armbands" in K1 or Darth333's "WhereAmI Armband" in TSL. If you want truly precise values, you'll have to derive them by loading the module into Max/GMax/Blender.
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    No worries. Just happy to have it! Thanks for all your help and thank you for the mod. One of my favorites.
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    So just to give you all an update on the documentary . . . @DarthVarkor has been making very nice videos for use in the documentary. Those videos will both be released separately complete (with one minor exception by request of the contributor) and excerpts of the videos will be in the documentary itself. DV has made a few of these videos so far. (I've shared DV's videos using each contributor's audio back to the each contributor. For the time being though, DV is going to be busy until his own project premieres on YouTube. This shouldn't be a cause for alarm but rather a sigh of relief for those that haven't had the chance to get their audio (and transcripts) handed in to me. You've received a reprieve! (Even though I've never asked for a deadline because all know how deadlines worked out for Obsidian, you may might feel less stress.) So contributors: Hand in your stuff when you're ready - you know who you are - and everyone check out DV's premiere on the 20th of June! And if you'd like to give me an update in lieu of the materials, I'll take that too in a PM.
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    Hi everyone. Sorry to the mods for the double posting and I hope the screenshots are not to much. So before we start a short update: Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational batch station. So yeah I learned batch a little which helped producing the progress. In order to give an overview: All saber hilts are updated by hilts from @Kaidon Jorn SLM 2.0 mod (I love it!) All credits for the hilt models and textures and icons go fully to him! Update for Kaidon Jorn's: Revan's Tor Saber 1.1 to use the new blades Ambient light for lightsabers 3d models for blade core and inner glow symmetric lightsaber blade planes with a modifed version of @Sithspecter crossguard saber UV layout. (in principle compatible with his unstable textures) black core sabers are possible homogeneous brightness of the blade (no more brighter blades when viewed from the front) all sabers are fully upgradeable (added black core crystal) (Cross guard are updateable but don't have a unique crystal yet.) Now to the to do: Need permission from Sithspecter to use th UVs. I only modified them but he created them so I need his permission. I hope you are all right man! Need Icons for the crossguard saber Test: Someone to test the .uti with the english version of the game (I am only owning the german version) Test the K1 version at some point in the future Hope that some talented texture artist is willing to update my blade textures with good ones Possible update with a full set of unstable saber blades if Sithspecter gives the permission to also use his beautiful animated textures. Known Bugs: The tip of the blade has a spike which comes from a deformation of the lightsaber planes. This is also present in the original model. I was not able to find a fix sorry. The lightsaber hilts will peak through the blades. (See some posts before. DarthParametric sad it is not possible to fix it.)
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    Here's another one: Manaan underwater The biggest change compared to V1 is that there is no longer a ceiling where my texture doesn't work at all. So you can use the free camera all you want and it will look good. I also changed the blending of the lightrays as well as their animation so they work better now. The rotation is now slower than in vanilla, there's less color banding than in V1 and the blue background has a very subtle animation as well. The latter is hard to see on the texture, harder to see ingame and probably impossible to see with Youtube compression. But it's there and makes the background less static. Please let me know what you think. If any changes are necessary I have to make them this week before my After Effects trial license expires. I also rendered some more lightning textures for Telos to test this idea with some more variation. I'm honestly undecided on whether or not I like it, so please let me know what you think.
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    It is a little sad when mod that gives GO-TO cool new look and items, feats to improve his combat capabilities has less downloads than some Twi'lek head fix for npcs. But it also shows people dislike him not just for his gameplay problems. Personally, I was dissapointed that after all this build-up with Jedi bounty, Exchange, assaulting his yacht, GO-TO didn't have any significant presense in the story after joining aside from his interactions with Remote (of all things!). I was expecting to visit his base, resolve his conflict with Vogga, maybe new sidequests, at least meeting him in person with max influence. And while his 'reveal' is interesting, I didn't like how he was tied to Telos (when there are droid-factory and droid planet). It felt cheap.
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    View File Kotor III : The Jedi Masters The Jedi Masters is a story conversion mod for Kotor2, a fan made Kotor3 with it's own storyline spanning up to 14 hours. For installation instructions, visit : http://www.the-jedi-masters.com/download.html Trailer : Submitter Trex Submitted 04/24/2020 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible No  
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    This version now has updated audio files to make it more compatible with Steam. Apart from that, there's no change to the one that's been on the-jedi-masters.com for a few years now. This is the the fully voiced and voice acted one though. If you've only played the older one with computer generated lines, there's much more content.
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    Yes. The lightmap is 003EBOp_lm0 and the specific mesh is Object191 in 003EBOp. Rather than editing the lightmap itself, it's usually better to adjust the lightmap UVs of the specific mesh with issues. Edit: Something like this would probably work: I don't believe bead-v made any adjustments to this particular model in the TSL Ebon Hawk fixes mod, so it should be compatible with that at least. We'll probably add this to K2CP when we get around to updating that in 2023. But in the meantime try this: [TSL]_003ebop_LM_Adjustment.7z
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    Lite - no. Tight - yes. The current storyline is as loose as generic oatmeal at Grandma's. Or her stool afterwards. It is a decent story as it stands, right now. The execution needs polish and to be "tight". It is a loose ship full of holes now, one of the most frustrating experiences of gameplay I've had in a while.
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    P.S. I realize the authors at this point probably do not have enough time or inclination to actively develop or test the project. If so, it would be helpful if the mod was checked into source control somewhere (Github being the most obvious choice), so that any fixes or enhancements could be directly contributed by the community as pull requests.
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    Fix your mod dudes. Pretty sad, when the shiny "new release" that you "cared" enough to make, is broken worse than previous versions. Regarding political reasons: are we adults or not? This crap drives me nuts, and not swearing there was serious challenge.
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    02 - [TUTORIAL] - Creating a Merchant - TSL 03-05 - Using ERFEdit 03 [ADDITIONAL] - Picking an NPC to place in your level - TSL 04 - [ADDITIONAL] - Picking Placeables to fill your level with - TSL 05 - [ADDITIONAL] - Picking Alien Voice Over Dialog for your level - TSL 06 - [ADDITIONAL] - Placement & Rotation 07 - [TUTORIAL] - Waypoint Markers 08 [TUTORIAL] - Scripting Basics 09 [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Spawning NPC's on Enter 10 [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Making NPC's Hostile! 11 [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Trigger talking to an NPC! 11 [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Make an NPC walk randomly 12 [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Place a dead NPC I will continue to provide examples that I think might be useful to people, these are all for TSL so far. I hope these tutorials and any others I write will help people continue to make mods for KotOR 1 & 2. These tutorials are getting shorter and less detailed, I may or may not go back and re-write them at some point but if anyone struggles with anything feel free to message me and let me know what I haven't covered very well.
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    Speak of the devil and he shall appear. I was done with KotOR modding, but I was coaxed out of retirement by TSL's Steam release. The latest version of the Content Pack is the TSL version which can be found on Steam, on the Nexus, and on here when I get around to it. This is the mod I'm currently actively updating. I'll probably go back and bring the K1 version up to speed once I'm happy with this one. Don't get too excited about overhauling the combat system, though, a lot of it is hard-coded. As for the loot overhaul, that's a series of mods I really like, I think it's a significant improvement to the game, but... finishing it is super boring. The game's really not set up for it, you see, so I have to manually script workarounds for every single enemy with a weapon. It's done up to the end of Taris, and that's where I lost interest like three years ago.
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    Pssst... @90SK released @HarIII's stuff for him. It's right here. Don't tell anyone.
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    I've looked at the files for a bit, setting up Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is a bit too much work, but I think I have a theory: Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge adds a bunch of entries to heads and/or appearance.2da to add new unique characters. Then the Mando mod adds rows, adding is good*, but it puts armors on characters that use the disguise property. Those disguise properties might not be so flexible, they might just point to a row number, a row that the first mod added. I'm not sure if the TSLPatcher can even take that into account, disguises are tricky in general. * The Mando mod does use the TSLPatcher but it does not use its memory capabilities. Add row to 2da file X -> store that row number in memory -> add row to 2da file Y, reference to row number stored in memory, etc. That's how you can keep things compatible (again, not sure you can take care of the disguise thing). Possible conclusion: mixing these 2 mods might be a bridge too far (in theory you could fix things manually, but that's a lot of work). I suggest taking the mando mod out, there should be backups of the 2da files in the mando mod's install folder. If you cleaned all that up then it might be in your recycle bin.
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    I watched the movie, which was basically enough to cure me of further need to watch the show. I also watched the episode of Rebels where she fights Vader, since everyone raved about that, and that had helicopter lightsabers. So yeah, Dave Filoni can burn in hell frankly.
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    I didnt mean to be harsh either - you know, there always will be a few jerks around who only think about themselves and nothing else. To be honest, i dont care about any light or darkside points but just for being respectful, honest and appreciative with each other. So dont worry too much about it 😀 You're always welcome to help me out and im glad if you have any ideas, suggestions for feedback!
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    Well thanks! This is indeed a good question.. and difficult to answer ^^ What i can say, is - its making surprisingly good progress in both quality and quantity, and using e.g. UHQ nature resources recently has helped a lot actually - so, i already can see the finish, but its still some way to go. I know what you mean. But as Malkior said -especially K2 art design is not well thought and if i can achieve a better look- why not? Since those FMV only play for a few seconds anyway- but keep in mind that the game play goes on for hours & hours and its better to have those 10 sec inconsistency instead of compromises in overall visual quality . That doesn't mean I don't try to make it as canon as possible, but I try to up the color variety whenever i can, every area should look unique after all: Especially areas like Telos Military Base & Ravager look too generic in vanilla game, so I also changed the color scheme: Bare steel visible on the edges when turning the camera Countless improvements have been made for Dantooine, including 8k rock textures: WIP skybox: Animated brushed aluminum panels when turning cam: Ultra-realistic 8K grass texture: You can see the sand grain in game: New marble & windows for Onderon, shimmering in sunlight:
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    Did a comparative play-through of version 1.3, and confirmed that the above issues 8a, 8b, 8d, 8e, 8j, 8k, 8l, 8m, 8n, 8o, 8p are all regressions introduced in version 1.5 as a result of refactoring the Industrial Zone into 4 separate modules to improve the frame rate, and introducing a different ending. As for 8g, version 1.3 includes a separate shader patch to correct the problem. In other words, most of the problems above (some of them quite serious, resulting in incompletable quests) are not present in version 1.3, therefore version 1.3 is the most stable version of the mod available today. It also has a more interesting and believable ending (IMO). Since version 1.3 was never hosted on this site for political reasons, and it's not possible to download without buying the game on Steam, this leaves GOG and Retail game owners with either buggy 1.2, or buggy 1.5. For these users, I am hosting version 1.3 on my web site for the time being. Note that the shader patch component (opengl32.dll and the shaders_override folder) are intended for Steam version only and need not be installed for other versions. http://pa3pyx.dnsalias.org/stuff/m478ep13.7z