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    Ive taken a break from modding for couple month to keep things fresh, however, there have been improvements for K2 that ive not shown yet. A lot of research regarding a noise - friendly Implementation of reflective surfaces has been done - now the "shinyness" of textures is not "in your face" anymore like in the k1 complete overhaul series but depending on the surface itself - e.g. shine on brushed metal spots that are visible through a worn, rusty texture can now be selected easily in most complex patterns & appearances. Secondly, with that development added to the repertoire i redid Peragus completely and applying the method to places like Nar Shaddaa as well. Due to model editing every area looks different but planetwise conform. I try also to maintain the original games color scheme when possible: Some screens from the reworked Peragus: New "Mustafar" wall concept: Nar Shaddaa is also receiving treatment: Before: after: New console: Before: After: Tell me what you think, also about the Peragus "Mustafar" walls.
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    It is explained that after Revan disappeared, nobody was powerful enough to control the Star Forge: The existence of one academy does not preclude the existence of other academies for other purposes. The Sith have multiple training facilities in the first game: Korriban, Lehon, Manaan, Taris. There is no reason they couldn't have had another on Malachor, assuming it was even active after Malak took over. Chronicles of the Old Republic implies that it was abandoned at some point and reestablished by Kreia after the events of the first game: Although that source is riddled with continuity errors. I don't know where you got this from. The only character in the first game who explicitly mentions having trained Revan is Zhar: And that implies that Zhar was not Revan's primary master, just as in the second game, it is said that Revan had many masters: You disagree with the villain of the story's point of view. And this is a problem how? I thought this was an explicit reference to Jango Fett's death in Attack of the Clones. The only mentions of Malachor in the first game are: This seems consistent with the second game's depiction of the events to me, in as much as it can be consistent with so little existing information.
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    I am not sure I would call all of TSL's writing crap, but it's definitely lacking here and there. Honestly I would say if you wish to go through 130,000 lines of dialog and improve them, rewriting them as well as finding a way to fix the Audio around them, crack on. Or otherwise good luck finding a team do so, I myself have had thoughts of changing all sorts of things, though I cannot say that the writing was heavily one of them, other than perhaps typos or out of place lines. There is also one huge thing to consider, which is compatibility and interest, compatibility for something like this will be practically non-existent and I suspect interest would be lacking also, though I can also say that on the other hand if done right interest would be huge, so all in all good idea, huge undertaking, I would say make a start on it, or form a team and make a start on it, or start by heavily improving the writing of just a single area in the game to showcase your suggested improvements.
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a fun game to play, at least as far as character leveling and battling your way through the game is concerned (so many of the sidequests being broken as all get-out, not so much). Which is good, because if the story as-is was the main draw of the game? I might have donated or pawned my Xbox copy and never looked back. Because... hot take: The majority of KotOR II's writing is crap, especially in regards to the Jedi Order and the Sith Triumvirate. Now, there are some things and concepts I like, but there's a lot (especially to do with the areas just mentioned) that has grated on me more and more with every subsequent playthrough. So, I'm going to cover the things I have problems with and pitch fixes for them (marked with underlines). Now, I realized a lot of these fixes cause contradictions with Legends storylines that referenced this game, but you know what? Serves Legends right for having mindlessly rubber-stamped practically every non-Lego game that came out after SotE as canon (especially The Force Unleashed). And for the NJO novels. * Letting the player decide whether Revan embraced redemption or reverted to evil. Letting the player have it either way as far as Revan's gender is concerned? That's all fine and dandy (that is, aside from the sloppy coding not checking this properly especially wrt the stupid Jedi Masters). But KotOR II also tries to let you choose whether the first game had the Light Side or Dark Side endings (hence why the galaxy is so jacked-up) but that. Doesn't. Actually. Work. Because except in the situational alternate Dark Side ending, THE STAR FORGE DOESN'T GET DESTROYED on the Dark Side path. The Dark Side ending of KotOR 1 is: "Revan kills Malak, reclaims the Sith empire and the Star Forge, is poised to conquer the galaxy." With something like the Star Forge in play... trying to have it both ways like KotOR II does just doesn't work. I'm sorry, but no. Revan needs to be locked in as Light Side. * Most of the attempts to tie the Sith Triumvirate and their crap, and the Trayus Academy, to the first game need to be excised. 1. Revan already had a secret ancient Dark Side MacGuffin facility that was part of what factored into their going Dark: it was called the Star Forge. 2. I'm sorry, but I think if Revan and Malak's empire used the Trayus Academy to convert Jedi then Malak would have taken her there rather than Lehon, no? 3. If Revan was sending suitable captured Jedi to Trayus as well as "disappearing" Force-sensitives from the ranks to send them to Trayus (and this seems too big a thing to keep secret from Malak), then somehow I don't think the Dreshdae Academy on Korriban would have been so blindly welcoming to defector Jedi and supposed defector Jedi. And would have been screening students in need of "correction". 4. Subtext in the first game seems to strongly indicate that Revan was Vrook Lamar's Padawan. Chris Avellone's Mouthpiece Kreia doesn't get to usurp that. Chuck it all, work in a nonconflicting setup for the Trayus Academy. * Speaking of Kreia... Ugh. Just... Ugh. I think the game would almost be better off without her, but she's a little too enmeshed to be chucked so some rewriting will have to suffice. Chris Avellone has said: "When it came to the narrative, a lot of thrust for the storyline came from an examination of some interpretations of the Force that were coming out of Episode I, II, and III, mostly the fact that the Force seemed to have a will of its own and it had a plan for everybody in the universe but that plan didn't seem beneficial for a whole bunch of people, result in a lot of death and destruction, and then lastly the idea that we didn't really have any choices over our actions; it was a lot of predestination. As a role-playing game designer, all of those things kind of bothered me" (quote found on Kreia's Wookieepedia page, but it's not the original source). Hence Kreia's extreme bitterness towards the Force and its will, to the point that she's trying to kill the Force. But there are some major problems with that thrust. 1. The timeline proves that Avellone is either fibbing or mis-speaking in that interview, because TSL predates RotS and so RotS (and interpretations of the Force based thereupon, including a more competent examination of "the will of the Force" from Matt Stover's novelization) can't have actually been much of a factor. 2. Speaking as a prequel fan I don't seem to recall people talking that much about "the will of the Force" in the films. 3a. While those interpretations may have been present in Expanded Universe novels and whatnot of the time, they don't really match up with what the movies themselves (OT or PT) show (indeed, the movies themselves would seem to portray predestination as false - "Always in motion, is the future," remember? Avellone referencing that makes this writing even more painful- and actions that assume predestination as dangerous and self-destructive), or George Lucas' conception of the midi-chlorians and the Whills (which is more along the lines of destiny-as-choice, same for George Lucas' personal beliefs). 3b. George said in 2003 that what he was exploring with the prequels was how someone would fall into evil ways, and that his conclusion was the inability to let go and move on in the face of change and loss - which is exactly what we see with Anakin in the prequels; "will of the Force" has nothing to do with it, nor is it said to (at least in the movies). 4. All of that being said, Chris Avellone's counter-interpretation of the Force as mouthpieced through Kreia comes off as more than a little shallow and knee-jerk. It's made worse by the fact that the narrative doesn't offer much in the way of counterarguments to the interpretation given through Kreia, so it feels like the game is shoving that interpretation down your throat. For me at least, this is amplified by the fact that you're rarely if ever allowed to actually counterargue any of Kreia's philosophical attitudes. Rebuff? Yes. Counterargue? No. Something else Avellone said is that the lesson he hoped players took away from KOTOR II was "it's okay to question the franchise." Well, as far as I'm concerned he couldn't have blown that one harder if he'd tried. Because what I took away from this game was "It's not okay to question my super-negative intepretation of the Force and I'm gonna viciously staple it to your forehead." Rebalance the narrative to present good counterarguments to her interpretation in-story (both spelled out in dialogue and implied through actions in scenes) and also maybe tone Kreia the f*** down in places. Or, in lieu of toning her down, maybe change the story so that the Jedi Masters are overtly trying to draw her out (only to get more than they bargained for)? Just rewrite things around her hard enough that the game as a whole isn't cramming her view of the Force down your gullet (even if Kreia herself still is) * Kreia's prophesy re: Mandalore is dumb for various reasons even in the context of Legends (I'm sure Karen Traviss in particular probably had a few things to say to Avellone about that one). Rewrite it for accuracy or just chuck it outright and never look back. * The Jedi Masters' verdict on Dantooine feels very forced and abrupt, especially given Kavar and Zez Kai-Ell's individual reactions to a Light Side player. The first couple times I played through the game, I actually thought both Light Side and Dark Side players got this scene and it didn't properly take Light Side players into account (because, well, it honestly doesn't). As it stands, this is an unacceptable mess. Fix 1: Insert sufficient buildup to actually justify the verdict Fix 2: Change their reasoning for why they're doing what they're doing (maybe along the lines of "Under better circumstances, we would be content to let this be, but there are dangers"?) Fix 3: Change what they're doing and the setup for Kreia's intervention entirely * This game's presentation of the Battle of Malachor V doesn't seem to quite jibe with what the first game told of the last battle of the Mandalorian Wars. Not sure of a fix here, admittedly. But... It does feel worth commenting on. * It feels like there's a bit too much information critical to plot logic walled off behind Influence with party members. * The game tries to pull the same "trying to toughen the galaxy up for an outside threat" retcon on Revan that was elsewhere attempted in Legends re: Thrawn. It doesn't really work with Revan (it was semi-plausible with Thrawn, at least as an original, pre-corruption-by-Palpatine motive), although I'll admit that trying it with Revan still isn't nearly as bullcrap as people using it to try and excuse Palpatine and the Galactic Empire's sins. Regardless, it should probably be chucked. * Rewrite the timing and wording of HK-50's drugging of the Exile and sabotage of the Harbinger to better fit with the established info about picking up the Ebon Hawk and investigating the Sith warship I realize this is a huge undertaking, and not everyone will feel the same way I do about the narrative... But I feel it would be worth doing.
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    Thanks. I cant agree more! Compared to todays standards i cant even watch the old Kotor /especially TSL anymore. The levels look so bland and unlike Star Wars, and even modded its harsh when you switch from e.g. Control to K2. To aim for a realistic look i tried to emulate a lot of assets from the Mandalorian series lately , which seems to be the better choice to get a natural looking result than when orienting on games like BF2 & FO. The Trayus Academy will be last on the list, but i dont think it would be more difficult to pull of than the other planets.
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    What is your evidence for this? It is by no means said in KOTOR 2 that Malachor is the only place to make Jedi fall to the dark side, or even the first: It seems likely that Lehon had the same property: Malachor is perhaps the most important of these three locations in KOTOR 2, but that is in KOTOR 2, when it is the only one of the three that has not been discovered and attacked by the Republic. If your alternative is that there is no choice and other people should not be allowed to make a choice that you disagree with, in a roleplaying game, then I cannot be convinced this alternative is inherently better. Yes, because it was the source of the infinite fleet. The Trayus Academy was not. Later, the Sith lost the Star Forge, but still had the Trayus Academy. No, this is not true: There is no definitive answer given in the game, and it is speculated that they had already begun to fall before discovering the Star Forge. You said the game gave you no opportunity to counter Kreia's argument, and I showed you a quote in which Kreia literally says "you were right." I don't know what more you want. Do you want another example of Kreia saying you were right? Yes, Canderous attributes the Republic's victory at Malachor to Revan's strategy. So does everyone in KOTOR 2. However, other people were there and did things that Revan personally did not do. There is no indication of any connection between Exar Kun's Sith and Revan's Sith in the game beyond this one line. I think it's a relic from an earlier draft of the game in which Bastila was Vima Sunrider and the game followed up more closely on the events of the Great Sith War, but that is only speculation on my part. On that note, though, you are willing to accept connection between Exar Kun's Sith and Revan's Sith in order to explain this continuity error, but you are not willing to accept a connection between Revan's Sith and the Sith of KOTOR 2 who were explicitly written to be survivors of Revan's Sith?
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    But here's is the thing: that's not a suggestion. It's not a plan anyone can work with. You only give vague details in the story you disagree with. "Rebalance the narrative to present good counterarguments to her interpretation in-story (both spelled out in dialogue and implied through actions in scenes) and also maybe tone Kreia the f*** down in places. Or, in lieu of toning her down, maybe change the story so that the Jedi Masters are overtly trying to draw her out (only to get more than they bargained for)? Just rewrite things around her hard enough that the game as a whole isn't cramming her view of the Force down your gullet (even if Kreia herself still is) Okay, what does rebalance even mean in this context? What good counterarguments? Tone down what? Where? How? Change the story how? Where specifically? You're asking for a completely different game and expect others to flesh everything out, I.E. doing the actual hard work. In your walls of text you're only underlining details where the two games disagree with each other. Sure, but that's what always happens in every sequel to a work that was made without a sequel in mind: it has to recontextualize parts of its predecessor (in most cases a complete three act structure) as the first act of a larger structure. Some details will always suffer because of that. For me, there's just nothing in your posts to engage with. I just don't like this details first, drama last that most people (Star Wars fans in particular) seem to have, which is also why the reception of TLJ was such a mess, but that's a completely different story for a completely different thread I always sound smug btw, don't take it personally. It has to do with English being my second language, I guess. There's some humor lost. Good luck on your quest!
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    -> calls something crap -> doesn't give any productive suggestions themselves Enough internet for the day
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    The implication of the dark side ending is that the Republic is destroyed. Obviously there had to be some semblance of a status quo for a sequel to happen and for the Republic to exist in the films. Revan's disappearance allows for that while also at least giving some recognition of players' choice in the first game. Even if Malak had access to the Trayus Academy, it was not his center of power. The Star Forge was. On the other hand, and I know you take issue with this, the Sith of KOTOR 2 did not have the Star Forge. In the wake of their civil war, their center of power moved. I don't understand what this means. The Sith in KOTOR 2 would not exist without Revan. Of course the Trayus Academy was connected to him or her. The Sith governor you meet was still being trained. Presumably, there, but that is beside the point. There were multiple training facilities. Korriban was not unique. Again, the idea that Revan had multiple masters was established in the first game. Zhar says that Revan had a master other than himself, and we are never told who this is. KOTOR 2, as a sequel, introduces us to a character that must have existed, but that we had never met before. You are given every opportunity to disagree with Kreia in dialogue, and the very nature of the game, with you as the player and Kreia as the final boss, forces you to oppose her ideologically. Kreia herself admits to her hypocrisy and that she has to be stopped: Nobody is forcing you to believe her point of view is correct. Chris Avellone has said that he wrote Kreia to raise questions that he had about Star Wars, but I think you are putting words into his mouth as much as he put into Kreia's. I'm not familiar with other Expanded Universe material relating to the Mandalorians from that time, so I can't comment, but this is a minor reference that players familiar with the films would understand and is irrelevant to the story of the game. I don't know how you inferred so much from a few sentences that say little more than "a battle happened." The Battle of Malachor V is a minor plot point that is barely mentioned in the original and elaborated upon in the sequel.
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    This kind of just adds to the "calls something crap - doesn't give any productive suggestions themselves" argument here. Not only have you not played TSLRCM, a mod which expands upon the games arguable lore a lot more in depth (Myself and more can forgive this) but you don't own a PC copy of TSL. So, in theory, if someone was to create this mod for you that means you, who asked for this mod, won't even be playing it. My own personal quote on this from my own past experience on this site. But in all seriousness, there are aspects of TSL which are an absolute cluster f*ck when it comes to writing, especially in regards to cut content which really wasn't meant to be cut. With TSLRCM, it really does give the game an 'ending', not the ending it deserves but definitely something you can look at and say "I'm satisfied". While opinions may definitely differ, whereas some cut content such as Disciples Holocrons or the GenoHaradan provide little to no essential information to the plot of the game other restored content such as the Malachor endings, HK Factory and more really does help expand the plot and the characters as a whole. Of course, even when 'restored', the game still is a cluster f*ck. For example, much of the restored Jedi Council dialogue makes no sense. Or maybe the entire Ravager level: There are quite a few plot points in cut content and in the vanilla game which could be rewritten because it makes little sense, past mods like Malachor VI and Ravager Rewrite have tried to fixed these in the past though they never came to fuition. Here, you want to rewrite lore which works. This might not be popular with people for a variety of reasons. This makes the first game's multi choice RPG system redundant if this was true, why would my choices in Kotor 1 matter if at the end of the day my character was destined to be a Light Side Jedi Hero. From what I read, your issue with the alignment choice is "Both Light Side and Dark Side choices for Revan in TSL are *so* similar to one another that it is pointless as to what my character in K1 did". So your solution to fix "The Dark and Light Side choices in TSL are so pointless because they're uncomfortably similar" is... to forcibly lock Revan as a Light Sider as that option makes the most sense? TSL isn't meant to be about Revan, it's about to be about the Exile, from an Obsidian Devs point of view back in 2004 a player can start TSL and not have that much before mentioned knowledge about Kotor 1 as the story is meant to focus on the idea that the Exile is the player, not Revan, so from that perspective it would be logical to reduce the player character from K1 into a back thought. As to why Revan would just let the Star Forge yeet itself into obscurity (Allegedly without a master to wield its power like Revan or Malak, it just fell into the Lehon Sun... nothing like adding salt to the wound) I do agree is quite bizarre. But in the overall plot written for TSL it makes sense as Kreia and Disciple paint Revan as someone "Doing Evil things to prevent a greater evil", Obsidian was trying to build Revan to appear as if his Sith Empire wasn't designed to dominate the Galaxy like it is portrayed in K1, but rather to unify it against a future invasion by the "True Sith". And then the real issue appears when SWTOR and the books yeet on that idea even more and forcibly lock the Exile as a Light Side Female who dies in the story immediately after TSL (Almost sounds familar to your solution to your perceived problem) It's not so much the academy itself which is the problem, its the Sith themselves (Saying the Academy is the main focus of TSL like the Star Forge is to K1 would be like saying Berlin is responsible for WW2). Nihilus is a galaxy eating "Wound in the Force", similar to a black hole. The word "Nihilus" comes from "Nihilist" which is a person who believes in Nihilism, which can be described as, a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless. As Nihilus isn't even refered to as a man, he could be considered the living embodiment of Nihilism if it was a Sith Lord. Sion, a lord of pain, pretty much can't die because his power in the Force is so strong he doesn't allow himself to die even if she should causing tremendous pain. These two Sith Lords are far more threatening than any academy in the galaxy, but Sion uses Trayus Academy as his personal base after he kicked Traya out (Hence is why my Berlin comparison is relevant). So the Star Forge 2 isn't true, and I agree with the others that it is strongly hinted that Trayus Academy was abandoned until Kreia reopened it after K1. Unless you can find hard proof from the game files that proves us all otherwise. Kreia has thousands of scripts attached to her and thousands of VO. To completely rewrite a bit of Kreia's ideology on the Force would either mean you have over 50% of Kreia's VO which you don't want changed to be voiced by Sara Kestelman, a professional actress with an astounding voice, and have your modified VO voiced by a voice actor from the internet who may or may not charge real cash for her work and you'd be lucky if she was a woman to play the part, let alone have her be old and actually good at voice acting to fit Kreia's role (95% certain any rewrite of Kreia's VO with a second actress will get hated on by the community, even if the writing is good). Why would the Jedi Masters want to draw her out? In the lore, they want to draw out the Sith so they can fight them but because the Jedi are mysteriously genocided every time Jedi meet (Nihilus) they have exiled themselves until the Council can find enough answers so they can meet on Dantooine again to discuss a battle plan. The Masters feel that they can get answers from the Exile because the Exile, due to their self inflicted cut from the Force, is considered a 'wound in the Force' just like Nihilus was, just like how Nihilus eats planets to sustain himself the Exile kills hundreds and gets stronger (Experience). That explanation has nothing to do with Kreia, if you were to rewrite it so instead of trying to draw out the Sith and find the Exile the Masters just want Kreia (The Masters thought she died in the Mandalorian Wars) even though Kreia doesn't serve Nihilus or Sion (Thus why on earth would they want her) you'd not only need to recast an actor for Kreia but you'd need to cast an actor for all three Jedi Masters, maybe even more than that if you want Atris and Vash involved as well? Kreia, Vrook, Kavar, Zez Kai Ell, Atris and Vash all together have thousands upon thousands of VO lines (Plus you might want to redo Vrooks voice in K1. But in my opinion it isn't worth it as anyone who voices Vrook who isn't Edward Asner is always going to get hated on because of the drop of VO quality). You'd need to extensively study the original dialogue of the TSL game, study the K1 lore, write new lore so your rewrite would work, write out a new script to replace thousands of VO lines and at the end of the day probably pay hundreds of real life money to good quality voice actors simply because you don't agree with the plot of the game. Chuck out a piece of content which works (A piece of working content in a broken game) simply because you don't like the true fact that in both Legends and Canon that the Mandalorians are literally a shell of their former self by the time of the movies. Consider real life history for example, let's look at the year 1683 at Turkey: So if the Jedi Masters want to draw Kreia out, like you want, she only intervenes when the Jedi Masters try to cut the Exile from the Force again. So in your plot she just follows the Exile in and instead of attacking or trying to capture Kreia the Jedi Masters just explain their entire plans to the Exile... and Kreia... their enemy 🤔 ??? And again, you'd need to redo every single Jedi Master line to achieve this. And replaced with what? Why did Revan turn to the dark side and lead an army to take over the Republic? In Kotor 1, Vrook suspects the Crystal Cave turned Revan to the dark side. So what's your take? Revan being a morally grey anti-villain who wants to save billions by killing millions? Or "Sinister Cave made me do it!" (With no evidence in K1 to suggest that the cave was sinister)? Why? I dislike this part as well but why is this so special to the plot? So, perhaps you can change our minds. If you could point out exact quotes from the game, and rewrite them yourself as examples for us to follow maybe then we might take your idea seriously as modders like ourselves know that, even though we can do much, there is always a limit to our power even if we hypothetically CAN rewrite the game. For example, I hate Peragus: A mining facility built into an asteroid... inside an asteroid field... made up of hyper sensitive asteroids where a single blaster shot can blow up the entire field... and Obsidian is trying to tell me Fuel miners built an entire air locked facility inside of an asteroid inside of a space mine field without blowing it up? I hate that, but I cannot change that, changing Kreia's character is a tad easier, so maybe you can prove to us why it is so urgent that Kreia's ideology be flipped on its head in order to improve the flow of the game?
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    Because they are obviously not slaves. I didn't say anything about alignment. The deception was too weak to be believable in all three cases. Were I the Master of a Sith academy I would not consider a person with two Force Sensitive "slaves" as impressive or desirable. I would consider it a threat of potential subterfuge or espionage especially during wartime. There can be only one master in the academy. Having individuals present with ultimate loyalty to a would-be subordinate is foolish. I won't to entertain the "Sith Arrogance" counter-argument either. As for the Governor not recognizing Bastila, it's part of the same issue so I'd have no problem with them correcting it. Either all of them should, or none of them. The Ebon Hawk is a different matter. We have no idea whether the Sith patrols are just picketing their zones for unmarked craft (pirates) or actively searching for it specifically. Some are random encounters, others were sent specifically to intercept. Depends on the circumstances. Freighters were coming and going from Korriban all the time. Czerka ran the outpost there and the Sith themselves were contracting ships to ferry out artifacts from the valley. 3 out of 4 times it would be fine, unless you make Korriban the final planet. Personally, I've always thought it made the most sense narrative-wise to run into the Leviathan leaving Korriban rather than anywhere else, so I usually make it second to last.
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    It is not "more specialized." It's mentioned at various points in the game that there are many worlds like Malachor and Korriban that are wounds in the Force that the Sith used to break Jedi. So choose that Revan was light-sided. Those who prefer that Revan was dark-sided and are fine with the subsequent events should still be free to do so. I'm not going to defend the competency of NPCs in either game. But as for the two locations being different, yes, the place where Jedi were taken to be turned to the dark side against their will is different from the place where Force sensitives who have already turned to the dark side willingly go. They have conquered half the galaxy. It stands to reason there are many places in their empire that we do not see. But they weren't. That's not the plot of the game. And I don't see how it would be an improvement to completely disconnect the sequel from the original. I referenced this quote before. Most of what you're talking about here is Canderous' description of the war in general, not the Battle of Malachor V specifically. I would also point out that Canderous has some dialogue in this conversation that makes absolutely no sense in the context of either game: Regardless of the Exile's role at Malachor, according to KOTOR 2, the battle was Revan's strategy and Revan was still the impetus of the Republic's victory. But of course Revan was not the only Jedi there.
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    A conversation is initiated between two objects. One is the owner of the dialogue (and all scripts attached to it) and the other is the listener. This is typically the player, but not always. The owner of a DLG is considered the default speaker of entry nodes unless someone else's tag is specified in the Speaker field for that node. All scripts attached to the DLG are executed by the owner. In practical terms, this means you don't need to use a tag for the owner, you can use OBJECT_SELF. You also don't need to assign commands to the owner - any command that isn't assigned to someone else defaults to the owner. But, as I said, a script (and the DLG itself) will immediately terminate when their owner is destroyed. This can create problems if you need a scene to continue on past a creature being destroyed and it was the owner. In essence, whoever you assign an ActionStartConversation to is the owner of that DLG and its scripts. If you assigned it to a placeable then the placeable is the owner. The game uses a lot of invisible placeables as owners for cutscenes, because it frees the designer up to do whatever they want to the NPC participants. As to your crashes, that is not normal behaviour. Not for a simple fade. That is the default behaviour anyway, so you'd be getting that all the time during the vanilla game. If you are using an EndConversation/EndConverAbort script then yes, I'd expect that could be the issue, since you are presumably destroying the owner of the DLG just as it tries to fire another script due to the delay.
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    Greetings, ElMarfacho and Thercio (and anyone else reading this post)! I'm not going to call myself an expert by any means, but I just got this mod working on my 1600x900 display after running into the same problems you're talking about. I think I know what you need to do to get this mod to work. I'd already had UniWS's GOG file working correctly, but that's not the only patch you need for the mod to work correctly. The ReadMe file assumes you know you need to patch the swkotor.exe file twice, and I'm just going to chalk it up to my own ignorance. Here's what I did: First Patch Job - Widescreen fix with UniWS (if you patched this using 1024x768 interface to your new display size, you can skim past this part): Copy your game's original swkotor.exe file and save it somewhere as a backup. Additionally, if you're a Steam user, go find a usable "cracked" swkotor.exe file that you can adjust, since Steam's file won't work. Just Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/etc. "Kotor no-CD" and that's how I found mine. Once you have a usable swkotor.exe file, save it somewhere else as a backup. In UniWS, patch your swkotor.exe file using the 1024x768 interface instead of the 800x600 interface. I know the file was patched because I got feedback from UniWS saying the patch was successful. In case you haven't, go ahead and run this swkotor.exe and make sure the game is running at the new resolution. Other posters in this forum have indicated you need the new resolution implemented in the game before installing this mod. Second Patch Job - Mod Prep (if your mouse is off and HUD boxes appear on the menu screens, this is probably what you missed): Copy the patched swkotor.exe file to the Hi-Res-Menu Mod folder Referencing the ReadMe file, we are now at "Step 1: Modified Executable swkotor.exe" Double-click hires_patcher.bat and enter the information. (Note: I did NOT have to Run as Administrator, but keep that in mind if you need to troubleshoot.) For my 1600x900 display, which is in the 16:9 range that ndix UR recommends adjusting the letterbox for, I entered 1600, 900, yes, swkotor.exe [well, I just hit Enter for this last one since my .exe file sitting in there is called "swkotor.exe"] After the patcher program finished, I verified that a swkotor.bak.exe file was created. That's the easiest way to see that your second patch job was successful. Installing the Patched .exe and Mod: Copy the new swkotor.exe file from the Second Patch Job (not the backup!) into your game folder Copy all the appropriate .gui files into the game's Override folder (for me, that's the 1600x900 gui files) Testing the Mod: The main menu screen will always work Start a new game and you'll know it's working if your loading screen is properly sized and not running off the screen like it would if you're using a single-patched instead of a double-patched swkotor.exe file. Go to any other menu and see if your mouse lines up with the buttons Until ndix UR or an impatient modder makes a patch for the map, the map will be small. I imagine you can remove that specific gui file from the Override (map.gui) and get the old map back, though I don't know if your mouse will line up with the map's buttons correctly. You might notice extra border lines at the top and bottom during dialogue. I imagine this is ndix UR's way of ensuring all the dialogue text stays on-screen. You might notice some bright blue borders that no longer match the image/descriptions. I definitely caught this on the Items menu, but it's not a deal-breaker for having a widescreen menu with more items-per-page. May the Force be with you! Since the Steam swkotor.exe file doesn't work, you have to go online and look for a "Kotor non-CD" file. I was able to find one just fine, but I think it's illegal for me to upload it here since it's not really my file. Not the expert here, but I imagine a manually hex-edited .exe would be fine. You'll still need to run it through the other patcher that you download with the mod, or your mouse won't line up with your buttons and you'll see HUD buttons in the submenus (as several in this thread have mentioned).
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    A mask of some kind could work, but I don't know how many Sith would be fooled by something like: If you decide to integrate the Dark Jedi attack seen on the cover art, I guess you could have a small group attack the party if Bastila isn't in disguise, but that's just an idea. Maybe it would be better to stick with attacks from troopers. However the disguise is handled, though, it should definitely be destroyed after arriving on Dantooine.
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    Yeah that's most important. It'll be worth it in the end to get the patcher working. I'm just modding my utc files directly. Don't know anything about the patcher lol I'm working on the spreadsheet as we speak, like I said earlier you'll see changes from what you originally had but those are just my preference and current balance test lol Last note: Today I tried all kinds of different ways to get "activate Item stun droid" to work on Ion blasters but it doesn't appear to do anything at all unfortunately (unless you've got it working before) so I don't think it does anything. Instead I'm leaving their base damage low and raising their Ion damage vs droid. It's the only thing I could think of to give them a purpose. Massive damage to droids, while mediocre damage to non droid targets. I didn't use Precise Shot on it because that raises the base damage that affects ALL targets. Here's an example of the Ion Rifle currently: Vanilla Data Kotor Tool Additions New Data Upgraded Dam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ion Rifle Ion, 1-10 n/a Ion, 1-10 Max Dam (6-29) <- Damage possible (with upgrades) against NON droids Scope,Chamber Ion,+1-10vs Drd Add +1d12, +1d12 Ion vs Drd Ion,+3-34vs Drd vs Drd (9-63) <- Damage possible (with upgrades) against droids 20-20,x3 n/a 20-20,x3 Targeting I Modifier: +1 Power Blast Sniper Shot cost 580 cost 5080
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    Perhaps, you could try using a script to trigger the single line (assuming it is a single line of dialogue). You could also try putting it in the Sound category instead of Vo_ResRef. Personally, haven't run into this myself, but these 2 ideas came to mind.
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    2. Because they're armed. Because broken men behave in particular ways. Simpering, avoiding eye contact with their master. Lack of confidence. No backtalk. No signs of harsh physical abuse that would be required for such strong-willed individuals to be broken. Scars, bruises, burns, sheered fingers. All the little cruelties that would be expected from a Dark Jedi intending to become a Sith. That sort of thing isn't required for non-force sensitives. 3a. Individual interest outweighs collective interest in Sith philosophy. Extra converts are not worth being overthown, and that's not how the recruitment process works in the academy anyway. They only pick one student in the end. I agree there are other reasons for Bastila not wanting to go on Korriban, but they're not the primary reason. In that regard for risk of temptation, Juhani shouldn't be there either. 3b. There is no way to anticipate that ahead of time. There is no justification for the PC to take that risk when infiltration is the goal. 4. Related to point 2. Murder is fine among the Sith, however, each of them is desperately trying not to be murdered. Uthar's goal is to remain master. His secondary goal is to replace Yuthura because she's too ambitious. His third is to train new Sith. Yuthura wants to bring in a hopeful with Force Sensitive slaves? Cool, he can leave them in his locker until school's out. 5. I'd have just confined all three to the ship. There's a risk of high ranking Sith being present in Dreshdae and I'd want as few questions coming my way as possible. One unknown fallen Jedi coming to Korriban is nothing out of the ordinary, three travelling together at once stands out like a sore thumb. Calo would not have necessarily divulged info of the Ebon Hawk to Malak. He's a famous bounty hunter with a reputation to uphold so he would not want the Sith beating him to the punch. It was also personal matter to him at that point. No one had ever escaped him before. The Ebon Hawk is recognized in Dreshdae only by Czerka employees and smugglers, not the Sith.
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    Yeah, it's the fade out effect that causes this problem with certain hardware. I think I've had this problem on destroying NPCs that have bump maps. It's probably a memory leak or some similar issue.
  20. 1 point
    In future, you shouldn't use K1R and K1CP together. Versions of K1CP after 1.7 aren't compatible. If you are getting crashes with the fade, try Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 in the [Graphics Options] of swkotor.ini if you don't already have that added. That's the only thing I can think of with that. It shouldn't be related to the script itself. As I said before, fading is the default behaviour that a lot of vanilla scripts use, so if you are encountering crashing elsewhere then that could be the cause.
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    Ah, im on the smartphone & somehow missed that, sorry. But its good to see that youre using an automated process now to generate animations instead of stitching them together manually.
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    @Salk, Good day. Thank you for your comment! Applied to the first part of your question. I partially agree with you. The fact is that the nature of the service of individual NPCs at the base is categorically incomprehensible. If we take, for example, a technician from the next room, then he is wearing a uniform, therefore he is a military man. Plus, civil servants also have uniforms that they rarely wear (at least in my homeland - Russia, in the case of the judicial system (all employees, except for judges, who wear robes during a trial), but in other countries, maybe be a different situation). I proceeded from the fact that in Manaan an employee wears a uniform, although it does exactly the same function. It turns out that there is a mess on the Sith base on Taris! It seems to me quite absurd that they put in a hallway based on a person (twilek), which is negatively disposed towards them. It turns out that they have a shortage of service personnel, which is indirectly confirmed by the words of the guard at the elevator, about the difficulties in clearing the slums of the lower city from bandits. I will make, as time will be, a separate version and publish it in the next update, because you are somewhat right. I'll add a club to her arsenal. Now for the second part of your question. By the way, since the twilek is civilian, then her clothes should be ordinary, like the citizens of the planet. Everything is simple here. When we arrive at the embassy of the republic, Revan finds himself in a hopeless situation: we need to help the Republicans get the droid tablet at the Sith base, which we can do in three ways, to choose from (Convince the spy to tell the base password so that the Sith diplomat will let us there - you need persuasion skill and the correct order of interrogation; pick up the code from the base ( it is very easy to do this); to penetrate into the far left hangar, guarded by the Sith, the code from which the ambassador of the republic will give us. This is the third option. Moreover, he is very loyal on the part of the developers. After all, we can get into the base and destroy all the Sith, before we take the quest from the Selkat about the disappearance of young Selkat. Indeed, without this task, the doors to the part of the base where the Sith trainings take place will not open for us (a selkat will appear that will enter there). Applied to the third part of your question. Perhaps there were difficulties with translation. This is not about replacing Saul Karath in the literal sense, but about the fact that after his death, which will be inevitable in the plot, his place is taken by a new admiral, presented on the cut-scene (fourth video clip).
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    View File Todevuch's Sith Officer Fix K 1 ****************************** KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC ****************************** Todevuch's Sith Officer Fix K 1 1.0 ****************************** Author: Todevuch (todevuch) ****************************** Description: This modification is a partial fix for certain Sith NPCs: 1) Twilek at Tarisian base. Now she is wearing the uniform of a sith officer! After all, we did not see in Manaan that the employee in charge of the security of the base wore different clothes than the uniform of the Sith. Therefore, the nature of such work also implies the wearing of uniforms in accordance with the military regulations and local instructions of the Sith base. Earlier, apparently due to the fact that I was constantly playing the bright side, I lost sight of the fact that this twilek remains defenseless, apart from the reinforcements in the next room. So I included a short vibroblade in her inventory so she could defend herself! She will take out the weapon when she meets in a duel with the main character and (or) his party members, so as not to spoil the aesthetics associated with constant wearing. I didn’t fix a bug related to the attack of twilek on she colleagues, if, using third-party cheat commands, the player ignored the meeting with her and went first to the room where the Sith soldiers are. Indeed, in the normal game mode, the first conversation (cut-scene) that will take place at Revan at the base will be with her, thus the bug will not interfere with the gameplay in any way; 2) Elite stormtroopers and a Sith grenadier in the Hangar, before flying to the Manaan Sith base (one of three alternative ways to get there). I was somewhat confused when I saw the names and heard the voices of these NPCs, which raised doubts about the advisability of looking like regular Sith officers. The in-game files confirmed this doubt: they clearly show that we have Sith soldiers in front of us, deserving the appropriate appearance!; 3) A Sith Captain at the Manaan Base. In this case, the captain had the wrong voice for Sith soldiers, which has been fixed; 4) As a dessert - the true vestments of Admiral Varco! Based on the description of this character in the official sources on the history of the Star Wars universe, "Varko was a Human male who served as an admiral Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malak during the final year Jedi Civil War. He assumed Saul Karath's position as Malak's second-in-command when Karath was slain Galactic Republic Carth Onasi and two Jedi, Bastila Shan and Revan, aboard the «Leviathan», flagship". The fact that he was an admiral is undeniable, because in his dialogue with Darth Malak, there was a discussion of organization a Sith fleet, which is in the competence of an admiral, and not an officer! At least in our case. This modification only covers the part of the Sith officers that have not been fixed in the framework of other modifications (or those that, unfortunately, I missed). For example, @JCarter426 in JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 has already fixed a number of shortcomings. Instruction: Just launch TSLPatcher and point to the correct path to your game. Compatibility with other modifications: The mod is compatible, in fact, with all modifications, including K1R and [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod, except for those that contain the files involved in the modification. Credits: LucasArts Entertainment: Original files. Distribution restrictions: The modification is subject to free distribution on other sites, if the publication contains an indication of me as the author. The description of such a modification must contain an essential (undistorted) description (full or partial copying of the current description is allowed), as well as a section of special thanks, where the persons mentioned by me must be indicated. Special Thanks: 1. @Darth_Sapiens for the KOTOR TOOL; 2. @TK102 for the K-GFF GFF Editor; 3. @Fair Strides for the TSL Patcher and KotOR SaveGame Editor; 4. @bead-v for the MDLedit; 5. @ndix UR for the tga2tpc; Recommended modifications for installation: JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 v2.3 Author: @JCarter426; Male Sith Archaeologist Restoration. Author: @N-DReW25; Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge. Author: @DarthParametric. Video clips: №1: №1 (alternative): №2: №3: №4: Submitter todevuch Submitted 01/16/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes
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    Peragus looks great. Really makes it feel like a dirty, gritty mining station, while still keeping close to the original feel. Too many vanilla areas are endless seas of grey panels. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Trayus Academy (assuming it's on the agenda). It's always been the blandest looking part of the game to me and I've never found any retextures that managed to make it look good.
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    I guess this is just down to the two games being made by different developers and written by different people, unfortunately I suppose some of these things are the main reason some people tend to prefer the first or the second more, personally I thought they worked together quite well leaving the player to imagine the ultimate conclusion and backstory of the player character in both games. Though there is of course still a lot amiss and that might not add up so well, correcting this could mean potentailly rewriting both games, or just rewriting the second in it's entirety. Ok, now I remember it a bit clearly but it still sounds more like a campaign was led during that last battle that ultimately broke through their lines during a large battle over Malachor V, the inevitable conclusion I think is ultimately irrelevant as it is after the fact. I kind of agree with this one, but no one can say with certainty what any one person would do in any given situation, there could be a reason to shy away from being the centre of attention in the galaxy for a while. It certainly could be possible to tie the two games together a bit better, but major changes to the dialog is a tricky thing to do.
  26. 1 point
    I took those to be two separate battles, but maybe I read it wrong. Considering info is spare as you say maybe we are both reading it wrong. 1 : Considering the character was on their way to the Star Forge, going to the closest planet to the Star Forge, might have made some sense, rather than darting off to the other end of the galaxy. As for the Star Forge, I don't think it really needs any mention of what happens to it or who might control it, I thought that was all meant to be a part of the end and your own imagination as to where you think the story truly goes from there. It is also made to be quite clear that no one even knew what happened, or only knows vague details that have spread across the galaxy like wildfire but likely remained inconsistent with the truth. From a certain point of view! lol
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    ...did you grind on respawning Rakghouls or something? You're meant to leave Taris at level 8 or 9. That's the intended progression.
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    View File Pretty Good! Icons for KotOR Pretty Good! Icons for KotOR 1.0 by ajdrenter Description: This is a complete set of vanilla equipment icons for high resolution UI scaled configurations. Future updates will include mod specific icons. This mod is intended to be used with "KotOR High Resolution Menus" by ndix UR. The goal of this mod is not to fix any consistency issues or design oversights of Bioware's icons, rather it is to replace them as seamlessly and accurately as possible. Installation: Just drag and drop either the tpc OR tga files to your override. I recommend the tga version for maximum compatibility, as you may want to mix and match with other mods. Credits: Darth Tomer, SpaceAlex, and ebmar for "Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe". A couple skins from this mod were used to more closely match the vanilla icons. Bioware and Lucasarts for all original assets. Thanks to the whole community for such a wonderful wealth of content over the years. Usage: You may use this mod for any non commercial use and without contacting me as long as you give me credit for my assets. Submitter ajdrenter Submitted 01/13/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Hello! Thanks for sharing this modification with us. I find it interesting. My gripe is with the first element of the installation giving the receptionist a Sith Officer look. From the dialogue (at least from a branch of it), we discover that she is a civilian hired at the base as receptionist. "[Success] 50 credits? You've got a deal! The Sith have made my life a living hell ever since they took over this base." "Don't shoot! I just work here, I never wanted any part of this! I would have quit when the Sith took over, but they wouldn't let me!" "You know, it's about time someone stood up to these Sith! Just do me a favor and wait until I'm out of here before you start blasting the place up." It makes also some sense that she is unarmed when and if the Player confronts her but adding some basic mean to defend herself may be alright (I'd rather have her use a baton though). I'm a bit confused about the second element: I don't know of a way to enter the Sith base by aircraft. Is it something that perhaps was added by the K1 Restoration Project? And about the last element: is Admiral Varko replacing Saul? Because if that is what happens, it would conflict heavily with Carth's quest. Cheers!
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    Uninstall it (either an included uninstaller or via the Control Panel). Their installer sets a registry key for the initial destination you choose, and future installations will reuse that without asking unless you run the uninstaller.
  31. 1 point
    I haven't been on in weeks, and by coincidence I log on and my assistance is required. I must have felt a disturbance in the Force... I ran into this issue with Carth, as well. I had always assumed it was deliberate or an oversight. I'll take a look at the scripts and see what I can find.
  32. 1 point
    Yes, I am really curious about it. It may be that the game is forced to kill the romance because after the Leviathan and the revelation some of the missing steps left in the romance would no longer make sense, dialogue-wise. If that is the case, then I guess there is nothing that can be done from that angle. But I'm not so sure about blocking the romance while the Finding Dustil quest is on. k_swg_carth18.ncs and k_swg_carth19.ncs are the conditional scripts in k_hcar_dialog.dlg responsible for it. They both check the KOR_DANEL global and if it's 2 or 3, Carth won't talk about anything but Dustil, the Gizka on the Ebon Hawk, the stowaway or the place you currently are at. I do believe that all this is original intended behavior though and perhaps it'd be best left alone.
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    On one side, sith troopers will probably have a better chance of defeating and capturing Bastila if they attack her on sight. On the other side, a single patrol won’t have much chances against a skilled Jedi Knight and her escort anyway. So, it’ll make sense for Sith Superiors to give orders to patrols such as: a) report about finding Bastila b) Attempt to persuade her to surrender. For example, to say something like “The planet is occupied. You cannot hide. We will execute civilians in the area if you escape; etc”. Then if the patrol is wiped, Sith Superiors can dispatch dark Jedi to the location where Bastila was spotted. From a technical point of view, there are many enemies in the game who first start a conversation when they have clear order to kill player (dark Jedi trio on Tatooine/Kashyyyk, Calo Nord, Darth Bandon, Malak’s apprentices on Star Forge). Therefore, it wouldn’t be out of place if at least one/first patrol that recognize Bastila will start conversation before the attack. Then the player can have a chance to trick patrol in style of ep. 4. Well, this may be beyond your plans, but it may be an interesting idea for the future. Why not just assume that there are Sith Masters on Korriban who can recognize (feel, see, smell, idk how it works) Bastila’s unique signature through the Force no matter what clothes she wears? And on Taris the patrols consist of simple soldiers.
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    You attack the Sith throughout the game with Bastila in your party, and none of them says "Lord Malak wants her captured alive!" Malak surely wouldn't prioritize a soldier or officer over Bastila, it's obviously game mechanics. So, the limited game mechanic means Sith should attack Bastila on sight. OTOH, the Sith officers and soldiers are often stupid...
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    All of these planets are looking so great! I'm especially loving your work on Taris and Lehon
  36. 1 point
    Yeah, still had to do the portraits. See the attachment below, just put the files in your override folder. The dark side transitions are quite subtle. I'm unable to properly test them because I don't really have a save with a dark side Mira and changing things with the save editor doesn't work that well. There might be a slight mismatch there between body and head skin tone. Also because there's a head texture for half way to dark and fully dark, but only one dark side body texture. Effixians_Black_Mira.zip
  37. 1 point
    I'll see what I can come up with. Edit: Would this interest you? Her skin is actually darker than the black player characters, but her head model doesn't really make you think of a black woman. Perhaps swapping her head would be a better approach. I do like this look better than vanilla Mira.
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    View File JC's Minor Fixes for K1 Summary This is a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. I collect things that I don't think warrant their own mods into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it becomes more substantial. Contents I've divided this mod into five categories: Straight Fixes, Bug Fixes, Resolution Fixes, Aesthetic Improvements, and Things What Bother Me Fixes. Straight Fixes are fixes for issues I think are genuine errors or mistakes or oversights or what have you. There's a problem, here's a fix for it. No artistic license is involved. Bug Fixes really fall under straight fixes but I've separated them into their own category because they're more severe and there's absolutely no reason not to have them. They fix bugs that could potentially break your game. What I've included are either well known and easy for me to do a quick fix or came to my attention directly. There are lots of other bugs this mod doesn't fix, so I strongly suggest that you seek out a more extensive bug-fixing mod. Resolution Fixes are all textures from the game for which there were identical, higher resolution textures somewhere else in the game files. So I've swapped the lower resolution ones for the higher resolution ones. I've separated these from the straight fixes because a) I didn't make any of the content here - it's all extracted from the game, and b) they don't actually fix "problems" per se - it's just an increase in resolution. It looks the same, with slightly more pixels. Aesthetic Improvements are my attempts to improve the visual quality in certain areas. I've tried to maintain the original aesthetic of the game while improving the quality. But the nature of the improvements necessitates new content created by me. You might not like my work, or you might use a different mod that touches on these areas, or whatever, so I've isolated these from the other fixes. Things What Bother Me Fixes fix things what bother me. They might not bother you but they bother me, so I've isolated those as well. For a full release history, see the accompanied file. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 08/07/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    From what I can read of this, I will explain what you are asking for and why you can't have it. It is not because we wouldn't want these cool features but because these features are impossible to implement via a mod. New resolutions such as 1080p are already a thing, for both Kotor 1 and 2 you require a hack shown in this video (It is voiced in English so it may not be useful for someone who isn't fluent in the language😞 The reason Kotor 2 has 1080p is because you own the Steam version of Kotor 2, Aspyr updated Kotor 2 on Steam so it has controller support and these new resolutions such as 1080p and 4K. While you can get resolutions you cannot get Controller Support for K1, if you play Kotor 1 on an Android phone, tablet or iOS phone or tablet those versions do have controller support because Aspyr, the guys who updated K2 for Steam, made the port. The Kotor 1 port to these devices is exactly the same as on PC, you can even mod it with PC mods, and the best part is is that you can play it anywhere since you are technically playing it on your phone. But if you are playing on PC, there is nothing we modders can do to give you controller support unless you yourself use a third party software of some kind.
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    Honestly amazing, clones were well done. The Force seemed well portrayed, and even Darth Sidious came across authentic, instead of a cheap knock off. Can't wait to see more!
  41. 1 point
    For the record, I have discovered the cause of the issue: a part of the name of the file was removed by the software used to pack the file into the level. I'm in the midst of fixing the software as I type this (downloading the software to edit the software as we speak). However, here is the file that has caused so much grief, and all you need to do is put it in the Override folder and then do the sequence from meeting up with Lashowe in the Valley again. k_pkor_las36!plt.ncs
  42. 1 point
    Interesting place to install the game. Can you tell me if there's anything inside the game's Override folder? Also can you attach the installlog.rtf file so I can see it myself?
  43. 1 point
    To be honest, I sort of suspect that was an intentional change, and the unused Saedhe head was unfortunately never reused elsewhere. In my opinion (and the opinion of unofficial TSLRCM tweak pack) the old black man fits the voice a lot more than the white character On a side note: how the hell does one even pronounce his name? Say-dee? Side-eh? I don't believe it's ever said by anyone
  44. 1 point
    Just thought of something... Would it be possible to fix the bugged security spikes? Since they were obviously intended to work, I think that would fall under the spirit of a restoration project.
  45. 1 point
    You Can also use WinRar if You Want.
  46. 1 point
    Question: Could there be a hypothetical side mod to replace the Impossible difficulty with the removed Very Easy difficulty? Sometimes I get very lazy.
  47. 1 point
    No, I've gotten that save from the other PM. Sorry about that... The Gamorrean Axe is in the game's files, but not usually obtainable, it seems. As to the Glow Rod, I need to edit it for the 1.1, but it is available in the sewers (pretty sure it was in the 0.9 as well). The Trash Compactor puzzle was not restored, and I do not know if that was due to lack of content or a design choice by ZM90 and Fallen Guardian (since Taris was way before I joined the team). The Gamorrean HQ was not restored, due mostly to lack of content. VOs aren't the issue; it's more to do with "no idea what was supposed to be there"...
  48. 1 point
    The NR stuff... NR stands for "Not Restored". Just like with TSLRCM, that means we aren't restoring it.
  49. 1 point
    Why not do Xbox stuff in a separate thread so no one else gets confused?
  50. 1 point
    Is there any way to sticky or otherwise explain why most mods can't and shouldn't be installed with Steam Workshop? I know a few people are making their lives more difficult by installing them without being warned. I remember FS giving a "computery" explanation, but I have looked, and can't seem to find it.