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GenoHaradan Legacy 1.0.1



1. Description:


This mod adds the GenoHaradan from the first Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic to its sequel. The GenoHaradan is an ancient secretive guild of assassins who work in the shadows operating to keep the Republic intact, however, following the Jedi Civil War something has changed the GenoHaradan, they no longer seek to kill the enemies of the Republic, instead they have focused all their energies into eliminating the once glorious Jedi Order who have stood as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic for thousands of years for unknown reasons.


While this version is complete, it is far from final. Similar to M4-78, at some point, the GenoHaradan Legacy will be improved with an improved story as an Enhancement Project” as M4-78 did.


Expect possible updates and patches to come.


This mod also includes optional fixes for a few bugs and other problems not fixed by the Restored Content mod here and there but there won’t be too many of them.


2. Installation:


1. First, you will need to get the most up-to-date version of TSL Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM 1.8.5). It's available for download here:

Please note that GenoHaradan Legacy will NOT work AT ALL without TSLRCM.

2. Follow TSLRCM's installation instructions.

3. Once TSLRCM is successfully installed, run the GenoHaradan Legacy Double TSLPatcher.exe. A menu will pop asking you which installation you want to install. To install the GenoHaradan Legacy, click on the ‘MAIN’ option and click install. If you wish to install the optional fixes be sure to rerun the TSLPatcher.exe and install whichever fix you like (You may need to do this several times to install all fixes)

4. While I try my best to make this mod as bug-free as possible, with the many options of KOTOR2 and my, at the moment, one man testing team it can happen that bugs, including critical ones, pass through. Please feel free to report any bugs and I will fix them.

5. Install any compatible mods you desire now.



3. FAQ / Known Issues



Q: When will GenoHaradan Legacy EP be released

A: Not for a long time.

"Release dates are for those that don't care about quality in mods"- Sith Holocron


Q: Will your mod work on existing saves:

A: A new game or a save before Citadel Station with the TSLRCM mod should work but I'm not too sure about Citadel Station saves and I'm sure Nar Shadda saves won't work.



Q: Will your mod work on my Linux or Mac?:

A: I see no reason why it shouldn't work on those OS. If you manage to either use or find an alternative to the TSLPatcher and manage to install the mod then it should work.


Q: Will you upload the full mod to the Steam Workshop?

A: For now, the answer is no because I'm not sure how the workshop works and if it can even support a mod like mine. In the far future, if this mod becomes popular enough, I might see if a TSLRCM+M4-78+GenoHaradan Legacy EP bundle would be possible

Q: Will you update this mod again/Will you add...

A: Most likely yes! This version will probably not be the last. If you find a bug please be sure to report it and leave feedback!


Q: Will your mod work on my Xbox?:

A: No


Q: Can I play this mod in Vanilla:

A: No! This mod requires TSLRCM to work


Q: What makes your mod different from previous TSL GenoHaradan mods such as the unreleased The Sith Lords Restoration Project by Team Gizka and The GenoHaradan Beta by Exile007

A: The Dessicus boss fight in Exile007’s mod was inspired by the TSLRP boss fight but improved upon to make it less confusing, in my mod, I further improve upon Exile007’s work and made his work compatible with The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod


4. Credits:


» Project Leaders


- N-DReW25 - Project Leader, storyline/dialog writing, scripting & editing and more



» Storyline


- Exile007 (Original “The GenoHaradan” mod)

- N-DReW25



» Modeling / Texturing






» Beta Testing





Voice Acting





Voice Splicing






5. Special Thanks


Dashus – Project Lead of The Sith Lords Resotration Project (TSLRP), the original restored content mod which intended to restore the GenoHaradan, despite the TSLRP never being finished, its leaked betas which contained GenoHaradan content helped me understand the GenoHaradan plot in TSL a bit more.


Lord of Hunger- Project Lead of the “GenoHaradan Revisioning” mod, his mod was never shown to the public thus makes his mod more of an inspiration.


Exile007- Project Lead for “The GenoHaradan”, his mod was released to the public as a Beta file which was not compatible with TSLRCM. His mod and his work served as a major inspiration to the GenoHaradan Legacy mod and was used as a base for the first versions of the mod.


Zybl2, Stoney, Hassat Hunter and VarsityPuppet- The main four developers of The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM), the successor to the previously mentioned TSLRP. Despite not restoring the GenoHaradan, their efforts paved the way to more restoration mods such as the GenoHaradan Legacy.


Danil-ch- Working on and Contribution of the Batu Rem and Goto scenes as seen in the GenoHaradan Legacy


VarsityPuppet- The original creator of the “Layne Stanley PC Head” which was used for the unique GenoHaradan Assassin



Effix- The original creator of the head texture for Dessicus


Obsidian Entertainment- Making development on the GenoHaradan in TSL and leaving some trace of their existing for we modders to follow


Bioware- For implementing the GenoHaradan into K1


Fred Tetra- Creator of Kotor Tool


Stoffee- Creator of the TSLPatcher

George Lucas- Creator of the beloved Star Wars Franchise


6. Distribution Notes


This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the authors.



What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • 1.0.1 Release
  • Atton will always mention Revan whenever you talk to Atton about the GenoHaradan
  • Fixed the installation allowing you to hear Zez-Kai Ell's new restored lines
  • When the player is taken to the GenoHaradan base, on top of Atton contacting the player via comlink, Kreia can also telepathically talk to the player before the boss fight
  • Dessicus and his goons start off as invisible
  • The GenoHaradan secret base is always locked off like in vanilla. This is to prevent the player from entering before or after the big fight
  • Visas and Handmaiden/Disciple have been removed from the Ebon Hawk scene being replaced by Goto or Mira/Hanharr who all interact in the scene with some cut/unheard lines.
  • Fixed the descriptions of most GenoHaradan items
  • Restored an unused texture for the GenoHaradan Mesh Armor
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I've found another problem that I never had seen that I think can be related with the GenoHaradan MOD.

After Atris' Secret Academy I've returned to Citadel Station and I've had the first encounter with the assassins droids (apart Polar Plateau) but there is no dialogue and they do not attack, just standing there doing nothing.

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1 hour ago, uwadmin12 said:

the Zhug bounty hunters shows up instead of the GenoHaradan assassins

Just for check I've travelled to Dxun to find out if the HK-50 squad attacks me, they don't. Even worse, the canoks and maalraas are friendly (some groups are friendly, others attack), and instead to find the GenoHaradan I find the Zhugs ...and they're friendly too.

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8 hours ago, uwadmin12 said:

I might have missed something obvious. When I went to Dxun first, the Zhug bounty hunters shows up instead of the GenoHaradan assassins, is that expected?

(i.e. I didn't get to see this:

That is because I haven't added it in yet. The Zhug utc files are "n_duro01.utc" for example and those are spread across the entire game meaning putting them in the override as I did for testing would break many Duro NPCs and putting the utc inside a .mod file wouldn't work because a 401dxn.mod file doesn't exist (Almost every module in TSLRCM is a .mod file except for this dxun module and the Korriban academy, because it crashes as a .mod)


6 hours ago, Obi Wan Pere said:

Just for check I've travelled to Dxun to find out if the HK-50 squad attacks me, they don't. Even worse, the canoks and maalraas are friendly (some groups are friendly, others attack), and instead to find the GenoHaradan I find the Zhugs ...and they're friendly too.

Considering GenoHaradan Legacy doesn't touch Dxun this bug is something else you've installed.



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I've been checking some things related with the no ambush in the docks which prevents pick up the droid, I've not tested all the options but I have some possible guidelines.

When you retake the control of the party at the begining of Telos - Citadel Station:

1- You can go to see Chodo and take the Droid/Docks quest, go to the Docks and complete the quest without problems.

2- You can go to see Lt. Grenn, take your gear and TAKE his Side Quests, after that you can go to talk with Chodo and take the Droid/Docks quest and the plot runs without problems.

3- You can go to see Lt. Grenn, take your gear and take his Side Quests BUT, if you complete any of these quests (eg, the most easy and fast is about Batu Rem, simply interrogating the duros at the Dock Module and going back to Grenn to tell him about and close the Side Quest), somehow prevents the ambush in the Docks and pick up the Droid.

So, It seems that all you need is do the Droid/Docks quest BEFORE close any of the Side Quests from Lt. Grenn.

(If I'm not wrong the GenoHaradan assassin only appears after complete any of the Lt. Grenn side quests).

P.S.: I haven't tested the Czerka options.

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I've found the MOD which prevents the attack of the HK-50 squads in my current Playthrough and IS NOT 'GenoHaradan Legacy'.

I think that I had to say it here in this page. Sorry for suspicions.

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